Suleiman Receives Unity of Orthodox Award in Moscow: No ME Stability without Social Justice

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman expressed on Monday his desire for current transformations in the region to “guarantee the reform, freedom and true democracy that people are looking for”.

"There is no stability in the Middle East without social justice,” Suleiman stated after receiving an award by the International Foundation for Unity of Orthodox Christian Nations in Russia.

He noted: “A fair and final solution to the Palestinian cause and resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict are other main requirements for the region's stability”.

"Pressuring Israel to give Palestinians their right of establishing and ruling their own state is a must,” Suleiman added, explaining that the references for such steps should be the international community, the Madrid conference and the Arab peace initiative.

Commenting on Syria's situation, President Suleiman said: “We support holding national dialogue sessions during which different parties can agree on a new formula for the political system”.

Suleiman's three-day visit to Moscow at the head of a delegation that includes deputy Prime Minister Samir Moqbel comes following an official invitation sent by Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I.

In addition to receiving the award for consolidating and promoting Christian values in society, Suleiman's visit will also include talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and other officials.

A diplomatic source told As Safir daily that the meetings will focus on the situation in the region and mainly Syria. They are also expected to deal with the conditions of Christians in the Middle East, including Lebanon and Syria.

The Central News Agency said earlier this month that the president's trip to Moscow will be an opportunity to discuss Russian military assistance to Lebanon, including promises to provide Lebanon with MiG airplanes.

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Default-user-icon dimi (Guest) 21 January 2013, 23:48

goes this mean that from now on he will have to cross himself with only three fingers

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 12:00


Default-user-icon Majdak Lubnan (Guest) 22 January 2013, 03:35

What! This guy promoting Christian values. You have to be joking. He rejected the Orthodox Electoral Law. This guy is a disgrace to Christians in Lebanon and the Middle East. This actually lowers the Great Orthodox Church by rewarding such personalities who have done nothing to promote Christian values. This guy is self centred and narrow minded.

Missing 22 January 2013, 16:28

"Narrow-minded"? He does not believe in disxrimination. He believe that all citizens be treated equally. He believe in a country of citizens - not sects. What christian values are you talking about? Please elaborate.

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 17:26

he means "kill the muslim, cooperate with zionists", lady gaga values

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 12:01

everything that you filthy zionists hoped he wouldn't

Thumb jabalamel 22 January 2013, 12:46


i guess you can satisfy everyone

Missing ssnp01 23 January 2013, 04:21

An award from Russia ,what a joke ..