Aoun: Army Incapable of Defending Lebanon against Israeli Assault

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun stressed the importance of the complementary role of the army and resistance, reported al-Akhbar newspaper on Saturday.

He explained that the Lebanese army is functioning as a border guard “and it would be incapable of defending Lebanon in case of an assault, especially an Israeli one."

He told the newspaper: “The army is the sole power that can tackle developments on the internal scene. It combats terrorism and supports the security forces in combating crime.”

“It will however be incapable of confronting a foreign assault and this is where the resistance's role in liberating land comes in,” continued the MP.

Aoun said: “The resistance does not play a security role, but it intervenes when the army fails in tackling a security development.”

“The resistance is a central figure in defending Lebanon,” he added.

“Militias are used in all world countries to assist the army in its duties,” remarked the FPM leader.

He gave the example of the French resistance against Nazi Germany during World War II.

Asked if Iran would request Hizbullah's assistance to respond to any Israeli attack, Aoun replied that Israel explained that the military maneuvers it had recently conducted were aimed at confronting Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran.

“A war with Iran will therefore include these three powers,” he noted.

“If Israel considers these three forces as a single front, then it will likely attack Iran first, then Syria, and finally Hizbullah,” the MP said.

“I am in agreement with the party that its arms are aimed at defending Lebanon,” Aoun stated.

Commenting on the developments in Syria, he told al-Akhbar that a military strike against it will “never happen.”

He explained that Europe's financial crisis will prevent it from taking military action against Syria, while “no one should be fooled into believing that the United States is capable of doing everything.”

“Other major powers have entered the picture, which will lead the region towards a new world order,” he added.

“The situation in Syria will be resolved through political dialogue or the defeat of one of the sides involved. I believe the opposition will be defeated, not the ruling regime,” he stressed.

Addressing the 2013 parliamentary elections, Aoun stressed the importance of holding the polls, warning of the dangers of failing to stage them.

He said that the March 14 forces would benefit from the postponement of the elections, adding however that it is still early to launch electoral campaigns.

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Thumb thepatriot 22 September 2012, 10:04

OMG! He is sold to the Iranians to the bones!

“Militias are used in all world countries to assist the army in its duties,” He's probably refering to the Pasdaran :)

By the way General, the Pasdaran are based in Lebanon in Ras al-Aïn (Baalbek). They also have bases in Tyr, Aïn Boussawr, Mlita (Djebel Safi) and Macheghara (West Beka'a ). Their commander in chief in Lebanon is Assadalah Hadji Reza Asgar (" Abou Asager ").

Thumb thepatriot 22 September 2012, 10:08

“The resistance does not play a security role, but it intervenes when the army fails in tackling a security development.”

What about May 7th?

Missing rudy 22 September 2012, 16:13

lek habibe, bass sou2al. eddeh 3omrak?

Missing roger@10452 22 September 2012, 10:35

Mr Aoun, stop de-moralizing the Army and stop using these scare tactics just to get few more votes...

The Lebanese people are not falling for your BS anymore...and I hate to tell you that Damascus is not safe for you anymore so I suggest you get your one-way ticket to Tehran...

Traitor... you sold the blood of the army marthyrs for your personal gains...shame on you!!!

Thumb andre.jabbour 22 September 2012, 10:54

Maybe HE didn't sell the martyr's blood... maybe he spilled it? Afterall, he's a close acquaintance of Mister Assad.

Missing forces 22 September 2012, 16:27

FT what evidence do you have, and u can go back to Jesus Christ if you want, that Israel intends to INVADE Lebanon?
I'll help you a little so you don't put your foot in it. 1.Israel in the 80's attack Palestinians in Lebanon in order to prevent them from launching attacks against it from Lebanon territory after the Palestinians force the Lebanese' hand with violence if they ddn't allow them to remain armed and attack israel..2 IDF set up the SLA to safeguard the southern borders and prevent scum like the Palestinians and our southern brothers from attackng them , The SLA did not attack the Lebanese and take over their lands and evict them or burn house or commit murders nor did they extend the israeli border.

Missing forces 22 September 2012, 16:27

3 ..2006. Israel attacks HA strongholds and strategic telecommication/transportation sites to retrieve captured soldiers an act instigated by HA... Any damaged to Lebanon and the Lebanese was a direct result of their actions to the above. Now who is at fault? and What evidence do you have that Israel will INVADE Lebanon?

Missing archangel 22 September 2012, 10:40

“Militias are used in all world countries to assist the army in its duties,” Now you are talking like this ya wate, what about the militia that you fought back in the days and weakened the christians of Lebanon forever. wahad bal wafa wou akhlek. That army that you were once part off can very well protect Lebanon if it has the right weapons to do so.

Missing archangel 22 September 2012, 12:44

My dear FlameThrower, first of all I'm not an LF guy, had you followed my other comments on other articles you would have read clearly that I was with Aoun and got beaten many times during our sit-ins and for what I wonder today? You criticize others for being blind but I see that you are blind too just like the rest of them. Yes 3ayb wou mit 3ayb 3ala Aoun ysir yehke heik 3an el jesh woul milishya. I was born in Achrafieh and still reside there and I saw what the war between the two bala mokh Aoun and Jaajaa led us. and yes we will always talk in Lebanon about Christians, and Sunnis and Chiite because each one of those sect has a different agenda for the country and its becoming near impossible to co-existe until we start saying Lebanon first

Missing forces 22 September 2012, 16:06

Flame your comments are starting to sound very irratic and uneducated. If you keep insisting on reminding us of history not the present or what lays ahead in the future then you are still living the dream of aoun the saviour. That dream went up in a helicopter after he commited treason against his own kind. We were occupied by a foreign force ie Assad , LF were the only true resistance to this so why did he want to dissarm them not work with them like he is doing with HA? ego maybe, self interest,or just plain stupid.. now ask yourself where is the threat that justifies him siding with a foreign militia.. 1.5Mil shias maybe = the presidential chair? think about it.

Thumb andre.jabbour 22 September 2012, 10:52

Mister Aoun remembers very well how weak our army is, because since He fled like Arafat did a few years before him He did nothing else but weaken it. This corrupt politician (who should be stripped of his military ranking) doesn't want to live in a pacified Lebanon... He wants to see weapons wandering in the streets, abductions happening in every corner of Lebanon....

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 11:33

there were no such thing as M14 between 1992 and 2005, remember? only a gvt under the orders of your syrian friends, you should be happy as you support them, so blame the syrians for weakening the army not M14.... M14 couldn t do a thing as it didn t exist!
always twisting facts aren t you to suit your views...
remember what aoun said that under the syrian rule even the most honest politician had to obey them or else die...remember your CPL friends who dared rise against syrians and were beaten or sent in the syrian jails?
so even the anti syrians now had to obey or go in exile or die.(orangina said that too remember?) but at least they changed and are now aware that the syrian regime is no good for lebanon unlike your puppet who always stood against them and now licks their feet..
so who is the worse?

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 14:04

funny how your propaganda let you think that all chiaa are hezbis.... lots of them are forced or opposed...i have like it or not many friends that are shias and viscerally opposed to hezbollah or amal because they want to be free and not alienated by them!
aoun returned to lebanon under the sole condition from SYRIA that he wouldn t ally with geagea or hariri... otherwise he would be a dead man. educate yourself.
and also you should return to school to learn how to read and understand otherwise than through your orange prisma....

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 11:24

stupid orangina...
hezb as a militia should not be armed! in any civilized country there s no such thing as militias even less armed parties that decide the fate of the country!
hezb takes advantage of its weapons to dictate the gvt what they should do! if he and his followers were truly lebanese and patriots they wouldn t accept a political party to have the right to decide war or peace! only the state can do that!
hezbis arms should go to the army and under its strict command!
we see how this militia defends lebanon against attacks and bombings from their syrian friends! double standards...
we ve seen how they used their weapons in may, and backed their prosyrian militias! even if as some claimed moustaqbal did everything then it is the duty of the army ONLY to restore order! certainly not a militia...

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 14:07

no it isn t! you can compare lebanon with any other country...
let me remind you that before hezbollah came the shias were the most free and partying people in lebanon! they drank alcohol, had no ruler to tell them what to do and the south was the most liberated region in lebanon...
all the problems in the south came from the shias MP who didn t want them to evolve to keep them under their control. all the water problem was a big divide between coastal shias and land shias. nothing to do with israel....
once again educate yourself....

Missing forces 22 September 2012, 16:13

more uneducated ramblings that have been well drilled into you by your masters FT. you are lost in history again. 10452 was under a united lebanon against foreign incursions, ie syria,israel, usa etc.. Partioning is a by product of the shit hole life Hezb has offered for our kids and their kids. You and your kind may have honourable intentions but your execution is very scary.

Default-user-icon Minx (Guest) 22 September 2012, 11:26

Militias are used in all world countries to assist the army in its duties,” remarked the FPM leader

Only in Iran you Idiot...It seems that you are truly brainwashed

Default-user-icon Sas (Guest) 22 September 2012, 11:48

you are all so funny, sitting here abroad reading u make my day always. what a bunch of uneducated followers. 3anjad bidahko! its better then my Allo Allo comedy serie. As if any of you has a political science degree debating these war lords comments. they are all just war lords, they live in peace times preparing for their next wars and your beloved Lebanon is still in the middle ages ... just because these lords of war all of them want you all to remain uneducated followers , sheeps screaming their names and they buy ur votes and you call it a democracy in the middle east. Shame you do not enjoy my democracy here! hilarious bunch full of hate and no respect to human value... you are such a funny bunch!

Default-user-icon le noir (Guest) 22 September 2012, 12:08

you are not welcome in Jezzine mister!

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 22 September 2012, 12:12

Question is why to prepare for war if you can prepare for peace?
It the interest of both sides to keep quiet.
The problem is that those who claim to defend Lebanon are those who destroying it by following their masters' voice, the Iranian.
Lebanon is hijacked by those terror , drug dealers.
Its against their interest to keep Lebanon in flames.
Problem is that they will provoke Israel and those who will pay the price will be the Lebanese people.
Israel has no wish to destroy Lebanon.
Borders for many years were quiet till Lebanon became a soft and warm nest to terror groups used Lebanon as a base to target Israel.
Lebanon paid the price. Why again?

Default-user-icon trueself (Guest) 22 September 2012, 12:56

Israel never attacked Lebanon without provacation. So, what is Aoun alluding to? lebanon's territories had all been liberated, dave Shabaa farms which is in dispute between Syria and Lebanon. Aoun had lost his mind and is really in need of mental assessment. It's a pitty to have someone like him representing a part of the Christian community. He's strayed big time and I hope he departs peacefully as he's an old man with many health problem. i hope God takes him soon to save us Christians from his wayward practices.

Missing peace 22 September 2012, 14:24

i wonder what M8 would think if moustaqbal gets heavily armed as hezbollah is to defend the northern border in the name of resistance....
being attacked by a foreign army justifies this no? as the army isn t doing a thing. it is the exact same case!!!
they support the shelling of chrsitian villages and are proud of it! but they would cry like virgins if the same thing happened in the south!

as long as we have morons like him believing that a political party has the right of being armed more than our army , we cannot have an independent and sovereign state! they only weaken the state by not giving it the right to be the only defender of peace or war but gives it to a party that doesn t respect the lebanese constitution! when they defend a party that openly says that they don t give a damn to the results of elections, we see what kind of democrats they are. just at the orders of a foreign country and spitting on their own.
they are just traitors and collaborators.

Missing phillipo 22 September 2012, 14:38

The initial premise that Israel wants to attack Lebanon is incorrect.
Israel has on more than one occasion stated that it wants to live in peace and tranquility with the Republic of Lebanon.
Israel and Lebanon even signed an agreement in the 1980's but this was quickly torn up by the Lebanese Government.
Israel's only disagreement with Lebanon is over Hizballah. Both Israel and Lebanon know that this terrorist organisation, with its leader stuck in his rat hole underground, is one single organisation working day and night to undermine Lebanese peace and security.

Thumb beiruti 22 September 2012, 15:42

And I thought Romney was stupid. This guy can't even get reality correct. What country other than Iran has a militia as part of its national defense? He cited the Free French Forces during WWII?? This was when the official French Government was a Nazi Occupation government, the Vichie French and the Free French were fighting the occupation. To make the analogy, Aoun would have to mean that the Mikati Government is a Vichie Syrian Occupation Government and Hezbollah is fighting against Syria. What a complete and total babbling incompetent.

Thumb Marc 22 September 2012, 15:54

And he is a former general in the army? Shame on him

Missing forces 22 September 2012, 15:57

He gave the example of the French resistance against Nazi Germany during World War II.... Does this idiot actually understand WWII history. we do not live under the rule of an invading country.

Asked if Iran would request Hizbullah's assistance to respond to any Israeli attack, Aoun replied that Israel explained that the military maneuvers it had recently conducted were aimed at confronting Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran.... That is correct Idiot hezb not Lebnan!! so stop insulting our intelligence and start differentiating between the two like you did when you set out to dissarm the only true christian force in the country while Syria was still occupying us.

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 22 September 2012, 16:31

Question is if Lebanon really needs the Hezbulla to defend its borders from Israel. As the ball is all in Lebanon's hands since many years.
Instead of preparation to confront Israel with war, why don't you offer instead to live in peace? Isn't it the interest of both countries to have a quiet border for the prosperity of Lebanon same for north of Israel?. there is no dispute and no significant territorial dispute, as if any can be settled sitting to the table and not to run for war. as both sides will only lose but Lebanon will lose more.
Time for the Arabian leaders to be brave like president Sadat and King Hussein who said enough is enough.

Missing forces 22 September 2012, 16:39

When you fight with Iranian ideology you cease to be Lebanese it doesn't matter where your weapons are from. That is the difference between LF and HA genius. Why don't we ask America to arm us in case Iran invades Lebanon to get at Israel? What evidence do you have that Israel will Invade Lebanon?

Missing samiam 22 September 2012, 19:54

Let's see--how about making peace with Israel and forcing that HA scum to move to 'protect' Iran. The general fails to mention that HA started the 2006 war and the so called 'victory' resulted in over 1000 Lebanese being killed and close to $12 billion in damages to the country.

Obviously, HA and their allies should spend a few minutes researching the word "victory" before making their speeches.

Missing phillipo 22 September 2012, 20:27

I'm sure that if we split this into two parts -
1. Making peace with Israel - this will be easy. Neither side has territorial or other claims on the other.
2. Forcing HA to move to Iran - in the present circumstances, only an all out war between the Lebanese Army and HA will bring this about.

Default-user-icon UpSideDown (Guest) 22 September 2012, 21:34

The resistance and the army complement each is other like peanut butter and jelly. Militias are used to assist the army. But he relegated the army to a policing duties and gave the militia the main duties of defending and liberating. That's a vote of confidence to the army from an ex-general. So who decides when the militia's duties start and end? The state or the militia?

Default-user-icon UpSideDown (Guest) 22 September 2012, 22:01

The ex-General is a wanna be Napolean. He is Lebanon's Little Napolean. He has ambitions beyond his tiny structure and Lebanon's shores. He's a student of history and harkens back to the days of glorious conquests. Maybe he wants to bring back the glory of the Persian empire. He will conquer Israel and keep moving east until he's in the embrace of Ahmadinejad. Bear hugs all around. Can someone give the ex-General a dunce cap so he can be off on his conquests.

Default-user-icon Observer (Guest) 22 September 2012, 23:13

Aoun: Army Incapable of Defending Lebanon against Israeli Assault

That's cause you moron never trained them to !! Tfeh !

You should be placed in front an army shooting squad for your admitting to your own failure as a Lebanese General.

Missing cedars 23 September 2012, 03:40

He is trying to tell people that as a lesson learned from history when he declared "Harb el Tahreer" that the Army needed the LF as resistance yet he himself screwed up at that time especially when each family was divided and the brother fought the cousin because of his short vision and imposed war at that time, If you needed the resistance to protect Lebanon from Israel then we need another resistance in the North and Bekaa to protect against the Syrian aggression you short sighted?