Report: Hizbullah Fighters Lately Entered Syria to Back Assad Troops

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah fighters have lately crossed the area of Hawsh al-Sayyed Ali in Hermel to Syria to help Syrian government troops in their fight against rebels, security sources said.

The sources told An Nahar daily published on Friday that the militants from the 910 unit of Hizbullah’s Jihad Council are fighting alongside the Syrian forces in the areas of al-Qussair, Homs and al-Rastan.

Hizbullah has also a strong military presence in the area of Zabadani, the same sources said.

The main battlefront is however in Aleppo where rebels fighting to topple President Bashar Assad's regime have brought in reinforcements as more government troops have arrived to take part in a generalized counter-offensive.

Meanwhile, an object that cashed in the Younine region of the eastern city of Baalbek earlier in the month was a Mirsad-1 reconnaissance drone operated by Hizbullah, the sources said.

The party was carrying out a test on how to equip the aircraft with explosives to attack specific targets by remote control, they added.

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Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 27 July 2012, 08:56

Terrorists, terrorists, terrorists, that's what they are! No pilgrims to be found, just terrorists !!

Thumb bigsami 27 July 2012, 16:01

Motormouth aka BSThrower....not to be mistaken for the true Lebanese "mUwaten" are a filthy traitor of our country and would bet anything you are NOT even Lebanese. You are a HA conditioned pawn and will soon be history like your scum murderers. What a low life.

Missing gcb1 27 July 2012, 16:05

He means an Islamic state modeled under Iran. This was in the original protocol of the Hezbollah manifesto.

Unfortunately, if voyager knew any better, he'd realize that the party's dynamics indicate that this goal has long been abandoned.

Thumb lebnanfirst 27 July 2012, 17:11

Better yet, let many more HA thugs go with them and hope they never ever come back again.

Thumb geha 27 July 2012, 17:59

no, hizbushaitan is not lebanese since they have a declared syro/iranian agenda.
a lebanese has a lebanese agenda only.

Thumb geha 27 July 2012, 18:29

maybe I was dreaming when I heard comments like hizbushaitan would retaliate on israel if they attack iran?
what do we have to do with that?
just one example....

Thumb galaxy 28 July 2012, 10:08

Nassrallah "shouting" his allegiance to wilayat al faqih.....

Thumb galaxy 28 July 2012, 10:15

Michel Aoun asks what Wilayat Al Faqih means and Nassrallah answers.

Thumb phoenician 27 July 2012, 09:19

How could the world sit back and watch such a terrorist organization and allow it to purchase advanced technology and mass such a massive stockpile of weapons,is beyond me.

Default-user-icon Bob (Guest) 27 July 2012, 14:43

The irony is that Hizbullah and Israel have become one and the same. Both terror organisations.......

"Choose your enemies carefully 'cos they will define you" not sure where that quote came from but its ever to accurate!

Thumb bigsami 27 July 2012, 16:04

Motormouth....take elsewhere. You are a total loser and no one could care less about the constant trash coming out of your hole. Go hide from Israel and we will let you know when to come out from your hole. You love HA so much why don't you get off this site and join their cause. Loser!

Missing gcb1 27 July 2012, 16:06

Mowaten, stop pitching everything on Israel. If Hezb fighters are involved with Assad's troops, which let's not forget Ahmad Jibril indicated that Hezb is ready to do so, then this is plain wrong and is simply provoking a sectarian civil war from breaking out.

Ironically, these actions go directly against Imam Musa al-Sadr's teachings of coexistence and unity.

Thumb bigsami 27 July 2012, 21:28

Motormouth....just a simple question for you and your conditioned followers: Isn't the sole purpose of the so called 'resistance' is to protect Lebanon from the Israelis? You speak to any HA follower and they preach to all of us that HA is here to protect us from Israel....blah...blah..blah. Recapping this report word for word >>>> Hizbullah fighters have crossed to Syria to help Syrian government troops in their fight against rebels, security sources said.

Need I say more about HA's roll? You idiot!

Default-user-icon Maroun (Guest) 27 July 2012, 09:31

hopefully they will return in body bags

Default-user-icon Maroun (Guest) 27 July 2012, 14:41

i am sure they can find them a mass grave there we care if they bring them home or not

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 27 July 2012, 09:35

What is the proof of such an accusation of it being a terrorist group? Is fighting armies and armed groups terrorism now too?

Default-user-icon Paul (Guest) 27 July 2012, 09:37

Perfect time to bomb the traitors while on syrian soil while not inflicting pain on the Lebanese population, moreseo the poor disinfranchised Shiite population!

Thumb geha 27 July 2012, 10:08

Hizbushaitan and their fpm allies are driving Lebanon to destruction.
already israel considers them as a threat, what do you think will happen when the syrian regime will fall?
the new regime will consider hizbushaitan as an ennemy and will act upon it.
what will happen to Lebanon then?
where are we from the official policy of 'naki' they always talk about?

Thumb jcamerican 27 July 2012, 15:05

Was the syrian army thugs all alawites? I don't think so. So you are right, they will be back in Lebanon as soon as Bashar falls, doing a better job than him controlling the herd.

Thumb geha 27 July 2012, 15:24

Whatever mowaten.
the thing is you do not want to realize one important matter:
- hizbushaitan and fpm placed their bet on the syrian regime, and we all know it is just a matter of time until it falls totally.
if you realize this, then you should realize it is in Lebanon's best interest to change course and distance yourselves from this regime, and not help it, if for nothing, it would be just to have a future.

Thumb bigsami 27 July 2012, 16:07

Sewer coming out heavy today isn't it Motormouth aka BSThrower?

Missing gcb1 27 July 2012, 16:11

It is when the syrian regime falls, not if. A regime that has committed crimes against humanity according to unbiased NGOs is no longer fit to govern and will eventually fall.

As for your statement that the saudi-controlled salafi will control Syria, this is plain wrong. All indications show that the salafi presence in Syria is small, and Salafis do not cooperate with the Saudi government because this is against their ideology (they believe the Saudi regime is corrupt).

The root of the uprising is the same as all the other uprisings: a hatred against a regime that has long suppressed political and civil rights. Do not believe Assad's propaganda. What I explain to you is according to credible NGOs, not the US perspective which seems to shift so often.

Thumb Marwan34 27 July 2012, 17:46

lebanon is easy to Swollow but hard to digest !!!!

Thumb geha 27 July 2012, 18:30

dream on mowaten. playing thses scare tactics do not convince anyone

Thumb falanges 28 July 2012, 06:46

wow your propaganda is so scary.....ok i'll switch my views now. get a life and get laid, with all the time you spend on here, it is impossible you have a normal life

Missing roger@10452 27 July 2012, 10:59

I wonder if the General bought them one-way tickets!!!

Thumb leblover 27 July 2012, 11:10

nshalla one way metel ma al el general rfi2oun

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 27 July 2012, 13:26

It's a shame for Lebanon to have Huzbullah getting involved in the killing of innocent Syrian people. It's also hypocritical when nasslalah says his party is not involved when indeed he's sending them to do what; kill fellow muslims. My concern is what repursussion would this irresponsible attitude has on Lebanon when assad collapses and he will sooner rather than later? Is Lebanon going to suffer? We had enough of wars and involvement in other people lives and time is now ripe for Huzbullah to hand over his weapons to the government and us having only one army protecting us. Only an army would make sound decicions on pur behalf, or at least would not be so politicised like Huzbullah.

Default-user-icon Habibi Lubnan (Guest) 27 July 2012, 13:52

HA only understands violence... They will only go down if they take down everyone with them. They made huge accolades when the arab spring took place all over the world but they kept their mouth shut and then starting supporting the "regime" when the arab spring happened in their own backyard... HA is smart, I will admit to that. But at the end...they are no different, probably worse than the usual politicians because they have arms and can take whatever decisions they want. So when m14 gov went down. It was not the people's choice!! Where were the votes?? It was HA, cowboy style...yeehaaa!

Thumb geha 27 July 2012, 15:34

your thinking is flawed for the following reasons:
- iran and russia have been warned not to get officially(at least) involved in the fighting.
- so iran would not dare to do that, and if they did, then the result will be catastrophic regional wise.
- defections are on going at a higher rate now and the regime is weaker.
- hizbushaitan can still survive if they change course and deliver their weapons to the state, which will preserve the shias and avoid a war with israel.
- in case they don't, there will be a war, and time is running out.
however this time round, the outcome of the war will be a higly weakened shias, and what will happen later is still to be seen.

Thumb bigsami 27 July 2012, 16:11

Wow scoring record highs today aren't we Motormouth. I think you just a hit a naharnet record for being the most despised scum on the site. What is don't have anywhere else to spill your misinformation that was drilled into your thick skull by HA propaganda? Loner, pathetic to say the least.

Missing gcb1 27 July 2012, 16:13

Well said.

Thumb bigsami 27 July 2012, 16:14

All this happening and HA followers don't realize the purpose of their resistance is NOT about defending Israel but rather Iran and it's interest. Wake up you blind conditioned sheep. They will destroy your country and with it YOU. Your just a mere shield for them to use when Israel comes. They did in 2006 and will not hesitate to use you as sand bags again!

Thumb falanges 28 July 2012, 06:58

and dont think i will open my house to running shia again like i did in 2006

Missing gcb1 27 July 2012, 16:16

You are right that this report may not be true. But I keep going back on Ahmad Jibril's words, who said that after holding consultations with Hezb and the Syrian regime, Hezb would be ready to assist Syrian troops. Obviously Jibril's a man that has inside knowledge and wouldn't just spit such bold words out.

Of course, M14 is betting on Assad's fall and some of its elements are actively involved in Syria. But while I am far from supporting M14, I tend to believe that supporting a rebel group that seeks the downfall of a corrupt regime is better than supporting the regime itself.

Default-user-icon chawki (Guest) 27 July 2012, 17:26

Hezbollah always win. They are Smart and high tech Masters. They make their best enemies look stupid and helpless.

Default-user-icon normal (Guest) 27 July 2012, 17:34

Hizbullah defend christian, druze and shia minority in Syria.

Thumb Marwan34 27 July 2012, 17:51

Time is running against Hezbollah and Bashar !!!!

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 27 July 2012, 18:03

I thought Syria was strong and the Hezz were only a Lebanese "resistance". Looks like both ideas are wrong.

Thumb geha 27 July 2012, 18:05

you live in a dream :)
russia stopped its helicopter shipment, and will never engage in a large scale war for the syrian regime :)
you are seriuosly having wishfull thinking; wake up :)

Default-user-icon Alexander (Guest) 27 July 2012, 18:12

Expecting the fall of the syrian regime, israelis started to find new reasons to feed their propaganda: What if Syria fail, how can israel claim in its speeches that hezbollah is getting more and more weapons from Syria and beeing stronger? So now they are pretending that chemical weapons are beeing transfered to hezbolla which means that when the syrian regime will crack down, hezbollah will be in total possession of chemical weapons, something that israel "absolutely reject" as said lieberman. So get ready for a new divine victory with the country this time practicallay erased. israel has always advantage in propaganting a strong hezbollah to justify the balance of powers.

Thumb bigsami 27 July 2012, 19:10

Yeah....I would trust any sources even from a chimp BEFORE I trust your HA sources. Yallah your day of reckoning is coming. Get that mule ready and start heading out your traitor!

Thumb shab 27 July 2012, 19:28

What’s more important than hot air balloon drones is that FSA will capture all the religious fighters form the filthy militia and from Iran are captured before they can return home and execute them publicly to send a message to the world.

Default-user-icon mustang (Guest) 27 July 2012, 21:16

Instead of name calling, why don't you wise guys, develope a plan.! Disappointed at the time and energy spent on comments.! Makes some calls, conduct broadcast, organize, meet, and come up with a plan, concerning this matter at hand, in or near your very own land.

Missing samiam 28 July 2012, 00:24

So, who's shocked by this, and the upcoming denial by HA's mouthpiece?

Missing castro@46 28 July 2012, 00:25

Hezb Iran will learn a big lesson soon ,primesuspect yes people already did step on them in May 2008 when they were fucked over big time in the mighty Chouf Mountians they were screaming like dogs when the fighters in the Chouf armed with hunting guns fought them and captured lots of Irianian scum,and the samething happened in the North as well .Hezb Iran is a myth thats all.

Thumb falanges 28 July 2012, 07:02

they are all talk but unfortunately some ppl believe they're propaganda

Default-user-icon ginni (Guest) 28 July 2012, 18:39

the first sensible paragraph i've read on this site so far.

Default-user-icon May7 (Guest) 29 July 2012, 10:18

Mow town
Please work on one thing only , please get the hizzies to pay for their Devine