Saqr Issues Search Warrant against Asir's Son

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Military Tribunal Judge Saqr Saqr issued on Wednesday a search and investigation warrant against the son of Salafist cleric Ahmed al-Asir, Omar.

The warrant was issued on charges linked to an attempt to seize the weapons of security forces.

Saqr also issued an order to determine who was involved with Asir during Sunday's incident that witnessed a clash between him and an Internal Security Forces checkpoint in the southern city of Sidon.

The dispute broke out when the security members stopped a car with tinted windows that turned out to be driven by Omar al-Asir.

It was determined that he was not carrying a car license or another to drive a vehicle with tinted windows.

Asir promptly called for the assistance of gunmen who arrived at the scene and attempted to release him from the security forces' custody by force.

They then left the scene with Omar al-Asir and headed towards his father's Bilal bin Rabbah Mosque.

A clash had broken out later on Sunday between Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir and Hizbullah supporters.

Two of Asir's companions and an Egyptian national died in the clash that was a product of sectarian tensions in Sidon.

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Thumb boulmich 14 November 2012, 17:57

First WTF bunch of retards with guns

Default-user-icon Legion (Guest) 14 November 2012, 18:10

When Hizbullah members and co. do the exact same thing (call up their cousins with guns to come save them), no one says shit, but when this clown does it, its terrorism? You guys are two faces of the same disgusting filth-ridden coin.

Missing vaclav_havel 14 November 2012, 18:21

Je suis personnellement contre la politique du HA, pour autant je suis complètement contre ce type de réaction!
La police ou l'armée devrait arrêter cette bande qui jette de l'huile sur le feu! On devrait s'opposer à toute personne incitant au conflit Sunnite-Chiite.
La solution au conflit intérieure avec le HA ne doit pas être résolu ni par le salafisme, ni par aucun mouvement extrémiste.

Thumb andre.jabbour 14 November 2012, 18:26

Good decision judge Saqr.

Missing helicopter 15 November 2012, 05:06

As long as the warrant against the accused of Harb assassination is also served. Break the Law and you should comply with the court warrants. Ignore the warrant then you should go to jail. Liberty and justice for all.

Thumb benzona 15 November 2012, 06:12

yeah, i agree. no to double standards.

Default-user-icon omar el solh (Guest) 14 November 2012, 18:55

so he has a car no papers to prove it's his car and no licence for dark tinted windows then he brings gunmen and threaten the police and runs away and after all this judge saker issues a simple search warrant????? what is this WEAK Justice? if he was a normal citizen not following any salafist leader he would have been arrested and the army secret services would have tortured him and beat him untill he bleeds. But because he is the son of this NEW civil war LORD who is trying hard to burn the country he gets seached and that's all.
This is a shame. and the most shameful is that these people are still running the streets and pretending that they are God's prophets while they are worse than Satan himself.

Thumb tfeh 14 November 2012, 19:36

T f e h

Missing realist 14 November 2012, 19:47

what about the M8 iranian thug terrorists?!? the people who killed hariri, wesam 3eed, wesam 7assan?!? where are they??! the only language you understand is terror and murder and inchala we will make you have a taste of your own medicine, you will tetnadamo 3ala ayam rafic hariri.

Missing realist 14 November 2012, 19:48

the result of 7 years of terror from hizbustan.

Default-user-icon Ron haddad (Guest) 14 November 2012, 20:16

Lebanon is a jungle! Thats why my dad left long long ago, so sad

Missing allouchi 14 November 2012, 20:17

kaka, you are an idiot and will always be...

Thumb independent 14 November 2012, 23:47

He can criticize HA as much as he wants. He's not any better...soon enough he will have weapons just like them...his shipment from the Saudis is probably on the way.

Missing chouf2 15 November 2012, 00:02

Get the son and the dad put them on a plane and send them to Yemen ,we dont want such people in Lebanon .

Default-user-icon why? (Guest) 15 November 2012, 01:43

Why do muslims grow beards? It's not very attractive...

Default-user-icon John Marina (Guest) 15 November 2012, 04:51

Are these people Lebanese? and who finance them

Missing helicopter 15 November 2012, 05:02

He was thinking Hezb does that all the time, why can't I?
This is why Hezb needs to be reigned in before the disease spreads to all Lebanese.

Thumb benzona 15 November 2012, 06:12

hehehehe you're so right though.

Default-user-icon ya sahib al asr (Guest) 15 November 2012, 14:51

The one one the left looks like a heroin addict