Lebanon Bans Imports of Cattle from Brazilian State

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Agriculture Minister Hussein al-Hajj Hassan banned on Wednesday the import of livestock from the southern Brazilian state of Parana where a case of atypical mad cow disease was confirmed last month.

Al-Hajj Hassan banned as well the import of frozen meat from Parana.

Brazil is the world's largest supplier of beef.

Several other countries have suspended imports of Brazilian beef, including Jordan, South Korea, China, Japan, South Africa, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The halt in the Brazilian imports came in connection with an atypical case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) that was detected in an animal that died in 2010 in Parana.

More than 200 people around the world are believed to have died, most of them in Britain, from the human variant of the disease, which was first described in 1996.

Scientists believe the disease was caused by using infected parts of cattle to make feed for other cattle.

Authorities believe eating meat from infected animals can trigger the human variant of the fatal brain-wasting disease.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 02 January 2013, 13:56

He looks like a stupid mad cow himself... Can't he also ban himself? If he can't, he should contact Ki Moon for the know-how.

Missing ya_kord 02 January 2013, 15:14

@flamethrower actually your comment makes you look like the idiot!! how do you think scientist came up with the conclusion?!? just by believeing and making up assumptions?!? i thought u were just stupid with your political views only! but i guess was wrong.

Default-user-icon Von Beik (Guest) 02 January 2013, 16:27

I am totally and aggressively against his political party.
But to be frank, he is one of the few who are doing their job well
Respect Sir

Missing gabby12 02 January 2013, 19:17

They let in that spoiled meat from Israel...looks like they don't want to blunder this one.

Missing lebanonrules 02 January 2013, 23:06

What a clown ,What about the filth the Iranian government is exporting to Lebanon.

Missing reformist 03 January 2013, 04:46

hahaha this is all you have kiserwani? :) I love the hatred! You're so right dude! We should get saad back he is a top model especially when he strips in front of all people ;)
hahahah get a life! yeuh yeuh yeuuuuuuuuuuuuh

Missing reformist 03 January 2013, 04:49

What I love about M14ers is their objectivity ;)
Whatever anyone from M8 or his allies does, it's crap and it turns into insults... Nothing constructive. Noone ever commented on this site whether this decision makes sense or not... it's rather about the way the minister looks like or insults on hizb or whatever... Sad country indeed :)

Default-user-icon l (Guest) 03 January 2013, 11:45