Army Begins Implementing Security Plan in Tripoli after Sunday Clashes Kill 6, Wound 40

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army on Sunday deployed heavily in the Tripoli neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen and its entrances, ending the deployment of gunmen there, in the first phase of its plan to restore security in Tripoli, state-run National News Agency reported, after six people were killed and 40 others wounded on Sunday alone.

“The second phase will be the deployment of the army in Bab al-Tabbaneh and all the frontiers of the clashes,” NNA said.

Shortly before the army's move, fierce clashes erupted on the Jabal Mohsen-Haret al-Barraniyeh frontier, NNA reported.

“We took clear measures that will materialize in the coming hours in Tripoli,” Prime Minister Najib Miqati, meanwhile, said in a Twitter message.

Earlier on Sunday, the Higher Defense Council convened at the Baabda Palace to discuss the latest round of clashes.

Six people were killed and 40 others wounded in clashes between the rival Tripoli neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen on Sunday, a security official told Agence France Presse.

The latest fighting in the northern city came amid growing international concern about the potential for neighboring countries to be dragged into the Syrian conflict.

Sunni gunmen from the port city's Bab al-Tabbaneh district exchanged machinegun and rocket fire with Alawite residents of the neighboring Jabal Mohsen district leaving three members of each community dead, the security official said.

The fighting broke a tense calm that had held since the army deployed troops between the two impoverished neighborhoods early on Friday.

During the night, troops held their positions on sidestreets but not on the ironically named Syria Street that forms the frontline.

The clashes rocked Tripoli's rival neighborhoods intermittently throughout the day, the security official said, adding that fighting was still taking place "off and on" in the afternoon.

The latest deaths brought the toll from fighting in the city since Tuesday to 19, including two children.

Longstanding tensions in Tripoli escalated in mid-week when 22 Sunnis from the city who had crossed into Syria to join the armed rebellion against the regime were killed in fighting with government troops.

Damascus later agreed to repatriate the bodies at the request of the Lebanese foreign ministry, and on Sunday the corpses of three of the slain fighters were received at the Arida border crossing.

The atmosphere was tense with shots fired into the air as the bodies of Khodr Mustafa Alameddine, Abdul Hakim al-Salah and Mohammed al-Mir were handed over, Agence France Presse reported.

The body of Mir was initially given to the wrong family but later returned to his father. The others were buried straight after funeral prayers.

A Lebanese official told AFP that Syrian authorities told their counterparts that some members of the group had survived the ambush and were being interrogated.

Opposition activists posted video footage on the Internet on Saturday, with the caption: "Abuse of the corpses of the Tripoli martyrs in Tall Kalakh."

In the video, a man is seen kicking at least five lifeless bodies lain out on the ground, while others can be heard cracking jokes in the background. Its authenticity could not be verified.

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Default-user-icon The Observer (Guest) 09 December 2012, 10:36

... Like many in this country, they may hold Lebanese citizenship, but their loyalty seems to be with the regime in Syria... Actually, many religious and ethnic sects tend to be loyal to their clans before country... The Hezbollah crowd loyal to Ali Baba Nasrallah and Iran, the Druze to Walid and their sect, The Armenians have their own leadership and Armenia... Christians to various leaderships such as geagea, frangieh, Bkerki, etc... Sunnis to Hariri and the Saudi kingdom... And so on and so forth... The Homeland, known as Lebanon, ranks second in their loyalties...

Thumb lebanon_first 09 December 2012, 10:40

The sunnites of bab el tebbaneh did a mistake sending their youth to fight in syria. Ok they died. It is stupid to take it out on Jabal mohsen. Jabal mohsen lebanese have nothing to do with the fact that their misguided youth were ambushed.

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 11:57

And the Army complains they have no political cover. Who is holding back their approval for military action in Tripoli?

It certainly is not the current government. Their best interest is to solve these clashes as soon as possible ...

That only leaves the opposition March 14 specifically Hariri's March 14 that won't give the Army the permission to stop the violence cold.

continued ...

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 11:58

March 14 tries to topple the government at a precarious moment, ratchets up the rhetoric then wonders why they are getting threats.

March 14 specifically Future and the LF have been consistently making provocative and hateful pronouncements since the assassination of Hassan.

It is no accident that both the Sidon troubles and now the Tripoli troubles are being orchestrated by outside agents in service to March 14.

continued ...

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 11:58

They had to back off when there was talk of yet another militia being formed in Sidon. That they can not condone as it complicates their plan of blame.

Now in Tripoli the Tal Khalakh families are making louder and louder demands of the current government while this occured in another country, a country at war.

One can see the strings of the puppeteers from Future and its agents all through out these destabilizations of Lebanon. Hariri is at the core of this tactic.

As far as the threats, the atmosphere of anger and mistrust only provides a breeding ground for real threats and false flag actions.

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 12:21

@ FlameThrower

It is the best possible analysis of the current situation ... I could have thrown in Hariri's need to take attention away from Saqrs boastful admission of supplying weapons to jihadists and his subsequent farsicle and deeply embarrassing attempt at damage control through recantation.

March 14 members needs to see what is happening in their name. They will deny these facts and this analysis but their denial will only come back to haunt them later. By exposing Future tactics and operations we show we are not buying their staged "victimhood" and attempts at the destabilization of Lebanon.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 18:36

except the problems in Tripoli existed far before Saqr's story... so your analysis makes no sense... again... just like the syrian govt is the thorn in m8's side...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 09 December 2012, 16:27

Honestly! Do you really believe the obsurdety of the statements you typing or do you think everyone is that stupid? Goodness, I lost several brain cells just reading this post and I stopped half way through. Well I guess I can't blame you, there is no need to at least attempt to sound credible when you can conivince the likes of flamer with something an 8 year would be embarrassed to spit out!

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 16:57

I see a lot of words but no rebuttal ... Probably because it all makes sense ... have a nice day ...

Missing peace 09 December 2012, 17:15

"Who is holding back their approval for military action in Tripoli? "

isn t it the role of the minister of defense to send troops or not? how come M14 which is not in power hold back the army? lol

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 15:25

this is the perfect example of what weapons outside the governments control could do.. (the 2006 war is another) we have told you multiple times.. relinquish all weapons.. play the political game.. and whoever has the power rules... until ALL weapons.. including.. in fact at the forefront of them being.. HA weapons..
Hasoon you might have won a battle or two but you will lose this war... act now .. hand over your weapons... and save Lebanon and the Lebanese the grief that will come if you do not.
until that time there will be plenty of financiers and fighters.

Missing peace 09 December 2012, 17:22

true arzak! if you allow one political party you cannot complain if others are armed as long as the gvt permits it!
if you want a strong state you have to hand all the weapons to the governmental forces and only them. but hezb does not want a stong gvt because they can do whatever they want as long as lebanon is weak, no one can tell them what to do...
so the root of all the problems of stability in lebanon lay in the existence of hezbis.... even if FT is outraged when we say that... (a few years ago he would have approved but since aoun changed his mind on the subject so did FT...)

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 18:31

agree peace.. and my point exactly.. if one has weapons.. then HA cannot say OH!!! look they have weapons.. it is you that forced them to carry the weapons.. and they have as much right to carry them as you do.. and THAT is what will cause the situation to explode. ofcoarse you have narrow minded people who will say it the extremists that started this (yet to come) war and fail to see that the root of the problem is ANY weapons outside the control of the govt. which in this case the majority belong to HA.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 18:34

and yes FT like so many other Aounis is a sheep.. does not follow his principles but a person.. i was the biggest Aoun supporter (of his principles, not the "man") when he was in France.. when he said the Syrians should stop interfering.. when he said HA should be disarmed and all weapons in the control of the state.. but when he changed his mind.. so did i... others didnt care about their principles and just want to follow the man..}}}sheep.
there is no other conclusion to how someone could have been a Aouni when Aoun was in France... and still is now.. without him/her having no ideas of his/her own.. no principles of his/her own.. and baaaaaa... like FT.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 19:40

if it is that difficult for you to understand... i am an advocate of removing ALL arms.. from any group that is not called the army... BUT.. if there is one group that refuses to disarm.. and infringes on another community it is human nature to arm and defend themselves... and when this group refuses to surrender their weapons then yes.. i am all for people arming and not giving them the advantage...
you cant say you just want HA to have weapons.. and regardless if there were mercenaries to face HA when they threatened to escalate the situation if their weapons were touched... shoo inta?? you just want HA to have weapons? and use those weapons to dictate lebanese political life?? you are wrong.. and that will not happen..HA infringed on the sunnis.. now feel their wrath,

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 19:41

there is no middle ground with me... i would rather have all factions in lebanon with no weapons... but if that is not going to happen .. then let us all arm.. its called a level playing field... something we have not enjoyed in lebanon for a long time.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 19:45

w ya salem ya intellect inta.. just keep with the status quo.. why? because it suits YOUR agenda? fashar...
give up your weapons and play politics like EVERYONE but you and your group are doing..
shoo ya3neh? the sunnis should shut up and accept it? 50% of the lebanese should shut up and accept it? no.. never gonna happen especially in lebanon.
if HA gives up their weapons and the sunnis or any other group doesnt.. i would give them as much crap as i give HA now...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 19:48

tab fasirlna ya 2flaton.. how you were with Aoun when he said everything he did in France and you are with him now? which Aoun were you following? which Aoun had the same principles as you? it CANNOT be both.. so take your pick..
or just say it like it is and say you dont have principles.. we wont hold it against you.. you dont hold it against Aoun.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 21:46

my remaining brain cells.. do i hint a bit of jealousy there FT? then why dont you answer what your principles are and how you followed him through both sets of principles he had.. ill tell you why.. you have no answer.. you now look at yourself in the mirror and do see a sheep..
if HA is taking its time to disarm.. hahaha.. and YOU talk about anyones brain cells??? HA stated that the weapons are here to stay.. so they might have fooled you into somehow thinking they are taking their time disarming.. and you fooled yourself into believing them.. but that is a flat out lie... HA never said they have the intention to disarm.. bass hala2 ghass bin 3an ra2biton they will... and they lost any chance to come out of this with some humility and pride left... yislamleh 3a2lak inta.. do you live in Bermuda?? because if you do we might have figured out the mystery behind the triangle there...

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 21:47

yalla 7abeebi.. youve come out on the short end of the stick every time with your pathetic arguments...
if there is any truth to what you say.. dont comment.. just give me a link where HA said we will disarm... we will give our weapons to the state.. if you dont have it.. nuff said.. especially about you.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 21:49

P.S. please do not post a link where HA said they would hand over their weapons after they liberate Lebanese lands... because ill just throw another at you where they said they will liberate Jerusalem..

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 18:27

2006 was a war against an enemy... one that HA took the sole decision of and dragged a country that did not want war.. into it.. HA has created this sectarian hatred by trying to decide for the Sunnis who would accommodate him the most. arnt you tired of defending this man who has returned Lebanon to the brink of civil war??? and my comment was about ALL weapons.. dont pick and choose whos weapons is right.. in your point of view HA's are.. in others the weapons that are in the hand of the Sunnis and the weapons that will come are right.. who are you to say you are right and they are wrong.. like i said.. if HA does not hand in their weapons.. along with the other armed groups.. then let us arm.. and take Lebanon to civil war... HA would rather have that than turn in their weapons peacefully.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 21:52

and sighr il 3a2il taba3ak shows with every thumbs down you gave me.. i dont have time to go to your every comment and thumbs down it.. maybe it has to do with me laughing my a.o. at what you wrote.. and the logic void words you utter.. keep thumbs downing me.. ill wear em like a medal...
yalla.. floor clean... till next time.

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 15:40

@ ouwette

Everybody knows that a small outbreak of violence may be spontaneous but that prolonged and lasting outbreaks require the approval and support of those in charge ...

The Army described the lack of political cover to stop the assault from Bab al-Tabbaneh. Jabal Mohsen had no choice but to counter as enough help was not coming to stop the provocations ...

This violence was allowed to fester and indeed encouraged despite pleas from the cooler heads of both camps. This requires a lot of political power. The situation in northern Lebanon comes from the benefactors of these groups.

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 15:41

Geagea is confronted because Geagea is involved. Ask him how his vacation to Saudi Arabia went ...

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2012, 16:55

Oh please ... it is common knowledge that the violence in Tripoli was caused by Bab al-Tabbaneh salafists angered by the deaths and detainment of over 20 youth.

If you are going to challenge my analysis at least take into account the known facts. Assad is fighting for his life and can't help the Alawites in Jabal Mohsen.

Thumb Lebfrcan 09 December 2012, 18:17

Mckinl, don't forget that the Tripoli conflict didn't start with the killing of the salafist youth.
Again don't pick and choose specifics but look at the whole picture, it helps.
I stand by my previous statement.

Thumb JabalElFersan 09 December 2012, 17:09

You know what?? You can sit their and keep analyzing all you like and attack every person involved in Lebanese politics.. This will not help the fatherless children and widows nor will it stop the burning tears of the mothers that will bury their children. I feel the pain of the people caught up in this conflict as I grew up in one of these areas. I was fortunate to escape the entire country. It simply isn't exceptable for Lebanese to point arms at Lebanese. Analyze all you like but, please stop and reflect for a moment in respect for the families of the dead.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 09 December 2012, 18:38

how was hasoons meetingssss with Iranian govt officials? did he get the orders right?

Missing abraham 09 December 2012, 18:44

are the sunnis Lebanese or s. Arabians

Missing abraham 09 December 2012, 18:45

hey rude , they are all brainwashed dudes like you, who don't know better than to follow their leaders whoever they are

Missing gabby11 09 December 2012, 18:59

This is Bashar and the Hezz still trying in vain to open a new front to alleviate the desperate situation for the ASSad/Hezz team on the ground in Syria. This will be a big battlefield loss for the Hezz especially in Syria.

This crap in Tripoli will not work.

Default-user-icon OMAR EL SOLH (Guest) 10 December 2012, 01:37

silly question followed by uneducated commentators, if you must know its part of your education basically family education if you had any that Lebanon contains 17 religions (sects), which means alawis sunnis shias etc... Christians maronites catholiques orthodox etc... at the end of the day they are all Lebanese just as each one of you think is more Lebanese than the other they are as Lebanese as you are. The main Problem is the lack of infrastructure and education and this is not the fault of the residents as much as it is the fault of the GOVERNMENTS to provide security you must not force it by the army only , but reconstruction is a must, the role of the NGO's the need of WELFARE and education because frustration lack of education Poverty is what makes them use force.

Missing lebanese_uae 10 December 2012, 08:02

I wish you go there and see yourself if they are lebanese or not.
not a single sign that you are in lebanon.
look at their leaders when they talk
look at the photos and flags behind them.
they were the first who displayed photos of the killed lebanese in Syria saying that this is done by "Assad Army in Jabal Mohasen".
and there is a doubt about if they are lebanese or not ?
even sending lebanse to Syria was wrong, but feeling happy for them being killed "like Alawite have done" made their parents angry enough to react against them.

Thumb freelebanon 10 December 2012, 11:05

So funny how stupid people can be with their loyalty. M8ers and m14ers both seem to think that their leaders are never in the wrong regardless of what they do even though they are all corrupt pricks that laugh at how stupid their followers are and how they would believe whatever they say to them. Please do the readers of this site a favor and have sone sense before you write hate comments or comments that have absolutely no legitimacy or proof