Hizbullah Man Wanted by U.S. Freed from Iraq Custody

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The lawyer for a Hizbullah commander wanted by the United States said his client has been released from Iraqi custody and has been flown to the Beirut.

Lawyer Abdul-Mahdi al-Mitairi said Ali Moussa Daqdouq was released on Friday from house arrest in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The lawyer did not provide further information in an email sent to The Associated Press.

Meanwhile, an Iraqi official told Agence France Presse on condiiton of anonymity that "the judiciary decided to release Ali Moussa Daqdouq due to a lack of sufficient evidence," adding that Daqdouq is now in Lebanon.

The U.S believes Daqduq was the mastermind of a 2007 raid on an American military base in the Iraqi holy Shiite city of Karbala that killed five U.S. soldiers.

Two Iraqi courts have found Daqduq not guilty and rejected the U.S. request to extradite the Hizbullah militant.

There was no immediate comment from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

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Missing realist 16 November 2012, 17:58

Drones chase funamentalist sunis all the way to somalia, whereas Ha thugs live under the nose of the fbi in michigan and are allowed to form governments sin lebanon. A euro court officialy accused four ha members of killing hariri and yet the eu does not brand ha a terrorist organization!, again the is a tacit allianceof convenience between iran/ha and israel against the majority of suni arabs, each for their own agenda.

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 17 November 2012, 18:55

100% truth from Realist; The US created hassabala/iran/khomeini/Cool and the Gang to justify its presence next to Saudis: "...look monsieur, we protect you from Shia, you give us oil...", with one caveat: The spell fell back on its sorcerer; abracadabra baby! One more: Soon, the Arab Spring becomes another nightmare!

Missing allouchi 16 November 2012, 18:38

Hizbala keeps in protecting killers, assassins, terrorists, smugglers, drug dealers etc...”Ashraf annass” my foot...Shame on the clerics the lead that filthy organization.

Missing peace 16 November 2012, 18:50

i thought hezbis were here only to defend lebanon not to fight elsewhere... such a hypocrit party....

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 17 November 2012, 18:58

In fact, hezbis were made to destroy, and End Lebanon...

Missing gabby8 16 November 2012, 20:14

Total proof that Hizbcocaine is an illegimate terrist group.

Thumb andre.jabbour 16 November 2012, 20:27

This is old news, I read this article 3 days ago elsewhere I believe.

Thumb benzona 17 November 2012, 07:58

the only fatso is Nasrallah... He weighs at least 100kg

Missing postsceniumprime 17 November 2012, 09:48


Missing postsceniumprime 17 November 2012, 09:52

Defending the Umma is all good - until that entails July 2006. You want to defend the Umma - move to Palestine or Syria - but I hear your boys are there supporting el Asad - or Iran - but I also hear your boys are there. Go away and spare Lebanon of your smell.

Thumb primesuspect 17 November 2012, 11:57

postsceniumprime: Indeed, it reeks.

Missing nickvegas 18 November 2012, 06:21

After years of doing bad hezib think to be lebanease ,and at least do what you say in public"we only use weapons to defend lebanon?