Hizbullah Hits Back at Bahrain over Bombings Accusations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah on Wednesday condemned accusations by Bahrain which has claimed that the party was behind Monday's bombings in Manama, noting that the Bahraini regime perpetrated the incident in order to “repress the peaceful opposition.”

“The Bahraini authorities continue their episodes of false allegations and claims by launching unjust accusations against Hizbullah, the last of which was accusing the party of being behind the latest bombings that shook Bahrain,” the party's media department said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Bahrain's state news agency quoted State Minister for Information Affairs Samira Ibrahim bin Rajab as saying that “the bombings were carried out by terrorist groups that received training outside the country and are based in foreign countries, including Lebanon.”

The bombings “bear the hallmark of the Lebanese group Hizbullah which is allied with Iran,” the minister claimed.

But Hizbullah deplored any attempt to link its name to such blasts, noting that “these bombings carry the fingerprints of the Bahraini regime's intelligence services which will use them as an excuse to repress the peaceful opposition and dodge the rightful demands.”

Bahraini police have arrested four suspects in connection with bombings that killed two Asian expatriates in the capital Manama, the official BNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

The news agency did not elaborate on when or how the arrests were made.

"An investigation is under way to uncover the circumstances surrounding these terrorist crimes and identify the rest of the criminals and arrest them," BNA quoted public security chief Major-General Tareq al-Hassan as saying.

The report came hours after King Hamad ordered "the swift arrest of the terrorists who carried out the recent terrorist acts in Bahrain."

The king appealed to the public for help to "bring them to justice so they receive their punishment over this appalling act."

Five bomb blasts in the capital's Gudaibiya and Adliya districts killed two Asian expatriates and wounded a third on Monday, police said.

The bombings came amid persistent tensions between the kingdom's Shiite majority and its Sunni rulers since the bloody crushing of month-long pro-democracy protests in March last year.

The main Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq condemned the attacks but cautioned that "due to the absence of independent human rights and media groups, it is difficult to clearly determine the truth behind the incidents."

Hizbullah has been a strong advocate for the popular protests in Bahrain that began in 2011.

Ties between Lebanon and Bahrain reached an all-time low last year when Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah slammed the violent crackdown on the protesters.

His remarks prompted the Bahraini authorities to suspend the flights of Gulf Air and Bahraini Air between Manama and Beirut for several months.

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Missing allouchi 07 November 2012, 19:43

Hizballa is a terrorist organization that should be eliminated just like Al Quaada and Taliban...

Thumb bigsami 07 November 2012, 20:40

"Hizbullah on Wednesday condemned accusations"....the same way they condemned accusations of Rafic Hariri assassination, sending fighters to aid Assad, etc.

Where there's smoke there's fire....and HA is all smoke!

Thumb benzona 08 November 2012, 05:41

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.
Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it.
Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.
Those who do not know history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

Thumb andre.jabbour 07 November 2012, 20:56

Wherever they are, Hezbollah spreads fear and terror. Let's not forget they also killed in Iran in the 2009 uprising just like they do in Syria today and have been doing in Lebanon since its creations in the 80s.

Thumb Elemental 08 November 2012, 14:35

Do you snif glue before you sign on here?

Default-user-icon Accountability (Guest) 08 November 2012, 16:19

"...it is a holy party that defends our country, iran, and ou honor"; did you mean shame? God does not need a party, or humans to fight for him, unless there is a plan for "dawlatt islami" by irani.
The Crusaders are watching you...

Missing allouchi 08 November 2012, 20:14

ya mowaten, what kind of civilized argument is this? first, I don't have ANY masters but if you do that's your own business and second, we, the true free and patriotic Lebanese should help our military to get rid of this cancer that's called "Hizbala and cronies"...

Missing allouchi 08 November 2012, 21:51

orangi, you should say Labbayka Loubnan you traitor...

Thumb Elemental 07 November 2012, 19:47

I get a strange vibe when I read the security chief there is also an al-Hassan. Anyhow if HA claims they weren't involved (yet have detonated bombs outside Lebanon before). Simple proof is required to back up the claims, pretty straight forward.

Missing gabby8 07 November 2012, 20:51

The Hezz are always innocent of every crime. They have an excuse for everything. They are killer drug dealers.

Default-user-icon Barbour (Guest) 07 November 2012, 21:11

There is a woman showing her hair!!! How can HA allow this?

Thumb Elemental 08 November 2012, 15:16

I've spoken with HA members before. Of course they're covered, and they believe if you don't you're going to hell. Straight from the horses mouth...Hi Ho Silver Awaaaaaaaaay!!

Thumb jcamerican 07 November 2012, 21:29

HA is claiming innocence while it is doing all these evil things. God help you guys when they start doing things that they will admit to doing.

Missing samiam 07 November 2012, 21:33

Funny how they stand up for the people of Bahrain and not the people of Syria--what a bunch of hypocrites.

Thumb thepatriot 08 November 2012, 12:04

Do you always have to defend hezbozos by attacking others. Tha's pretty weak and airy... find some arguments instead... If you can!

Missing samiam 08 November 2012, 12:44

wow--nice revisionist version of history. No need to talk any sense into you because you are beyond help.

A quick question on the side: Has HA EVER criticized the actions of the Syrian government?

Thumb shab 07 November 2012, 22:02

Jihadist duty, dispute between two car dealers, gas canister, or candle baloon? No it's a filthy militia

Missing mmckinl 07 November 2012, 23:25

Indeed ... Bahrain has set such a fine example of human rights by torturing its' citizens we should believe them ...

Missing peace 07 November 2012, 23:45

"noting that the Bahraini regime perpetrated the incident in order to “repress the peaceful opposition.”

what goes for bahrain never goes for syria where the army shot at peaceful protesters for days which led to the bloodbath we know today.

double standards as usual....

Missing peace 08 November 2012, 18:27

the point is mowaten that bahreinis in the eyes of hezbis and you have the right to rise up against their gvt but not the syrians who you treat as terrorists...
only because they are shiites...

that s all and that is the double standard used by hezbis....

Missing peace 08 November 2012, 20:44

no there is no difference because in syria the regime used the army to shoot on protesters whereas in bahrain they did no such thing at least not as a systematical means to break the demonstrations!! in syria when people demonstrated peacefully the army and snipers shot them like rabbits....

you support a regime that kills its people who are fighting for freedom and democracy like maybe the bahreinis want but you deny syrians the right you give to bahreinis only because they are shiites and supported by iran....

Default-user-icon MrBig (Guest) 08 November 2012, 00:09

Lol look at all you trolls... Hezbollah doesnt need to waste its time of petty crimes like this !!! Look at the way you mugs react ! Typical internet paid trolls !!!!

Thumb bigsami 08 November 2012, 02:49

LOL.....all of a sudden a series of DOWN votes from demented sheep that still believe HA is their savior and here to stay. Dream on.....because like all dreams they come to an end and this will be the case with HA!

Thumb benzona 08 November 2012, 05:29

I bet you it's mister 20 nicknames AKA FT/karim_m1 etc...

Missing chouf2 08 November 2012, 03:32

This has nothing to do with Hezb .Bahrian is a hole They discriminate against anyone .I heard lots of stories from Lebanese traveling through Bahrain and were dined entry into Bahrain for a day because they are Lebanese ,it could be a disgruntle Indian or a Pakistani worker. Plus how long is the ruler wants to stay in power ..

Thumb kanaandian 08 November 2012, 06:51

If Bahrain can support the Free Syrian Army in Syria, then Hezbollah has a right to support the persecuted Shiites in Bahrain, whom btw, represent 70% of the population.

Missing allouchi 08 November 2012, 14:42

So Hizbala should also support the persecuted Sunnis in Iran...

Missing peace 08 November 2012, 18:24

i advise you mowaten to read some reports from human rights groups based in tehran on how well other religions are treated in iran and the bullying they suffer from....

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 08 November 2012, 18:35

good lord - why in Gods name did you mention Iran - you know Mowaten Irani goes nuts if anyone dares mention Iran!!!

Missing allouchi 08 November 2012, 19:20

Iran’s Sunni Muslims comprise mostly Arabs in the southwest, Kurds in the northwest, Baluchis in the southeast and Turkmen in the northeast of Iran. They face widespread discrimination by Iranian authorities. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom 2012 Report states that ‘Sunni leaders have reported … abuses and restrictions on their religious practice, including detentions and abuse of Sunni clerics … and bans on Sunni teachings in public schools and Sunni religious literature, even in predominantly Sunni areas’. Sunnis are not allowed to build mosques in large cities and have been banned from conducting separate Eid prayers.

Missing peace 08 November 2012, 20:50

find the links yorself, i found them so can you, and i was talking about iran you are so proudly defending for their democracy ... but they DO NOT respect other religions, they barely tolerate them and bully them...

we can also discuss about saudi which is not a model of tolerance because i DO NOT support them as you support iran... it is the SAME kind of regime as iran but in the sunni extremist way! that is the main difference... i am objective and you are watching things through the eyes of hezb...which forbids you to criticize iran but on the contrary always find lame excuses to support this totalitarian regime....

Thumb kanaandian 08 November 2012, 18:50

Phoenix, I am not "defending them". I am just saying that Shiites are being targeted in places like Bahrain and even in Syria now for their sect. Bahrain and the other Sunni-ARAB-Islamic states are only interested in fighting against Assad in Syria because he is a Shia/Alawite. Just saying, I have no love for either side.

Thumb kanaandian 08 November 2012, 18:51

Saudi Arabia is the worst; but Iran is not THAT MUCH better.

Missing allouchi 08 November 2012, 20:28

Mr. mowaten, so what's your point? I have watched a nice old drunk Jewish man in Tehran? WOW I am sooo impressed LOL...this is propaganda at its best? Who made that video? (the Ayatollah’s "say something nice about me or I kill you org"? LOL...Dude, you really made me laugh....and that's your argument that Sunnis are not getting prosecuted in Iran??? WOW...really...

Thumb kanaandian 09 November 2012, 08:02

I know they just released an Iranian pastor from death row, have church services banned in Farsi, and a moratorium against building new churches which was a law created by the douche KHomenei himself. But I do agree, they are better then Saudi Arabia...

Missing allouchi 09 November 2012, 14:34

I am not defending KSA or any other country, we are talking about our country LEBANON and the militia of Hizb, so please stick to the subject.

Missing allouchi 08 November 2012, 21:08

roro and mo, get a room :)

Missing chouf2 09 November 2012, 05:33

All them countries are worse than eachother ,god bless Lebanon the best freedom country in the Middle East ,screw the rest it will take them another 100 years to become humans..