3 Hizbullah Fighters Die in Blast at 'Old Ammo Depot' in Bekaa's Nabi Sheet

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Three Hizbullah fighters were killed and several other people wounded on Wednesday in a blast at a depot for old ammunition in the Bekaa town of Nabi Sheet, the party's media relations department said in a statement.

“The blast happened at a storehouse for old shells and ammunition and the remnants of the Israeli attacks on the area,” said the statement.

“This tragic explosion left three of our jihadist brothers martyred and several other people wounded,” Hizbullah added, noting that “efforts are underway to address the incident's consequences in collaboration with the relevant authorities.”

Earlier on Wednesday, a Lebanese security official told Agence France Presse that at least nine people were killed and seven injured in the blasts, but Radio Voice of Lebanon (93.3) said the death toll was revised to three after some missing persons who were counted as dead turned out to be alive.

Among the wounded were four Syrian workers, the official told AFP.

Residents said the blasts hit an arms stockpile in a building under construction in an uninhabited area between the villages of Nabi Sheet and Khodr.

Dozens of ambulances arrived at the scene as members of Hizbullah surrounded the area, the residents told AFP.

Citing "several explosions," the security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, did not confirm the origin of the blasts.

MTV reported that Hizbullah members were cordoning off the site of the blast and preventing security forces from entering the area.

Radio Voice of Lebanon (100.5) said a four-story building collapsed due to the explosion, quoting witnesses as saying that a number of bodies were still beneath the debris.

State-run National News Agency said three explosions were heard in the mountainous region between Nabi Sheet and al-Khraiba.

The agency said that the house of Mohammed Ali al-Moussawi collapsed from the force of the blast.

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Missing samiam 03 October 2012, 15:26

And again Hizb saying that it is above the state by cordoning off the area--what kind of 'resistance' is this except to the laws of the state.

Thumb bigsami 03 October 2012, 16:10

..."reported that Hizbullah members had cordoned off the area and prevented security forces from approaching the location." WTF? To prevent security forces to enter? Who do they think they are? They are above the law? This clearly shows that these filthy scums indeed carried out a coup and took over Lebanon back in January 2011. The country needs to unite and drive them out - period!

Default-user-icon marx (Guest) 03 October 2012, 16:35

At last some good news..let the action begin.
One by one, they´ll be eliminated. Like HZA & Syria tried to do with the lebanese politicians.

Thumb bigsami 03 October 2012, 16:38

A sign from above from all mighty himself wanting nothing to do with them!!!

Default-user-icon L3amaBiAlbkon (Guest) 03 October 2012, 16:52

Yet, its kinda funny You won't see any of those Useless BUGS that comes here commenting on how great the HizbAllah and The Resistance is when it comes to an article like this one in here... Shameful Rats! But not to Worry for the 7 dead people. They are "SHOUHADA2 El MouKawama" .... Tomorrow They will be declared in the funeral, cos of course, there will be the excuse of an outsider sabotaging the peace of Lebanon... For example "Israel"

Missing phillipo 03 October 2012, 17:00

Hopefully. the first of many such explosions.
Forget how they dare cordon off the area, but how dare the security forces not force their way in? Isn't it time that the Lenanese army finally shows these..........who is the boss in Lebanon.

Missing phillipo 03 October 2012, 17:07

"Among the wounded were four Syrian workers, the official added."

So that's what they are calling them nowadays...Syrian workers.

Thumb shab 03 October 2012, 17:33

Before they where called Sukleen

Missing maroon40 03 October 2012, 17:19

Here we go again! The behavior of a state within a state we are sick and tired of. What a joke! What an insult and embarrassment to the Lebanese security forces! What an insult to the Lebanese state. Anyway,
I hope every illegal arms depot in lebanon has the same 'happy ending'!

Missing salafi_slayer2 03 October 2012, 17:30

where were you when these Salafis in the north have transformed Tripoli into an Islamic Emirate? or did you miss that one? your comments just show your pathetic bias and ignorance

Thumb libnani 03 October 2012, 21:10

Islamic emirate? lol, have you been to the beaches in Tripoli? So many beautiful women in bikinis.......hardly an Islamic emirate hahahahahahahahaa.

Thumb bigsami 03 October 2012, 17:25

..........What an insult and embarrassment to the Lebanese security forces! What an insult to the Lebanese state.

Couldn't have said it any better! Unite and expel these scums!

Thumb bigsami 03 October 2012, 17:27

Everyone is finally realizing what is going on & turning against this axis of evil.....


Missing Cyanide 03 October 2012, 17:27

Where is ft n phen.

Thumb bigsami 03 October 2012, 17:33

Schizo Farso BSthrower......Motormouth....probably mourning the loss of their butchers.

Default-user-icon le phenicien (Guest) 03 October 2012, 17:45

today floatingturd is calling itself salafi_slayer2

Thumb joesikemrex 04 October 2012, 03:23

MIA somewhere in Aleppo

Thumb shab 03 October 2012, 17:32

It was a dispute between two car dealers, or a gas canister failure.

Missing allouchi 03 October 2012, 18:21


Missing gabby5 03 October 2012, 17:48

I have to say this has been a really great week so far.

Missing maroon40 03 October 2012, 18:43

Their weapons have created more divisions amongst the Lebanese, have caused more destruction in the past 10 Years than anything else, and caused more tension , fear , lawlessness, and intimidation. Their false notion of resistance is bogus.
It's time that they joined the civilized world, believed in one state establishment.
Giving up their arms to the army will unite the country more than anything else.
It takes incredible courage , humility. Humbleness, and trust and faith to do that,.

Default-user-icon Ben Dou (Guest) 03 October 2012, 18:58

Rest in peace our heroes whom liberated Lebanon for the zionists and their filthy lebanese criminals for allies!

Default-user-icon majd (Guest) 04 October 2012, 16:09

Actually they rested in pieces and liberated Lebanon from their kind of smelly filth.

Thumb kanaandian 03 October 2012, 19:06

Computer virus folks, nothing to see here.

Default-user-icon Ghazan fara (Guest) 03 October 2012, 19:22

But they didn't say how many Iranian consultants/tourists/pilgrim were killed in this minor incident

Missing youssefhaddad 03 October 2012, 19:52

It is criminal and irresponsible to store ammunition in inhabited areas.
Who would hold Hezbollah accountable for the death and destruction?

Missing gabby5 03 October 2012, 20:08

Only nine dead?? Damn.

Missing lqu7 03 October 2012, 20:41

Why are you guys going crazy? It's just a qarurit gaz. 7ajm 3a2ili.

Missing phillipo 03 October 2012, 21:14

Not militiamen, but terrorists.

Missing peace 03 October 2012, 22:06

hahahahaha! so funny news and great ones too

Missing peace 03 October 2012, 22:41

didn t orangina say 2 days ago that in lebanon everyone was free of his movements? lol how come the ARMY were forbidden to go to the scene...will he shout that too that a party forbids the ARMY to do its job? i doubt so knowing how hypocrit and double standard he is along with M8.....

Default-user-icon Roy (Guest) 04 October 2012, 02:15

this is a controlled explosion where many of thier fighters will re-appear from syria. A perfect cover for saying the fighters died in explosion not syria. Wake up guys

Thumb joesikemrex 04 October 2012, 03:29

While you cry over your dead..........

Missing toucan 04 October 2012, 07:07

I can't wait till they get the big rat hasoona. Nasrashaytan is a war criminal, he has the blood of Syrian women and children, and all other dogs in Lebanon who killed innocents, hang all the war criminals

Thumb shab 04 October 2012, 12:49

So dying while you are playing with illegal weapons hidden in poulated area makes you a jihad martyr?