Thousands Rally in Syria in Support of New Opposition Bloc, Gaza

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Protesters emerged in their thousands across war-torn Syria after Friday prayers in solidarity with the new opposition coalition and the Palestinians of Gaza.

"We sacrifice our blood and souls for you, O Gaza," demonstrators cried out in the central city of Hama, as they waved the three-starred flag of the Syrian revolution.

Meanwhile, air strikes targeted the eastern outskirts of Damascus and more than 30 people were wounded in shelling on a protest in second city Aleppo, the Observatory said.

More than 39,000 people have been killed since the uprising against Assad's regime erupted 20 months ago, the Observatory said on Thursday.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 16 November 2012, 22:07

Bomb the plant and let's get over this ever lasting threat to the entire region.

Thumb jcamerican 16 November 2012, 22:53

He was commenting on another article about the Iranian nuclear plant. Now that is funny.

Thumb beecause 16 November 2012, 23:17

.... this comment belong there; Iranian Nuke plant

Missing gabby8 16 November 2012, 23:21

He Nassy......this protest shows why people in the region are rejecting you for criminal hypocrasy.

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 01:48

if you call yourself muslim, watch this, these are your muslim brother and sisters that your resistance thugs are killing!

Missing realist 17 November 2012, 02:03

Did Imam hussein accept oppression!?! why should the Syrians accept a dictator like yazeed!? and please dont start by wahabi this wahabi that, israel too says that the palestenians are terrorists!! you are starting to sound like them. I hope you come to your senses one day because we need to live together in one country, otherwise you are taking us all to destruction, the rules of the game are changing and the world around you is changing, your missles are only gona bring you death and destruction cause everyone will obtain missles.

Default-user-icon Shobto Flamby (Guest) 17 November 2012, 02:07

March 14, you Arabists, Salafists, Muslim Brotherhooodists and Al Qaedatists, all avid lovers of democracy under the strictest Islamic rule, you great mix of lovers of life and individual freedoms (bet7ebbouni? aywa? la2? 3ayez a3raf kelmet 7a2), the Syrian opposition really, really, really cares about Gaza and this is why their leaders cannot wait to deal with Israel in the strongest possible terms. What a ruse ploy to trick the Israelis, huh! March 14, you smart bunch, antom al sabikoun wal mou3rada al souriya hom al la7iqoun! Eviva Gazapata!

Thumb kanaandian 17 November 2012, 07:43

In Syria, they cry for Gaza as they watch Muslim blood drop.
They are real Muslims. Good Muslims. Assad is not a real Muslim.
United 4 the Sharia Allahu Akbar|! Free Syria