Report: Hizbullah Buries Another Fighter Killed in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Another Hizbullah fighter, Haidar Mahmoud Zeineddine, was killed in the fight lingering in Syria, and was laid to rest on Thursday in the southern city of Nabatieh, An-Nahar daily reported.

Hizbullah lamented Zeineddine and said that he was killed in the line of his”'Jihadist” duty.

Although the party did not elaborate on the circumstances of Zeineddine's death, his burial was similar to previous funerals of Hizbullah members who had fought in Syria.

A number of Hizbullah members attended the burial and journalists were banned from taking pictures, according to the daily.

Zeineddine is known to be a Hizbullah member. He was residing in Beirut's southern suburbs (Dahieh) before moving to the Maslakh neighborhood of Nabatiyeh.

Hizbullah has announced several similar burials in past months, without elaborating on the circumstances of its members' deaths.

The opposition March 14 camp and Syrian rebels have repeatedly accused Hizbullah of aiding the regime of President Bashar Assad militarily.

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Thumb phoenician 02 November 2012, 09:22

I strongly believe that the majority of the shiite and salafists communities in Lebanon should be stripped of their Lebanese citizenship and deported to iran and saudi arabiawhere they could wait for the alleged mehdi over there, backstabbing treasoners.

Default-user-icon Atlasturns (Guest) 02 November 2012, 09:29

Only if fascist "christian" douches like yourself that collaborated with Israel are deported to France.

Thumb Chupachups 02 November 2012, 11:33

Atlas... Bleaze, most Lebanese would love to get rid of the roaches u call salafists and hezbos... They are the dirty image of Lebanon

Missing philipbanks 02 November 2012, 12:59

They are not the only dirty image of lebanon.

Default-user-icon Accountability (Guest) 02 November 2012, 14:28

Genius! When christians and sunnis (Bichara Khouri and Ryad Solh)led the march of Independence from France, there were none of the HA members! Oops! Ironically, Lebanese Shia are willing to sell the coutry, and let Iran interfere in our lives! You want to liberate Israel, go do it from Iran, and stop destroying Lebanon that Lebanese Christians built and modernize...Truth hurts a lot! Ouch!

Missing canadianadam 02 November 2012, 14:45

I couldn't agree more. I'm definitely up for deporting Hezbollah to Iran, and ill even deport some extremist Sunnis, but only if we can deport the fascists like Phoenician as well. Go back to Israel.

Missing canadianadam 02 November 2012, 14:48

France wouldn't take them. Neither would Canada. We deport people who are intolerant or incite hatred. France's biggest problem right now isn't Arabs. It's neo nazis like Phoenician. Christian extremism.

Missing Perestroika 02 November 2012, 15:08

@ Phoenician & Accountability
I'm a christian and I reject completely your Christian extremism!
I do need Shia Druze and Sunna to live with.
Extremism out!

Thumb lebneneh 02 November 2012, 12:18

You all want to get rid of each other...with this mentality there will be no one left in this country...It is only when all of you brainwashed self-righteous people learn what real patriotism is then we will consider having a real country...Until then allah ma3ak ya watan!

Default-user-icon accountabilty (Guest) 02 November 2012, 15:44

Well said! Pero, do not forget the naturalized palestinians whom Dear President Frangieh granted citizenships as well? I guess to try and kill the Christian Lebanese to repatriate them..This is the heart of the cause of the Lebanese problem on April 13th, 1975. Remember 2007 Nahr el Bared...Palestinians, please go away to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Maghreb; leave Lebanon, forever...Amen!

Thumb andre.jabbour 02 November 2012, 19:54

come on phoenician!!! no to religious filters. imagine i consider myself canaanite/phoenician. i dont believe inGod but in many Gods/deites... and i decide that all imported religions on this ancestral land should be banned and sent to Palestine or the Arabic Peninsula. i'd get the country just for myself.

Missing greatpierro 03 November 2012, 10:23

put ti this way: the identity of sunnis and that of shias is being exacerbated in the region and therefore their allegiance is increasingly to their community rather than to the country they live in. This is the biggest challenge we will be facing in the middle east for the years to come.

Thumb ghada12 02 November 2012, 09:47

his poor family, to have a son die for the assad regime, where is the glory in that. hezballah is using their sons now as mercenaries.

Missing realist 03 November 2012, 02:39

If naralah tells you 'the elephant flies ' you would come back on this site to argue that the elephant does fly but only a tiny height lol. ha is taking the she3a community to the abyss and only the wise among the she3a can save lebanon. I really hope they do.

Missing mohammad_ca 03 November 2012, 02:43

6? you wish...and I thought they were from the lebanese villages in Syria not from nabatiyeh.....

Missing greatpierro 03 November 2012, 10:27

you are naive mowaten as a five years old child. do you think khizbullah has another choice then put all his weight in the battle with assad. Khisbullah cannot afford the loss of assad on the one hand and on the other he owes assad a big debt. Moreover, khizbullah orders come from Iran. There is currently a big rift among Khizbullah which is why their conference was cancelled this year. Those who would like to stick to a Lebanese option and those who want to stick to the satanic tyrannic syria iran axis.

Thumb geha 02 November 2012, 10:01

Let nasrallah answer the families of the dead guys and the Lebanese society why their sons are being sent to die assisting the most murderous regime that has killed so many Lebanese and still does.
is that regime so much in need of fighters that hizbushaitan is helping them? if yes, then this regime is about to fall!
what will happen to the shiite community after this regime falls especially they have been fighting alongside this murderous regime?

Missing realist 03 November 2012, 02:40

Allah yehdeek

Missing helicopter 04 November 2012, 07:09

The incest ance thinks Mowaten is a German Shepherd "get them mowaten"... have some respect man.

Thumb kanaandian 02 November 2012, 10:03

A slain Hezbollah op is worth at least 11 Takbeers.

Missing samiam 02 November 2012, 15:54

you mean beers right?

Thumb kanaandian 03 November 2012, 01:24

yes, almazas

Thumb thepatriot 02 November 2012, 10:07

The leaked info is only the tip of the iceberg. The hezbozos engaged in syria 10 months ago and have "at least 300" body bags already, and an unknown number of bodies that cannot be retreived from syria. I said that a long time ago, and our friend momo has always been (and always will be) in denial. :)

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 November 2012, 23:45

"For HA fighters it is an honor to die for the cause, they would never hide it"

That pretty much summarizes the death and violence glorification that most Lebanese oppose. We have many other means by which we can resist Israel other than sacrificing what we believe are the pillars of our society, our sons, daughters, friends etc.

When will you get the fact that if Iran really wanted Israel to be defeated it would have tried much harder and more seriously. All it wants is to play Lebanese suckers like you for its own gain. Understand that, whether we like it or not, we Arabs have lost our righteous fight against Israel in the eyes of the world all on our own.

Enough with the bravado and false pride, come down to earth and let us figure out how us Lebanese can live together all others be damned.

Default-user-icon npk (Guest) 02 November 2012, 10:28

oh Hizbulla never informed that they have taken burial duty contract...Hizbulla has to say thanks to Syrian Opposition for helping their fighters reach GOD...

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 02 November 2012, 15:24

Great Comment npk! And Touche hasssoun...Good to know that few Good Lebanese still exist...

Missing samiam 02 November 2012, 11:09

Don't forget Nassrallah's insistence that they were "in Lebanese dominated towns in Syria". The worst part is that people actually believed that statement.

Bottom line--HA is fighting in Syria and 99.997% likely that it is fighting for the regime.

Missing samiam 02 November 2012, 20:23

Why do you care--you have already demonstrated that you believe the line that HA is only limited its fighting in 'lebanese inhabited towns in syria'. The only people you question are the people on this forum while the real people you should be asking are the people feeding you this information.

Missing realist 03 November 2012, 02:42

Why else would syrians kidnap she3a lebanese ?

Missing realist 03 November 2012, 02:43

Even hitler had a moral reason to attack polland. Only when we learn to hold leadership accountable do we progress. Read history and learn how the west beats the east

Missing mohammad_ca 03 November 2012, 02:44

well are they fighting for the opposition? ghabaa2...

Default-user-icon Michael Grossblat (Guest) 02 November 2012, 12:11

To find a way out of this turmoil, just, sign the international rights for natural gas extraction in eratosthenes seamount with the great state of Israel. This would end a life time struggle and bring back a short period of peace to that part of the world specifically, Middle East. The energy resource is natural gas and remember back in 2006, when Gondolesa Rice declared what is going on in Lebanon is a labour (birth contractions) for a new Middle East. Heavenly victory is only, a big propaganda to pave the way for gripping hold the new energy resource, natural gas.

Missing rudy 03 November 2012, 00:06


Thumb eli-g 02 November 2012, 13:42

Poor Family,Alla yerhamo.
I think if this keeps happening Hizballah will have a problem domestically with thier base.Eventualy families will start asking WHY?

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 02 November 2012, 16:18

Au contraire Eli; Alla LA yerhamo; let hassoun keep it up one after the other until we all sigh, out of relief, "Adieu Partie de Dieu"...I am laready feeling better...

Missing roger@10452 02 November 2012, 13:55

"Jihadist" my ass...nothing but mercs working for the highest bidder...and these people dont give a damn about their own country...

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 02 November 2012, 14:34

Thank you! You said it all...You should be canonized as the Saint Savior of Lebanon...I would just add: Good Riddance, and enjoy hell while you can...

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 November 2012, 23:49

Sure because the Iranians offered you more so you sold to them...

Thumb thepatriot 02 November 2012, 14:43

You are mistaking eli-g. I saw once on Manar a mother showing her 10 years old boys (or so)saying she was raising them to die in martyrs for the "Jihad"! Shocking... but unfortunately true...

Missing greatpierro 05 November 2012, 07:59

how much money is she receiving for that?

Thumb bigsami 02 November 2012, 14:50

It's just mind-blowing to see Lebanese still support scums like HA. How many more signs like this need to surface for them to understand HA is not here for them but rather for Iran. Ignorance at it's best!

Thumb andre.jabbour 02 November 2012, 19:55

oh yeah. well said my friend!

Default-user-icon hidayah (Guest) 02 November 2012, 16:11

'jihadist' duty????? killing the sunni in syria. Pity to his family...Assad used your son as his killing machine.

Missing rudy 02 November 2012, 16:33

M8-ers, your silence is deafening here

Missing mohammad_ca 02 November 2012, 16:38

Hmmm, I thought nasralaat was saying that these fighters were from "lebanese villages in Syria"...why is this POS being buried in Nabatiyeh then....

Missing mohammad_ca 02 November 2012, 16:41

laugh as your fighters get slaughtered...

Missing mohammad_ca 04 November 2012, 01:07

yeah it's their choice to use hizbollaat's arms and fight in another country ... so much for the "moqawameh" ... and speaking of hypnosis...have you seen their rallies where the sheep shout in unison: labbayka nasrolla or almawto li amreeka (what does that mean anyway...) 2al not hypnosis 2al ... ghanam....

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 02 November 2012, 16:43

To Perestoika:
On the day they declare jihad, be careful not to get beheaded if you are still a Christian! Times like these, we need to be logical, and not emotional; HA are about to declare Lebanon "Dawlet Islami", to please Iran! Why do you think that Pope Benedict + Hollande + Jones, among others, are all over the place...

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 02 November 2012, 16:57

Well said! Let hassoun keep it up; soon, Adieu! Partie de Dieu…Since Allah is so great, then he does not need humans to fight for him; he can take care of business…

Thumb bigsami 02 November 2012, 17:56

Your useless space on the planet continue to prove to all you ignorance and demented conditioned mind. You call loss of lives a 'comedy'? Come to think of it, no need to answer because we already know you and your barbarians have no respect for human lives. Go wrap yourself with dynamite and follow the orders of your Iranian preachers!

Missing phillipo 02 November 2012, 18:01

"When you were fighting Israel ....... took care of your fighters' families who fled to safer areas."
As you so elequently state, Israel was not fighting against the Lebanese Republic and Army, but solely against Hizballah.

Missing greatpierro 02 November 2012, 18:46

FT, theresistance, mowaten where are you?

Maybe you need not say anything because the story is clear: HA does not obey to a Lebanese Agenda but only to an Iranian/Syrian one. Does HA have another choice but put the Chia in Lebanon at the heart of a conflict that is not Lebanese. Pity the Chia community in Lebanon that is under the tyranny of HA.

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 02 November 2012, 21:46

that is total rubbish - hizbollah is fighting with the regime to ensure bashar stays in power. everyone knows it, and hizbollah knows that everyone knows. dont even try to patronize us with this hogwash about protecting Lebanese majority villiages along the border inside Syria - there is no Lebanese majority villiages in Syria - there may be some Lebanese residents who reside inside Syria - and who can easily cross the border to Lebanon if they dont feel safe.

How would hezbollah feel about a FSA battallion crossing over to Lebanon to protect the thousands of refugees temporarily staying in Lebanon - how would you feel about them killing Lebanese civilians while providing said protection?

Hezbollah has no business, nor any right to cross the border of a soverign country and kill civillians in that country - no matter who they claim they are protecting!

Missing greatpierro 02 November 2012, 21:53

1) it is worth your while avoiding being rude

2) It is widely spread that over 400 khibullahi have died so far in Syria. Two months ago, one chia living in dahié informed me that 3 khizbullahi in the neighborhood were buried apparently they died while training.

3) I am very weary of the FSA fighters and I know very well that the problems will only begin if Islamists take over Syria. We Lebanese need to stick together and avoid being dragged with either sides.

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 November 2012, 23:56

You can explain it a million or gzillion times ad-nauseum but a lie remains a lie. You may believe it having repeated it so many times, logical and reasonable people do not believe it. They know better.

Missing greatpierro 02 November 2012, 18:50

Assad is actually doing another favor for the Israelis as they must be very happy that HA fighters are being killed by somebody else.

Pity those fighters and their families. After all those HA fighters are Lebanese and Lebanese blood is being spilled for a cause that is not ours.

Hope the Chia wake up and stop following Hassan and co.

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 02 November 2012, 21:52

the unfortunate reality is that Iran's power is in decline, Syrias Assad is a dead man walking, and Hassin will lose his only two regional backers. the more shia fighters are killed in Syria, the weaker they become overall - not to mention the animosity alot of Lebanese feel towards the shia as a whole thanks to hassin and co.

everyone can see where the shia are heading - except them!

Missing greatpierro 03 November 2012, 01:51

3) no my dear the solution for this is that all lebanese remain neutral, stick together to get this country out of the danger zone. We need not support the FSA nor the regime. We need to support our selves. Weapons, what ever side they are do not solve the problem.

Thumb bigsami 02 November 2012, 18:56

Farsi again justifying the killing by the murderers stating "they have fighters protecting the mainly Lebanese population in border towns." Delusional conditioned goat herder! You have the audacity to use a Lebanese avatar you Persian low life. I bet you get off on Assad's thugs with HA alongside killing innocent civilians/children. Sick!

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 02 November 2012, 19:17

The international community does nothing because Israel calls the shots. Assad has been a long cozy friend of Israel keeping its border calm with not one shot fired in 30 years. The US is ready to bomb Iran which is not slaughtering its own people because Israel wants this. Since Nasrallah supports the Assad's then he is also therefore supporting the objectives of Israel. Nasrallah should therefore be tried for collaborating with Israel and hanged. Nasrallah relies on stupid blind sheep like mowaten for power. Hamas, the TRUE resistance which is still in active combat against Israel to liberate its territory, has abandoned ASSad and turned against him because of his slaughter against fellow arabs. Now you going to tell me that Hamas is a Zionest conspirator?!? LOL. Behold, NASRALLAH THE BIGGEST LIE FAKE RESISTANCE HEZBALSHAYTAN.

Missing gabby7 02 November 2012, 19:18

More,more, more, more....the more dead Hezz the better.

Thumb bigsami 02 November 2012, 19:28

yallah stop your Iranian cleric for advice on what terror group to jump ship to....

Missing greatpierro 02 November 2012, 21:59

well over 400 khizbullahi killed according to unofficial reports or again 2 to 3 killed per day. don't count on monsieur hassan to tell you this. same as the nr of dead during 2006.

Default-user-icon Moonraker (Guest) 02 November 2012, 22:48

@the resistance, how is sayyedna hassouni feeling in his underground rathole of 232meters? he looks like he needs a bit of sun, it has been a while i must say. i hope he is resisting israel pretty well in the sewers, or i must say, dining with his best friend the zionist netanyahu, bunch of traitors and hypocrites.

Thumb Elemental 02 November 2012, 23:08

Oh here we go! Awesome, I get off work and you have these glorious resistance supporters coming out and trying to justify another anonymous "Jihadist duty" death. Again if this dude was really in those so called towns, why hide details? Why so secretive? I'm sure HA will come out and add more things like these towns also hold the secret map to Atlantis as well. Easy, secrecy equals cover up. They don't care for Lebanon, just their own dominance.

Thumb Elemental 02 November 2012, 23:24

Deviating from the subject I see! Public burials are one thing, but not announcing HOW or WHERE he died? That's the kicker dude, show everyone here the truth on how and where and why he died, a very simple request really. Hmmm angry genocidal conflict, sectarian strife, and yet no honest answer about the details of his death? Why the secrecy, that's so vague and unnecessary if there's nothing to hide, correct?

Thumb lebnanfirst 02 November 2012, 23:59

Honesty? You wouldn't know honesty if it hot you in the face otherwise you would admit to the facts that resistance to Israel was actually started by leftist Christians (not sure about Sunnis).

Thumb lebnanfirst 03 November 2012, 00:01

Here you go again with the lies. Everyone already knows that only the Alawite brigades are trusted to fight agains the Sunni rebels. Dude, you can believe whatever politics you want, but don't lie...

Thumb kanaandian 03 November 2012, 01:23

hopefully it lasts longer and the hizb keeps sending their people up north. takbeer

Missing minawi 03 November 2012, 02:00

Go Free Syrian Army go

Default-user-icon Hammar Head (Guest) 03 November 2012, 02:03

HA cannot be blamed for its position.
HA has the option of handing over its arms and face the Lebanese and world community for the crimes and assassinations committed. or
fight for the right to retain arms to defend itself against judgment.
The latter option seems to be the course they have taken.

Missing mohammad_ca 03 November 2012, 02:40

nasrallaat said that the fighters were from "lebanese villages in syria" this POS was from nabatiyeh so what gives? lies lies and more lies but God exposes all liars...

Missing mohammad_ca 03 November 2012, 02:45

Long Live the Free Syrian Army...doing what we in Lebanon should have been doing a long time ago....

Missing cedars 03 November 2012, 04:33

The Defense strategy should be very simple, depots of weapons will be under the army's control and members of the national guards(HA and others) will be dispatched to use those weapons when Israel or Syria attacks our borders or towns.
ISF and the Army controls the internal and perimeter security. Money from Iran or Saudis for politicians will earn the latter a jail sentence as the sole funding should be geared towards the Lebanese institutions.

Missing helicopter 04 November 2012, 06:48

I would rather see the borders demarcated and the army taking on the responsibility of defending all Lebanese in all villages. I do not want Welayat Elfaqih defending the Shia, the wahabis defending the Sunnis and God knows who defending the Christians. One Stae, one Army for all its people.

Thumb shab 04 November 2012, 11:47

Need one say any more? Filthy militia

Missing nickvegas 06 November 2012, 11:50

filthy militia again and again time is proving it.