AlloFail: A Lebanese Initiative Calling For Better Telecom Services


Lebanon’s mobile telecommunication service does not get an applause but major dissatisfaction with its services which prompted a group of individuals to launch the alloFail initiative aiming to pressure the two Mobile Telecom Operators Alfa and Touch for better services.

AlloFail started in June 2012 in Lebanon by a group of non-sectarian and politically independent Lebanese individuals, which includes a lawyer, a telecommunication engineer and Lebanese PR experts in a bid to exert pressure on the mobile operators to provide better products and services by listening to and acting upon customer complaints.

A statement Monday stressed that the campaign does not target any of the Mobile Telecom operators (and their employees), the Ministry of Telecommunications in Lebanon, nor the Lebanese Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, but aims to pressure them for better services since the Lebanese consumers are currently not getting what they pay for.

The initiative also fosters a Mobile Telecommunication market environment that respects the basic Human Rights in terms of freedom of expression, information and information technology access, development and dissemination in Lebanon as stated in Article 19 of the World Human Rights Declaration.

The mission of the initiative also aims to benchmark Lebanese Mobile Telecom market with regional and international markets in terms of, but not strictly to, transparency, products and services issues. As well as monitor Lebanese Mobile Telecom operators’ activities in terms of, but not strictly to, transparency products and services issues.

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Default-user-icon Dania (Guest) 23 July 2012, 17:48

I think this is a great initiative. It is about time customer service revolved around the customer and not the service provider...

Default-user-icon Hassan samhane (Guest) 23 July 2012, 20:46

The call in Lebanon is dirty and poor and verry expensive