Convoy of FPM Leader Comes Under Fire in Sidon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun's convoy came under gunfire in the southern port city of Sidon on Saturday while he was returning from Jezzine.

Aoun's press office confirmed the incident after denying it for “security reasons.”

LBCI reported that the convoy was attacked near Bahaaeddine Hariri mosque in Sidon around 7:30 p.m.

Earlier, Aoun visited Jezzine to reach out for his supporters in the southern town of Jezzine.

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Default-user-icon Observer (Guest) 22 September 2012, 22:32

I wonder whether the FPM will finally wake up to the foul smell of Syrian cheese.

Default-user-icon Itizwhtitiz (Guest) 22 September 2012, 22:32

they should have finished the job...

Default-user-icon eclamig priv (Guest) 22 September 2012, 22:50

Oh how cute Micho wants to belong! everyone else is being targeted and no one gives a FlamingTurd if he lives or die so he invents himself a martyrdom story quite touching. Nassif Azzi must have a very low opinion of Aounist to invent such a stunt, either that or he's a complete idiot.

Default-user-icon ali (Guest) 23 September 2012, 00:21

Allah ye7mi

Thumb Chupachups 23 September 2012, 01:13

Lol no this wasn't aimed at his
Convoy , let us investigate first (sarcasm)
it was probably another Hollywood film
To make Aoun talked about and to feel

Thumb Chupachups 23 September 2012, 02:29

I was just using Aouns logic on his own assasiantion attempt... notice that i was using sarcasm, therefore i believe there was a high chance it was an assasination attempt...unlike aoun supporters who like to fabricate a beautiful movie scene out of anything they dont like.

Thumb Chupachups 23 September 2012, 02:39

yes, I don't like Aoun.. for a few reasons..but lets not get into it.

Default-user-icon Halaktouna (Guest) 23 September 2012, 10:11

ya Warde ... in 1989 & 90 Aoun had weight and importance ... nwo he is nothing but a puppet for the Iranians and Syrians ... no one is bothered whether he lives or dies.

Default-user-icon geagea_wal_warda (Guest) 23 September 2012, 14:54

Comrade Slash it's not that I hate geagea, not really I dont. I just dont believe his assassination attempt. Let's say the whole story smelled like Hollywood and still does, but that's for another time.
You forgot a 3rd point: In Saida, near Bahaeddine Hariri mosque there are no Hizballah people. So far the attempt looks genuine and confirmed by minister Charbel. Let's wait and see.

Missing canadianadam 23 September 2012, 01:47

When you go back to Tehran. Perhaps the ayatola will have zawajal met3a with you and Hassan - the HA Iranian puppet.

Missing galopse 23 September 2012, 02:09

I'm no Aoun supporter but you guys should be criticizing the barbaric people that consider shooting at people, as much as we they hate him, normal. This is the difference between the educated and the uneducated, the free-minded and the sheep-minded...

Thumb Chupachups 23 September 2012, 03:19

Yalla.. Gallops la Shoupssss...malla 3alammm

Missing galopse 23 September 2012, 06:50


Default-user-icon colt (Guest) 23 September 2012, 02:27

What a waste of ordnance, he's not worth a bullet alive or dead.

Default-user-icon Dr Azzi (Guest) 23 September 2012, 03:15

They caught the alleged gunman, look at him he's hideous! Look!

Thumb kanaandian 23 September 2012, 03:19

Tehran, Riyadh, same garbage both hell holes.

You cannot expect anything but blood, death and terror with these people.

Default-user-icon Jack Tohmme (Guest) 23 September 2012, 03:41

I guess Aoun was jealous that assessiantion attempts were made on others and not him (Albeit by his allies) so he had to make up one........ sad, really sad.

Missing thatisit 23 September 2012, 04:58

they took ghadafi away and we are not letting aoun go the easy way- we need weekly entertainment and comedu show to stay

Default-user-icon GENERAL1 (Guest) 23 September 2012, 05:26

God protect you General from the evil one

Missing gabby5 23 September 2012, 05:27

It was probably a set up fake like Hezz and Syrian films. Maybe he set it up himself because no one listens to him. he wants to show he is important enough to assassinate, when everyone knows his political life is over.

Default-user-icon Chris (Guest) 23 September 2012, 06:02

It's about time someone is trying to get rid of real filth in this country.

Missing lqu7 23 September 2012, 07:54

For those claiming that it's fake, there are bullet holes in one of the convoy vehicles. I guess if you belong to a party that makes stories out of roses, then everything would seem fake.

Missing rudy 23 September 2012, 12:08

but no one is allowed to see them. LOL

Default-user-icon aoun h8tr (Guest) 23 September 2012, 09:23

Three bullet fragments and a gazillion piece of evidence on the attempted assassination on Samir Geagea DO NOT constiture proof to this peace of shit aoun. But a single shot from an unknown source that the governemnt security agencies said no such thing happened is an assassination attempt on aoun. This piece of lower than crap aoun is sinking to a new low everyday. I guess he has hit bottom is the only explanation for this latest scenario because he wants people to feel sorry for him.

Default-user-icon guest (Guest) 23 September 2012, 11:52

does he feel left out??? Let make up this event and get so time on tv because no one cares for him any more

Default-user-icon Gabriel (Guest) 23 September 2012, 18:13

I approve !

Missing samiam 23 September 2012, 19:18

Now the story coming out is that he never went through Saida--just wondering what the real story is?

Default-user-icon Z_abster (Guest) 23 September 2012, 20:39

I approve ...Keep trying til you get it right

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 23 September 2012, 23:56

Lebanon will be much better off without this clown and his scum bag son in law, better luck next time.

Thumb benzona 24 September 2012, 01:05

Guys, I was 500 meters away from the place where the so called attack occurred. All we found on the road was an empty blown-up Bonjus.

Seriously, The fact they didn't want to show the bullet holes on the car means everything.... they'll take his car to some abandoned area tomorrow and cripple it with bullets to prove something that doesn't exist.

Bonjus Joke aside, I was truly 500 meters away and there were no shots fired nor any kind of deflagration.