Nasrallah Criticizes Arabs for Not Sending Arms to Gaza, Rejects Hamad's 'Coward Comments'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah criticized on Monday Arab countries that “are sending weaponry to Syria but have not aided Gaza with one bullet”, attacking Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani's “sheep” comments.

In a speech he gave on the fifth day of Ashoura, Nasrallah said Arab nations should have contributed in “arming Gaza and supporting its fighters instead of calling for a mediation between it and the Israeli enemy”.

"Arab foreign ministers' statement is similar in its content to the one released after Israel's 2008 attack on Gaza, as both contain no more than condemnation and rescue calls for the international community,” said Nasrallah.

Arab FMs met on Saturday at the headquarter of the Arab League in Cairo to discuss the Israeli assaults on Gaza.

“Israel is now looking for a way out of the deadlock it had put itself into after assassinating Hamas leader Ahmed Jaabari,” Nasrallah said, calling for evaluating the factors enabling Gaza to strongly fight Israel and launch missiles into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and destroy many Israeli military vehicles.

"Iran and Syria's contribution to Gaza are apparent in this domain,” he said, adding that “it is Arabs' duty to open the borders in front of the people of Gaza and send arms to the Palestinian resistance”.

Responding to bin Jassem's word during the Arab FMs' meeting, Nasrallah said “there are still heroes and wolfs among Arabs, and if he considers himself a coward, he should not include the rest of the Arabs in this classification”.

Nasrallah added that many governments, politicians, and journalists in the region and internationally have turned into coward “sheep” in the last 60 years since Israel's occupation of Palestine, as many of them have let down Palestine and Lebanon, leaving them to face their own destiny with blood.

"Wolfs are going to shape the history of the region, similar to what they have done through their resistance in Lebanon and Gaza,” expressed Nasrallah.

The Qatari PM had said “they (the Israelis) are not wolves, but most of us are sheep”.

Nasrallah ended his political speech by saying that “Iran, Syria and Hizbullah will not abandon Gaza and they are performing their religious and national duty as their main battle is this battle”.

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Missing gcb1 19 November 2012, 23:12

While the Palestinians must be supported, the Syrian people are equally being shelled by a tyrant. So if Nasrallah's definition of cowards is one that does not support an oppressed people in the face of an oppressor, then the term should equally apply to those that are supporting Assad.

Thumb ziziyeklak 20 November 2012, 09:59

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy chou mjedib kilkon, ur comments show chou mgaygGyinnnnnn, mon dieu yalla chou mafi moutawi, low low IQ

Thumb zahhet 20 November 2012, 12:29

Pill, drugs is always on your sick mind.
go check LForces still they deal with drugs, prostitution, a\same goes to hariri, where do thing he got his money, not only stealing from Lebanon treasury but trafficking arms & drugs, baby brained stereotyped minded fool!!

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 20 November 2012, 16:00

Thank you Gcb1! Your message really got to the point, and drove some real cowards real mad that started attacking your persona! Have them read Glen Beck's book "arguing with idiots...".

Thumb lebanon_first 19 November 2012, 23:21

hypocrite. Both palestinians and syrians are oppressed. You talk about helping, and help the criminal assad oppress the syrians.

Thumb geha 19 November 2012, 23:33

worse, what he wants is more Palestinians dead! he wants the war to continue and more civilian Palestinians killed.
this guy is a masochist!
to make war you have to have somehow equal force between combatants. while he thinks that his missiles can hurt Israel, he forgets the tanks, and airplanes that Israel can deploy.
he is delusional and a murderer for wanting the war to continue.

Thumb bigsami 19 November 2012, 23:22

ASSesistance has the runs we can all see. Yallah go grab some dynamite sticks and walk into a crowded mall in the name of HA and their so called God.

Thumb zahhet 19 November 2012, 23:27

This blowing stuff cars & malls is the specialty of Sunnis Wahhabis.
shia may hire them because they are cheap laborers!
bs zahhet

Default-user-icon riposte (Guest) 20 November 2012, 03:45

F.T. are you trying to justify what hezbollah really is. Last time I checked, when they sent thousands of rockets into Israel, it was not aimed at military facilities, it hit population centers around Israel. A true military, and defender of a country fights another countrys army and not innocent children. Last time I checked that makes them murderers and when you want to decimate a whole country, it makes them cowards! Don't give me that lecture - because of Hizb, we live freely from Israel, the will of the Lebanese people and army can and will defeat any nation that comes knocking on our front doorstep. I should say, unlike some general who fled as a coward when his life was in danger, while the majority of us had to stay, and survived and dealt accordingly from this.

Thumb bigsami 19 November 2012, 23:24

"Nasrallah Criticizes Arabs"

You think anyone cares about what you think? Criticize all you one hears you except your few conditioned sheep who have yet to wake-up and realize that you are nothing more than a servant of Iran!

Missing realist 20 November 2012, 00:23

Soon we will have more hizbalas in lebanon if you know what i mean. What is the resistance offering the palestenians besides lip service? What did they offer them in 2009 besides lip service? You support hizbala purely on sectarian grounds, and like i said soon we will have more resistances competing in lebanon, maybe then and only then we can make peace. I dont think you understand or appreciate the magnitude of the mistakes at hizbala has made in lebanon. I wish things were as simple as you think. Where is the brother of fneish for instance? Ehy is fayez karam out of jail? Why kill wesam hassan? Why kill rafic hariri? The ansr is ensuring sectarian dominance, israel is not high on the agenda like you think. Unfortunately it will take us a civil ar before you admit your mistakes.

Missing helicopter 20 November 2012, 01:51

Sorry theresistance you got it backward here. True Lebanese have our Cedars and our Flag as the titty you refer to. Your titty is Mama Iran. Have a nice day.

Missing formerlebaniz 19 November 2012, 23:25

Kindly support your leader by going to Palestine and fight Israel. They REALLY need you there, and we really don't want you here.

Missing formerlebaniz 20 November 2012, 00:02

Ah so living in an Iranian/Syrian settlement as it stands right now is better? Thank you for the offer but no thanks! At least when Israel kills a political leader in Gaza they own upto it unlike your tyrant leader.

Thumb Elemental 20 November 2012, 00:42

It IS an Iranian settlement, any idea how many of them came to Lebanon via the South?

Missing formerlebaniz 19 November 2012, 23:25

Oh the double-standards of these tyrants, while the Syrian Revolution is a propaganda war led by US/Israel to oust Holy Assad, and the 40+ thousand killed syrian is a justified collatoral damage, and demand the arab world to leave Syria alone, we request from the Arab world to supply weapons to the Palestinians?

Quick question to this bofoon what is that going to accomplish? The minute stronger weapons are provided to the Iranian fighters in Palestine what do you think Israel will do at this point surrender and leave Palestine? They will bomb Gaza back to the stone age killing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of palestinians, wake up and start thinking with whatever brain cells you have.

The solution for this is not war, but peace and advocation of peace, fighting the Israeli propaganda with media awareness. Fighting by re-educating the western masses of the true colors of Israel and their savage actions.

Thumb andre.jabbour 19 November 2012, 23:26

We don't care about Nosrallah, we don't care about Hamad. They're all foreigners...

Nosrallah is committing a mistake, he's challenging the Qatar, where loads of Lebanese Shias work and live... He's playing with fire and will burn his own supporters for 10 minutes of fame on TV, not very wise if I may say. Oh well, he's shooting himself in the foot, could we have dreamt better?

Missing realist 20 November 2012, 00:10

We all remeber the 'thank you qatar'. What did you nasralah offer gaza in 2009 and in 2012.?? You are too buzzy with ashura. You did not offer one bullet either, your bullets are too buzzy killing your political foes in lebanon and now in syria. These lies do not fly anymore i'm sorry and imam hussein would be ashamed to see his so called followers supporting the tyrants in damascus and tehran. You learned nothing from hussein.

Missing gcb1 20 November 2012, 00:10

What the hell..?

Missing realist 20 November 2012, 00:25

Take your thugs out of syria and send them to palestine. Wala yali st7u mato

Default-user-icon Horus (Guest) 20 November 2012, 00:51

God Bless America, for it controls the world...

Missing realist 20 November 2012, 01:25

Have you noticed that hamas is ina much better position today than when itwas in 2009 i.e have you noticed the arab support for hamas in egypt for instance?? Hamas can now use egypt for support, egypt under murse will no longer block the rafah crossing or share intel with israel, the arab world today is different, and hamas is better off being with the arab spring than with iran as events are proving. Change is coming to syria my friend, so buckle the seat belt. I wonder when soon one day the free syrians start shooting at the golan heights, i wonder if you would support them?? These are the very syrians that your bashar is killing.

Missing helicopter 20 November 2012, 01:35

No need for anyone to start any BS.... you started the BS yourself when you wrote your comment

Default-user-icon Danyh (Guest) 20 November 2012, 01:39

What a cancer to this country and region nassrallah is.. Only promoting bullets and war. He and his stupid hezb lives only of hate war and killing

Default-user-icon Danyh (Guest) 20 November 2012, 01:50

What a cancer to this country and region nassrallah is.. Only promoting bullets and war. He and his stupid hezb lives only of hate war and killing

Default-user-icon Michael Grossblat (Guest) 20 November 2012, 02:26

The millitary offensive against Gaza stripe coincide with the Iranian-Syrian interests to give more time for their criminal vulgars in Syria to crush the Syrian revolution. Hamas is on the cross roads with the Syrian and Iranian regimges. Although the yesterday allies are now formidable opponents, Nasrallah is still claiming his well know slogan, resistance. This puppet, falsely claimed smart man,is being manipulated by a pupeteer who got all his threads mixed up.

Default-user-icon Hammer Head (Guest) 20 November 2012, 02:52

HA are truly in a fix.
Support Hamas and erase Israel of the map.
That leaves you with a Sunni Palestinian state.
HA would be surrounded by Sunni from all sides.
The war in the middle East today has nothing to do with Israel and the Palestinian cause.
If any fool on this website can't see the real war now raging in the Middle East might as well keep his head neck deep in the sand.
Encouraging Hamas to commit suicide in not honorable, oh most honorable of men.

Missing youssefhaddad 20 November 2012, 03:52

It is so easy to preach about courage from the comfortable hiding in an underground bunker.

Missing realist 20 November 2012, 04:21

ironicaly we will start seeing syrian resistance in golan after bashar is gone, for the first time in 40 years at least some bullets are starting to fly towards the israelis in golan thanks to the revolution

Thumb ghada12 20 November 2012, 06:25

Is Nassrallah left handed? He is almost always using his left hand when he is scolding us. I thought the left hand, for the devout Moslem, is a haram.

Missing mohammad_ca 20 November 2012, 11:36

Hi Ghada, it is not haram to be left handed and Muslim :) it is prefered that we use our right hand when we eat but everything else is fine.

Missing Cyanide 20 November 2012, 06:51

Yes he does live underground. Yes he fights Israel. Yes the Arabs are sheep. This man is a hero.

Missing allouchi 20 November 2012, 14:53

you mean Jero..

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 20 November 2012, 08:41

This Iranian agent is again operated with a remote control from the basij in Teheran, along with Hamas, backed by a strong flow of green banknotes. Hamas and HIzbollah are two subsidiaries of two stalinist regimes, one of which is already bleeding to death. In the summer disaster war of 2006 Nasrallah brought on Lebanon stemmed from the orders to coordinate with Hamas he has received from beyond the borders. This explains how suddenly a quiet front with Gaza was reactivated by Khamenei to bring relief to syria, and distract world attention from the daily cold blooded cleansing Assad is executing against with his own people. This subservience to the basij will turn Lebanon to rubble the same way Tchechnia was by the russians.

Default-user-icon (Guest) 20 November 2012, 08:41

about the left-handedness being haram? I heard that all my life. Isn't it a fact in the Moslem religion?

Missing allouchi 20 November 2012, 14:53

nope, you are wrong...

Thumb ghada12 20 November 2012, 08:43

I didn't read it anywhere but i grew up hearing it as the reason why many left handed people are forced to use their right hand or at least were in the past.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 20 November 2012, 08:59

what do you care how many die? i didnt see you say a word about the expired medication your "ashraf al nass" has been importing and poisoning the same arabs you are preaching about saving.

Missing allouchi 20 November 2012, 14:56

Every time Nousrala open his big mouth, he want to kill, threaten or intimated someone....He's simply a hoodlum...time to hang up his turban and be put on a diet...

Missing lebcan 20 November 2012, 15:55

La illa ha illa Allah ... You are suppose to say labayka ya Allah !!!
SOME not many but some of you Shia are mushriks!
Allah (swt) will not forgive mushriks... And so when you raise another human being to a hi level as you have, you will only anger Allah (swt). Allah knows best. So as a Muslim I ask you please refrain from raising another to such a level. But hey it's your problem in the end.
Hassin Nasrallah is in my view a lying hypocrat like many Arabs Iranians American ....every politician in every country!!!

Missing lebcan 20 November 2012, 15:56

People of earth stop been SHEEPS !!!

Default-user-icon Jay (Guest) 20 November 2012, 16:50

If HA/Nassrallah are real about fighting Israel, then why no attack them now when they are weak....This proves that they are just BS'ers with only one goal is to turn Lebnan/Syria part of Bilad Faris...!!!

Missing peace 20 November 2012, 20:06

it is not through war that palestinians are going to free their lands... 60 years of war and nothing achieved.
but of course stupid extremists use them as their political slogan to sell their soup of hatred and destruction... and they still have sheep followers , they still live in the middle ages...they are as stupid as the israeli gvt they pretend to fight... and they dare lecture people! LOL....

Missing peace 20 November 2012, 21:21

if you re trying to look smart then you d better explain yourself in a clear way. your post is totally unclear and not understandable...

puppet dictators?
all overthrown?

who are you talking about? but i guess you are an M8 guy trying to lecture people and look intelligent. as usual you failed....

Missing peace 20 November 2012, 20:30

tell us what is brave in sending some missiles knowing israel will shell the whole population killing innocent people? if that is the definition of bravery then i believe you are nuts...

Missing peace 20 November 2012, 21:26

i believe it s ok by you that women and children pay the price of their madness?
war is easy, even cowards can press on a trigger. it takes more to resist peacefully, it takes a man.

Missing phillipo 20 November 2012, 22:19

"Palestine will become like South Africa..."
Finally you have told the truth. The people of Palestine especially those of Gaza will overthrow the Hamas terrorists and establish an independent and democratic State of Palestine.

Missing phillipo 20 November 2012, 22:29

bigjohn - in case you were not alive at the time, please read the UN resolution of 29th November 1947 calling for the establishment of an Arab State and a Jewish State in the area of the British Mandate.
The Jews accepted this resolution even though it was less than they wanted, the Arabs rejected it, it was also less than they wanted (they wanted the lot).
Between 1948 and 1967 the West Bank and Gaza were occupied by Jordan and Egypt respectively. Where were the calls then for an Independent Palestinian State?
When Israel offered Arafat 97% of the West Bank and Gaza to establish his State of Palestine, why did he refuse ?

Default-user-icon Australia (Guest) 22 November 2012, 00:59

polls indicate that the Israelis overwhelmingly believe what Nasrallah says than what their own leaders say. Arab polls (not Lebanese) show that Nasrallah is one of the most respected leaders in the World. Lebanese are too self absorbed to manage their own affairs - they cant see past their history to realise the dignity this man has given them. A black man gets elected as president in the USA and a Sunni or Shia can't ever be president of his country, a Christian can never be prime minister. Your great history and culture is waisted on you, thankfully we on the outside will write your history for you, discard your many and elevate your few.