WikiLeaks Says Israeli Mossad Involved in 2010 Ethiopian Plane Crash

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

WikiLeaks website has revealed that Israeli intelligence, Mossad, may have been involved in the 2010 Ethiopian plane crash off Beirut's shore, said various media reports on Sunday.

They said that the plane have been the victim of sabotage by Israeli intelligence because it mistakenly suspected that senior Hizbullah official Hashem Safieddine may have been on the flight.

It also suspected that Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's nephew may have also been on board, along with 20 other members of the party.

The leaks reveal a series of emails between members of the Stratfor global intelligence organization that indicate that initial recordings obtained from the plane's black box do not include evidence that the pilot had committed an error that caused the crash.

They also highlighted Lebanese intelligence suspicions that the Mossad was involved in the incident due to the Israeli conflict with Hizbullah.

Furthermore, they said that the Israeli intelligence had received “mistaken or misleading” signs that Safieddine was in fact on the plane.

The emails added that analysts determined that the plane “could not have exploded in the air due to a pilot's error.”

Moreover, the WikiLeaks report said that Lebanese authorities do not want to “acknowledge the real reason why the plane crashed because it would expose poor security and the fact that explosives were placed on a plane at Beirut international airport.”

The Mossad was led to believe that some 20 Hizbullah members were on board the Ethiopian plane where they were heading to Uganda and Kenya where the party has dormant cells that may be planning to attack American and Israeli targets should a military strike be carried out against Iran, said the report.

A preliminary report on the Ethiopian plane which crashed off the Lebanese coast killing 90 people on board, including more than 50 Lebanese nationals, blamed “a series of errors on the part of the pilots who failed to take into account the signals emitted by the plane's instruments.”

The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 went down minutes after taking off from Beirut in bad weather on January 25, killing 83 passengers and seven crew. Lebanese officials have previously said that data recovered from the plane's black box showed all instruments were working well until it plunged into the Mediterranean in a fierce storm.

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Default-user-icon Marv (Guest) 30 September 2012, 10:18

Get rid of Hizbullah and we will all be able to live in peace. Assuming these reports are ture, why should the innocent people on that plane be killed because of Safieddine and some of his uneducated, backward goons?

Ah no wait, i forgot, Hizbullah is our saviour...they will invade Israel, liberate Palestine, and hang Netanyahu in Tel Aviv square......yes...right...

Default-user-icon Lion heart (Guest) 02 October 2012, 00:52

By describing others as "goons" tells how envious you are, and in this regard,human nature can be explained since Adam's son whom had killed his brother. Besides, mentioning a name of those who have liberated not only the South but also Beirut and created genuine national dignity for the nation indicates how ignorant you are. I advise you to take care of your lectures.

Default-user-icon Jihad (Guest) 05 October 2012, 11:08

liberated the south ok, maybe.
liberated beirut ?didnt the invade beirut in 2008 ?

arent they supporting mass killings in syria with more than 30K dead ? and still nasrallah and singing to bashar like he's the next prophet ?

goons. is the right worse my friend.

Default-user-icon Steve (Guest) 02 October 2012, 23:57

Yep, its completely the Hisbullah's fault that the Mossad bombed a civilian plane, killing 83 innocents. Impeccable logic, Sir.

Default-user-icon Sauron (Guest) 03 October 2012, 09:17

So what you're saying is that Mossad are justified to murder innocents and bring down a plane full of people for 21 men. By that logic, if Safieddine was on the same plane as one of your family members it would e ok for mossad to bring it down..? "for the greater good"?. Oh and by the way, according to this leak; Mossad's information was inaccurate so the people on that plane "may" have died due to a clerical error from a lazy mossad operative who couldn't be asked to double check findings.

Default-user-icon Yusuf (Guest) 15 December 2014, 02:24

It's the bankers. That's how they finance all this mayhem and murder. If u support them (payed for your car or house), then you are just as guilty.

Educate yourself on how they print money and finance mayhem and distance yourself from them.

Default-user-icon Batman (Guest) 30 September 2012, 10:40

No one would shed a tear over the Hizbollah operatives that died in the crash, but I feel bad for the other victims, among them the French ambassador's wife... I'm looking forward to the day when the Hizbollah crowd gets wiped off the face of this earth and particularly in Lebanon... Nothing but a bunch of opportunist gang masquerading as a freedom movement...

Thumb shab 30 September 2012, 11:48

Yeah. let's blame Israel. It's traditional.

Default-user-icon Carlos Barbier (Guest) 30 September 2012, 16:57

It could be true,not the first time. Israel shot the USS Liberty in 1967 and killed 34....

Default-user-icon Khalil (Guest) 30 September 2012, 11:56

I can't find the story on the wikileaks web site. Can you please post s link?

Missing rami 30 September 2012, 12:09

The plane would have been blown up even if the weather would have been good, so pilot error my A--. Bad weather came as a cover up bonus. Most probably hit from a ship located off the Lebanese coast.

Default-user-icon Viva (Guest) 30 September 2012, 14:59

Are You saying the pilot is incapable of flaying?? if So you are none sense!!!

Default-user-icon markava (Guest) 01 October 2012, 21:17

this is not pilot error it just Hezbollah terrorist the responsible

Default-user-icon Birhanu T. (Guest) 03 October 2012, 23:22

Don’t be stupid as you said that was the pilot error. First look at his profile and experiences. Hizbullah must take the responsible for that terrorist action.

Missing phillipo 30 September 2012, 12:19

Why blow up an aircraft when the assassinations could have taken place at the airport without involving innocent passengers.
Another Wikileaks load of bulls..t!!!

Default-user-icon Gunner (Guest) 01 October 2012, 10:37

Come on you've got to be joking. Israel destroys the lives of innocent Palestinians each and everyday. Let's just blow up a minivan, with eight innocent civilians inside, and one really bad guy ( who happens to be going to holiday ) and we call it fair in love and war Then when something goes wrong, and they get caught, they scream rasist, and claim they are protecting themselves from what happened in ww2. And like good dogs we all just lay down and shut up.
From a tactical perspective, given a chance to wipe out 20 top members of Hezbollah in one go, logistically this would be a gift from God! 20 bad guys out of 83 sounds fair from a purely military perspective. I'm not even criticizing them for doing it!

Finally Phil, why murder them 1 by 1 at the airport when you can simply Hide behind a fatal accident. No one would suspect anything. Like my home country Israel has wonderful people, unfortunately as with America the government really sucks!

Default-user-icon Zadig (Guest) 30 September 2012, 12:23

no one is blaming anyone> it is just a Stratfor which is a US private intelligence boutique with close links to the CIA.
If the israeli mossad really did this then this is a blatant terrorist act, it is not a war or an operation that happens to kill 1,600 Lebanese and that they can justify to the Western public.

Missing reformist 30 September 2012, 13:25

Guys, slash by bro, forget a bit your political arand and look at the story from an objective standpoint... It just makes sense that israel would do it....
And for silly shab... Do you think wikileaks are also governed by hizb?!

Thumb Captain 30 September 2012, 13:52

1) The plane is very safe. It tells the pilot about bad clouds from far and even if the pilot is novice and tired, he could have easily navigated away from the CB cloud.

2) There were two witnesses: One said he heard an explosion distinctly far from the sound of thunder. Another one saw a light flash fall into the sea.

3) The teams were searching in another place. It was the Lebanese Army who found the plane and rescued the black boxes.

Thumb kanaandian 30 September 2012, 13:52

how does wikileaks seem to have an answer for everything?

Thumb Captain 30 September 2012, 13:56

It has the emails and other means of communications as sources.

Default-user-icon GLK (Guest) 30 September 2012, 16:07

Another means to escape paying victims insurance..

Default-user-icon martin (Guest) 30 September 2012, 17:00

According to suspicions of Lebabese intelligence who also happen to be huge fans of Israel

Default-user-icon Sor58 (Guest) 30 September 2012, 17:07

It not right thing if Mossad do plan crash cause want to destroy Hisbulloh member. Not fair.

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 30 September 2012, 18:00

Wikileaks has not said this. Wikileaks has published Stratfor emails in which Stratfor analysts have suggested this.

Default-user-icon Johnnny (Guest) 30 September 2012, 18:06

Not surprised at all that Israeli is responsible for killing civilians they have so much practice when it comes to Palestinian civilians. Let me guess some terrorist was on board so that is the excuse for blowing women and children out of the sky.

Missing shark15 30 September 2012, 18:10

What a weak story ,as far as I know Hezb Iran have total control over the Airport thats why we have some many Irianian scum coming to Lebanon .I wouldnt put it pass Israel however Hezb Iran also think the same way, in the end Hezb Iran /Israel is the same shit different country.

Missing trigger 30 September 2012, 18:36

The mossad ya habibi...aka hizballah. Pure and simple

Default-user-icon Anon12 (Guest) 30 September 2012, 19:33

It wouldn't be the first time Israel blows up civilian aircraft..

Missing youssefhaddad 30 September 2012, 20:25

"...They also highlighted Lebanese intelligence suspicions that the Mossad was involved in the incident due to the Israeli conflict with Hizbullah..."
"Lebanese Intelligence" what is that and who controls it?
If there was a terrorist attack by Mossad or others an investigation should have been conducted by the forces who control the Airport and at least an official conclusion could have been drawn.
If there were 20 hezbollah personalities on that plane one would think that this plane should have been the safest going out of an airport controlled by Hezbollah.
The other possibility was that the plane was erroneously hit by a surface to air missile....

Default-user-icon Rolfen (Guest) 30 September 2012, 23:22

I downloaded the Lebanese report on that crash. It's like 300 pages. It clearly points to pilot error - spacial disorientation combined with crew fatigue and maybe some other negative factors. The report of course is built around data which shows that the aircraft DID NOT explode in mid-air. I find it implausible that this data would be falsified. We're talking about many parameters retrieved from the onboard flight recorders. Should this data turn out to be false, then what the claim that is laid in this article will be possible.

Default-user-icon damtew tessema (Guest) 01 October 2012, 11:32

any way we lost our citizens and grace of the airways. all the things are related to the home of terrorist:inhumam Arab states

Default-user-icon tony (Guest) 01 October 2012, 15:54

The mossad!Gets one thinking,but the one thing that is for sure is that the mossad are smarter than this.

Missing allouchi 01 October 2012, 19:14

REAL control ya FT....

Default-user-icon AAAAAAAAAAAnon (Guest) 04 October 2012, 00:30

Amazing,, Silent Ethiopians.......... Nothing to do with it h??

Default-user-icon Daniel Mekuria (Guest) 05 October 2012, 16:58

OMG, May God Bless those innocent people .i have my villager among the passenger she was left her 7/year son with her mother .he was eager to see and he was at the airport to welcome her but he is not luck to see his mother after 3/year she is also she was meet him with phone before a day and she is promise to bring him some toy's and some cloches.May God Rest their soul in peace.

Default-user-icon DAGIM K. (Guest) 16 October 2012, 09:31

OMG, All who participate in this crash are devils! What a cruel act!!!

Default-user-icon Addisu (Guest) 08 November 2012, 12:27

The Lebanese are seriously disturbed.
The preliminary report mentioned above is highly questionable. Significant portions of both the CVR FDR were tampered with when found. Many bodies were hastily buried and evidence was intentionally destroyed. More investigation should go into this. It irritates me that their remarkably primitive plot to blame it all on the pilots is catching on!

Default-user-icon Ethiopian (Guest) 10 December 2012, 13:51

May God(Allah) be with these precious products of his. those who decided on their life with the help of Satan will receive his judgments. we'll pray for their families. the deceases are with their father.

Default-user-icon ALI AHMED (Guest) 23 February 2013, 21:02

poor investigation. a slight political advantage shouldn't justify assassination of innocents. WE NEED TO HEAR THE TRUTH.

Default-user-icon lae (Guest) 16 April 2013, 05:46

did you knowsome accurate site where i can found the complete lists of people who died in this plane crash. i really need it for my thesis please help me. thank you very much.

Default-user-icon jimmy (Guest) 05 May 2013, 23:38

pilot error is highly unlikely. I mean maintaining a certain heading or altitude especially just after takeoff, i'm a pilot and i tell u it is jst pure nonsense from the lebanese government. The only reasonable report i've seen on this accident is this one, but i don't know how truthful it is

Default-user-icon mustefa m (Guest) 11 June 2013, 21:19

the football bounced among politicians should not come across inocents

Default-user-icon Fhkk (Guest) 31 August 2020, 05:25

They did that to force ethiopia to build a dam