Residents Flee as Heavy Syrian Gunfire Targets al-Abboudiyeh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Heavy gunfire from Syria on Monday targeted the Akkar border town of al-Abboudiyeh, forcing residents to flee the area en masse.

"Two shells fired from Syria fell on al-Abboudiyeh and Hakr Janin while other towns are being targeted by heavy gunfire," Radio Voice of Lebanon (93.3) reported.

Meanwhile, al-Manar television said the Lebanese army deployed heavily in the town's outskirts “after an armed group opened fire from the Syrian side of the border.”

Earlier on Monday, state-run National News Agency said volleys of machinegun fire hit the Lebanese territory along the northern border, from al-Abboudiyeh to Hakr Janin.

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Thumb bigsami 08 October 2012, 19:45

Where's the resistance? Army? Help? It's all BS! Fouda no thanks to the scumbag rats HA!

Thumb joesikemrex 09 October 2012, 01:36

We now wait for Turkey to fire back. Our government is simply impotent.

Thumb bigsami 09 October 2012, 16:05

Farsi Motormouth again with his "EVERYONE else did it BUT HA, Syrian regime and Iran". Get you head out of your derrière you conditioned fool! Mishmakoul sho mastool!

Thumb joeleb 08 October 2012, 19:51

yeah yeah, it's an armed group....rriiiiight! I wish our government will either grow balls like the Turkish government or resign...I would rather they resign

Thumb bigsami 08 October 2012, 20:04

That's absolutely right J. Look what the Turks did!

Missing gabby6 08 October 2012, 21:00

That is the same area Hizbcocaine is fighting too and shelling from the Lebanese side of the border. Before Syria and Hizbcocaine would not allow the Lebanese army there. Now they decided to put the army there heavily? Something smells here. Of course Manar is just a Persian news outlet. The army should be careful up there. My guess is that Hizb and Syria might get some of them killed by "armed groups" in order to get Lebanon on the side of ASSad.

Missing allouchi 08 October 2012, 21:20

Where are the Hizbees with their thousands of rockets to defend Lebanese borders...We witness again that these illegal weapons are only used to defend Assad and Iran and in attacking fellow Lebanese...Hizb of traitors....

Thumb bigsami 09 October 2012, 18:17


Thumb lebanon_first 08 October 2012, 22:23

funny... u are right!

Missing peace 08 October 2012, 22:47

yes and hezbos are helping syrians keep resisting in the quietness of the golan....!

Missing feekahraba 08 October 2012, 22:50

Jaish=jaj. should not be called an army

Missing toucan 09 October 2012, 01:42

The army is a mashkara , I'm not talking about the foot soldiers but the leadership and command. Obviously Syria has a lot of high ranking government and security officials on it's payroll. Lebanon needs a coup or something because unfortunately, most of the big players are corrupt bastards that serve there masters in Tehran and Damascus

Default-user-icon Ben Dou (Guest) 09 October 2012, 13:58

Lebanon should set up detention camps for terrorists crossing back and forth from and into Syria and not refugee camps.

Default-user-icon neighbour (Guest) 09 October 2012, 21:37

Make Lebanon having a real army and not hizbullah & Co militias and you could mediate on the syrian border as well