Ukrainian Woman Takes Clothes Off at Beirut Airport to Protest Smoking Ban

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Ukrainian national took her clothes off on Saturday at Rafik Hariri International Airport to protest the smoking ban, media reports said.

The woman was swiftly detained by airport security for questioning.

The ban came into effect in September in accordance to Law 174, which passed a year ago.

The National Tobacco Control Program of the Health Ministry says more than 3,500 Lebanese die each year from tobacco-related diseases.

Photo courtesy: Al-Jadeed television.

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Missing phillipo 22 December 2012, 18:04

How long before she is put on a plane straight back to Ukraine? Should be immediately.

Default-user-icon jou jou (Guest) 22 December 2012, 18:23

Thats all we need in Lebanon what right does she have to protest

Default-user-icon carlo (Guest) 22 December 2012, 18:24

:) Good one :) , ...Don't you know it's freezing in here :)

Thumb ghada12 22 December 2012, 18:43

wow she is gutsy doing that in hormone charged Lebanon. But that shows that Lebanese are decent people because I doubt she would even think about doing that in Morocco or yemen or egypt or any other "women deserve what's coming to them" kind of countries.

Missing peace 22 December 2012, 21:29

"The National Tobacco Control Program of the Health Ministry says more than 3,500 Lebanese die each year from tobacco-related diseases."

how many because of car fumes and dirty diesel? should they ban cars too because it is bad for the health?

Missing samiam 22 December 2012, 23:46

or car accidents....

Missing greatpierro 23 December 2012, 17:22

but that can be 3500 Lebanese less down on the list. Common your reaction is not very constructive. You should be happy that this ban is in place because it will save life and reduce medical cost. What the civil society should now request is a control on gazoline and diesel and the effective implementation of the new circulation code. We need to move things towards the better should we not?

Default-user-icon Marc (Guest) 24 December 2012, 00:27

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), each year 3500 Lebanese Die every year due to smoking related diseases, the highest in the region and the number 1 cause of death in Lebanon (more than the fumes of the cars and industries, more than the car accidents).

Default-user-icon James Wolf (Guest) 22 December 2012, 22:29

Lebanon is not hormone-charged. Everyone is hormone-charged. Lebanon is just backward, i.e. people are unable to control their hormones.

And yes, that Ukrainian woman does have guts.

Thumb kanaandian 22 December 2012, 22:49

We, Lebanese men, are like Austin Powers, they will make a woman want to do that kind of stuff.

Thumb ghada12 23 December 2012, 11:19

haha very true, I think

Thumb lebanon_first 22 December 2012, 22:59

In lebanon you get arrested for getting naked. or making out in a car. But if you carry weapons, that is ok. if you are an influential cheikh drinking and driving with guns in your car, to go to a mosq and say a sermon of hatred to hundreds of young men, that is ok. Just dont kiss your girlfriend. that would be a crime.
sick system.

Missing samiam 22 December 2012, 23:37

We need better pictures to further examine this matter.....

Thumb lebanon_first 23 December 2012, 11:31


Thumb AngryLeb 23 December 2012, 09:28

Nice,,,, Strip show @ BEIRUT AIRPORT, don't miss the Show, Free entrance,,,,,,,,,

Default-user-icon boohoo (Guest) 23 December 2012, 11:26

Such political protest doesn't work in ukraine...why would it work in lebanon?

Missing 7osrom 23 December 2012, 12:25

Do you consider Lebanon a dictatorship such as Ukraine?

Default-user-icon non smoker!!! (Guest) 23 December 2012, 15:27

absolutely stupid to protest against something that selfishly harms others, non smokers shouldnt have to put up with the repulsive smell of cigarettes + the negative effects of second hand smoking. its about time lebanon did something to benefit the environment and people. seriously, take off your clothes for something more important! oh and banning smoking in the airport is a great start to the extremely long list of problems such as car fumes and accidents, so dont know why anyones complaining

Default-user-icon identity (Guest) 24 December 2012, 20:27

No smoking in both first class lounges

Default-user-icon Ghosty (Guest) 26 December 2012, 20:05

There shouldn't be smoking anywhere in any public place by anyone. Civilized nations already have much stricter bans in effect. And this woman needs medical attention for psychotic disorder, no matter why she got naked.

Default-user-icon Frequent Flyer (Guest) 06 April 2014, 17:51

If you dont like letting people smoke in the government controlled airport then ban the sale of it in the government controlled country, why ban smoking and not drinking... they are both as bad as each other. Make a smoking area for poeple who smoke and stop giving in to international presure....