Michel Hayek: 35 Percent of Lebanese Politicians Resort to Fortunetelling

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Fortuneteller Michel Hayek revealed that some Lebanese politicians have started to base their actions based on predictions he made for them, reported As Safir newspaper on Tuesday.

He told the daily: “Over 35 percent of politicians resort to fortunetelling.”

“The consultations are held in secret as some of the officials want to keep the issue private lest the media exploit the matter,” he explained.

“Our society still considers fortunetelling as a sign of weakness or backwardness,” Hayek said.

Hayek has been practicing fortunetelling for 25 years and he has forged relationships with politicians over these years, adding: “Predictions play an essential role in political life in Lebanon.”

It has become tradition in the past few years for Hayek to make a televised appearance each year to make predictions for the New Year.

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Default-user-icon Free spirit (Guest) 01 January 2013, 11:22

Unfortunately, they are all "dajjaleen" like you, so it is like "Tanjara wla2it gataha".

As to the great lebanese people (l sha3b l lubnani l 3adeem), I am speechless!! It seems their arrogance and ignorance has topped the charts!! People who spend their New Year's Eve listening to dajjaleen like you do not deserve any better!

Kama takounoun youwalla 3alaykom!!

Default-user-icon bobby (Guest) 01 January 2013, 15:17

What a stupid nation

Missing peace 01 January 2013, 20:11

none of them saw the syrian crisis coming... lol !

Missing samiam 02 January 2013, 00:02

If true, sad state of Lebanese affairs....

Default-user-icon iNcorruptible (Guest) 02 January 2013, 00:05

Very true. I actually know of many. Anyone still wonders why are we still in this state?

Missing beirutbastard00 02 January 2013, 00:33

hahahahaha omg! lebanese politics kicked off the new year with a new low. congrats.