Audeh Calls on State to Treat People Equally

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Beirut Elias Audeh stressed on Tuesday that Lebanon will not regain its reputation except with the efforts undertaken by its honorable citizens.

“The people are equal before God even if their culture or social levels are different,” Audeh said during New Year's mass.

He called on the state to protect the citizens and treat them equally and with justice.

“As long as we belong to one nation we share the same fate,” Audeh pointed out.

He urged the government to kick off the appointment of top civil servants in state posts according to efficiency without referring to their religion or political affiliations.

“The Orthodox were the first to demand the state to appoint the right person in the right post,” Audeh noted.

He called on the Lebanese to accept others who are different in order for Lebanon to bolster, stressing the importance of freedom

Audeh hoped that the Lebanese would kick off constructive work this year to safeguard the country.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 01 January 2013, 16:22

Beautiful speech, we need more men like him. Cardinal al Rahi is inferior to him in many ways.

Thumb geha 01 January 2013, 17:57


Missing fares_mansour 02 January 2013, 03:19

And you judge that based on political stances instead of spiritual stances.

Missing helicopter 02 January 2013, 08:55

I judge it based on nationalist and patriotic stances.

Thumb chrisrushlau 01 January 2013, 19:14

He's calling for the end of confessionalism in politics (Taef Accord, etc.); or is he just mumbling?

Missing helicopter 01 January 2013, 20:16

Why don't you start ending confessionalism in your mind first. There is nothing in your comments (I think I readd most of them) to indicate that you are secular minded and enlightened person. You are the kind that believes that dictatorship of the majority is better than dictatorship of the minority and that is your ultimate goal.

Thumb andre.jabbour 01 January 2013, 23:05

Go back to Israel and stay with your philistine friends.... Stay away from lebanese politics please.

Missing fares_mansour 02 January 2013, 03:16

Andre jabbour, chrisushlau is lebanese and he is entitled to voice his opinion regardless if you agree with him or not. Shias are the single largest religious group in lebanon like it or not and chrisrushlau is calling for shias to get their fair share. What is so wrong with that? you dont get to tell him to go anywhere. You yourself should go away. And lol at your name 2al andre 2al, nothing more pathetic than when an arab (yes including maronites) are called english and french names, it simply doesnt suit you so go to france would you and leave lebanon for the real lebanese. Or simply shut up ya andre hahahahaha what a gay name.

Thumb geha 02 January 2013, 08:37

you just did exactly what you criticize andre jabbour of :)

Thumb andre.jabbour 02 January 2013, 13:53

No fares, he's Israeli. Don't you ever read his posts? He lives in Zion.

Missing gabby12 01 January 2013, 22:33

The finest pries in Lebanon. Part of treating everyone equally is everyone pays their electricity instead of bankrupting the country and making others pay double.

Missing cedars 02 January 2013, 04:15

God Bless you from a car bomb.