Hizbullah Holds Funeral for Fighters Killed in Nabi Sheet Blast

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Hizbullah organized a funeral procession on Thursday for three of its fighters who were killed Wednesday in a blast that hit an ammunition depot in the Bekaa town of Nabi Sheet.

Hizbullah leaders and officials took part in the procession, state-run National News Agency reported.

It identified the three victims as Ali Mustafa Alaeddine and Hasan al-Kheshen, who hail from the Western Bekaa town of Sohmor, and Jaafar al-Moussawi, who hails from Nabi Sheet.

The starting point for the procession was the Dar al-Hekma Hospital in Baalbek.

The party's media relations department said Wednesday that three Hizbullah fighters were killed and several other people wounded in a blast at an old ammunition depot in Nabi Sheet.

“The blast happened at a storehouse for old shells and ammunition and the remnants of the Israeli attacks on the area,” said the department.

It added that “efforts are underway to address the incident's consequences in collaboration with the relevant authorities.”

Among the wounded were four Syrian workers, a Lebanese official told Agence France Presse.

Residents said the blasts hit an arms stockpile in a building under construction in an uninhabited area between the villages of Nabi Sheet and Khodr.

Dozens of ambulances arrived at the scene as members of Hizbullah surrounded the area, the residents told AFP.

Radio Voice of Lebanon (100.5) said a four-story building collapsed due to the explosion.

The National News Agency said three explosions were heard in the mountainous region between Nabi Sheet and al-Khraiba.

The agency said that the house of Mohammed Ali al-Moussawi collapsed from the force of the blast.

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Thumb lebanon_first 04 October 2012, 17:53

They are very careful in the spelling of this village nabi sheeet. They use the English ee, instead of the french "i"

Missing rudy 04 October 2012, 17:56

whats up with the picture

Thumb lebanon_first 04 October 2012, 18:11

It is a loong way from the prestigious days of HA, When it liberated the south, kicked israel out... a long way from when HA was the hero of all the arabs...
Today HA became like a graying middle aged man, burdened with the responsibility of running the state, which it is doing with mediocrity, of having to accept a christian as an ally hence throwing to the garbage all its primitive concepts of "islamic state", of having to stoop so low as to fight a war against fellow moslems seeking freedom in syria, and to justify to its "martyr"'s families the sacrifice... burdened by a bankrupt Iran on the verge of a persian spring... burdened by a complete lack of Israeli attacks or other alibis to justify the very exitance of HA..
Now it is also burdened by having to make a maintenance schedule for
its old weapons for them not to explode and create new "martyrs"...
Poor HA... it is not very glorious these days.
Rise chiites... rise... and lobby HA to change...

Missing gabby5 04 October 2012, 18:51

Hizbcocaine is having a run of bad luck exposing them as the traitorus thugs that they are. Their friends FPM are trying to cover for them with the usual twisted logic.

Thumb phoenician 04 October 2012, 19:31

Hizb was never a hero and liberated nothing Israel pulled out end of story,and Lebanese are not Arabs.

Thumb shab 05 October 2012, 01:23

100% correct

Thumb joesikemrex 05 October 2012, 10:01

That is the truth!

Missing gabby5 04 October 2012, 19:38

I am waiting to hear of more Hizbcocaine funerals. I am also waiting for more FSA action against Hizbcocaine.

Thumb bigsami 04 October 2012, 20:13

Sad to say and to their dismay.....those who died will be greeted by Satan and not God!

Thumb joesikemrex 05 October 2012, 10:02

For their eternity's sake, I surely hope they repented...

Thumb chrisrushlau 04 October 2012, 20:56

If Berri and Hizbullah between them represent the majority of Lebanese, given that the majority of Lebanese are Shiite, what percentage does each claim? It is my impression, on the slightest evidence, really just a vague impression, that Berri speaks for ten percent of Shiites and Hizbullah for ninety percent. That would make Hizbullah by itself the majority government, by itself representing a majority of the Lebanese electorate (assuming there are 56% Shiites). So Ambassador Connolley is warning Miquati to not let the Lebanese public take over the government.

Thumb lebanon_first 04 October 2012, 21:18

wrong analysis buddy. Chiites represent 33% of lebanese and hezb 60% of 33%. that is 20%. But 20% with nothing to loose, ready to fight, and armed to the teeth.

Missing realist 05 October 2012, 02:40

chris, actually the number of suni voters are more than those of che3a's, hizbala is no longer represnting the interests of the she3a community, what is the masla7a of the she3a to be at war with millions of suni syrians?? nothing! it is the masla7a of the crazy fundamentalists in tehran who believe mahdi is coming back on a white horse. Newsflash, no one is coming back and we are the ones living here and we need to live in peace.

Default-user-icon Jennifer Sanders (Guest) 04 October 2012, 21:28

Lebanese are not Arabs ha ha ha ha ........ Lebanese are the typical Arabs. If you ask a European, American, Asian what Lebanese are they will say Mr and Miss Arabs. Funny, Lebanese are not Arabs haaaa haaaa haaaa

Missing maroon40 04 October 2012, 22:24

Where are the Lebanese flags in the funeral procession? Oh wait, these guys do not believe in the Lebanese state.

Thumb shab 05 October 2012, 12:40

Thank God they are not using the Lebanese flag. Who want's to be identified with a bunch of inbreed persian wannabe mongols?

Missing roger@10452 04 October 2012, 22:26

this is only the beginning of the end for HA!!!

Missing realist 05 October 2012, 02:42

What a coincidence, HA fighters die in Syria and the next day an explosion cover up in nabi sheet! when the regime in Syria falls many people will come forward and tell us many more details if who killed hariri and the others in lebanon.

Thumb phoenician 05 October 2012, 03:35

Just look at them its a state within a state in combat uniform fighting in the name of the mehdi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Lebanon,scum treasoners.

Default-user-icon Hizbulnassr (Guest) 05 October 2012, 12:14

This is a israel-american zionist plot against the resistance.
We shall retaiate soon.

Thumb shab 05 October 2012, 12:37

My post was deleted for misspelling of a none English word. Who was prophet Sheet ?

Missing shark15 05 October 2012, 12:59

dream on Hizbulnassr .

Default-user-icon Mr Sanders (Guest) 05 October 2012, 13:03

To Miss/Mrs/Mr Jennifer Sanders Since You used this as Your name to comment in here. Being a Lebanese or not You are laughing hilariously at a comment someone posted in here about Lebanese not being Arabs. Well Let me give You an advice.. Before You laugh and make a fool of Yourself, try and browse a little bit. Won't cost You a thing. Unless of course Your browsing from a cafe and Your time is limited like Your brain.