Army: Two Soldiers Killed in Clashes with Gunmen in Arsal

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army announced on Friday that one of its units was the victim of an armed ambush as it was patrolling the outskirts of the Bekaa town of Arsal.

Two officers were killed and a number of soldiers were wounded the clash that ensued with the gunmen, said the Army Command in a statement.

A number of the gunmen were also injured.

“A large army unit soon headed to the region where it cordoned off the area and began pursuing the attackers,” it continued.

Furthermore, it urged the residents of Arsal to cooperate fully with the army's procedures in the area, warning that it will “not be lenient with any attempt to allow passage or harbor gunmen.”

Media reports had said earlier that at least four soldiers were killed and a number others wounded the Arsal clashes between the army and gunmen.

LBCI and al-Jadeed televisions said that the clashes erupted in light of the shooting and kidnapping of Khaled Hmayyed in Arsal.

OTV later reported the death of Hmayyed, identifying him as a member of the group that abducted seven Estonians in Lebanon in 2011.

Hmayyed recently joined the Free Syrian Army.

LBCI said that the Lebanese security agencies had labeled him as a member of a “terrorist group,” adding that his activity was constantly being monitored.

Other sources said he was a member of the extremist al-Nusra Front, which is active in the Syrian revolt.

LBCI did not rule out the possibility of the clash erupting after an ambush was set up against the army.

Al-Mayadeen television said that six Lebanese soldiers were wounded in the ambush set up by gunmen in the outskirts of Arsal.

Initial reports had said that the Bekaa clash erupted as the army was cracking down on a kidnapping and robbery gang.

They added that the army was clashing with members of the Free Syrian Army.

The seven Estonians were kidnapped in Lebanon in March 2011 as they entered the country by as part of a bicycle tour from Syria.

They were held in the Bekaa area and released in July 2011.

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Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 01 February 2013, 17:04

no mercy with these thugs wipe them out with their political and economical leaders

Default-user-icon Khlapsh Stombardy (Guest) 01 February 2013, 17:13

March 14! Lebanon First Some Twenty Damn Years Late and Still! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for bringing onto Lebanon the 21st century Pales-Syrian problem. You have not learned a thing and you will never learn one darn thing my compatriots. We all love Lebanon but apparently not as much as you. The doors of hell are opening wider ONCE AGAIN. Thanks a million, warriors! lebnan el akhdar!!!

Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 17:24

Shattt up Farsi BSthrower aka Motormouth. Talking out of that rear as usual. This has HA written all over....directly or indirect! The only filth here is your fanatic Persian servants HA and conditioned fools like yourself!

Thumb smarty 01 February 2013, 17:32

Are you saying that people use various names !? What's their point?


Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 18:07

"you still havent realized i dont care about the thumbs? if that's what i cared about i wouldnt post here would i?" Yes you would because you are part of a multi-alias individual aka FARSI BSThrower that has no life and pathetic!

Missing greatpierro 01 February 2013, 18:10

bigsami, mowaten is not wrong here and he does not have to shut up. We need to stand up with our army against all extremists and militias that threaten our country.

Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 18:10

FARSI Motormouth states"if you can't accept the fact that people have different opinions i dont care.".....I accept different opinions from "people' but you don't qualify as 'people'. More like a delusional conditioned goat herder that believes/worships ideologies of fanatic religious extremists!

Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 17:25

Nice....Voted yourself one thumb up the gazoo through alias BSThrower! Pathetic mustool.

Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 17:31

Furthermore....Mr. Motormouth....if you 'respect' the Lebanese Army as you state then why don't your scumbags HA acknowledge them and surrender their arms to the one & only legitimate armed force in Lebanon? If they are so patriotic and love their country...simply join the LAF and follow typical protocol. There is no room for more than ONE armed force in a country. The formula never works (worked). So take your BS love for the army and sell it elsewhere. Your love is for a group of terrorists that serve Iran and not Lebanon!

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 01 February 2013, 18:03

the 4 soldiers joined samer hanna , god bless the lebanese army.

Thumb smarty 01 February 2013, 17:34

To comment the news, the Lebanese army should retaliate at anyone that fires within our national borders. Should they be Sunni/Shia/Christian/Druze etc...

Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 17:40

Agreed! As to your question on using various names (aliases) the answer is YES. BSTHrower is the master of this scheme. He must have 3-5 different email accounts (yahoo/hotmail/HA.R.US/etc.) allocated to different aliases. The reason: He has NO ONE that supports his love for the terrorists HA/Iran/Assad. Pathetic....absolutely!

Thumb smarty 01 February 2013, 17:48

So he does this to get some kind of affection or respect?

Thumb jcamerican 01 February 2013, 20:57

This is why he has the least counts.

Thumb andre.jabbour 01 February 2013, 22:12

I totally agree. I spotted too many similarities between the way each of me writes. For instance, jabalamel is also lapeaudecouille... Etc. it takes a trained eye then you get used to it.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 01 February 2013, 17:44

Well put smarty. Anyone found guilty of murder or attempted murder of an army officer should the death penalty. The army is off limits and deserves every Lebanese person's support and respect!

Thumb smarty 01 February 2013, 17:48

Yes, even if they're Lebanese or foreigners.

Missing constantine 01 February 2013, 17:53

I swear Hariri should be sentenced to death for supporting and facilitating the deaths of our army at the hands of the terrorists of Nahr il Bard and Arsel

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 01 February 2013, 18:15

Absurde post with no substance.

Missing 02 February 2013, 04:43

Really!!! Planet earth calling constantine! Please go to lbc and watch the interview.

Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 17:59

"wipe your mouth bigsami, it's foaming all over" good one FARSI! As always....full of it! BTW...change that avatar....your disrespecting our country. I'm sure you can ind the flag of Iran. You claim to be If you are you would respect ONE ARMED force - LAF! We don't need HA to protect us from Israel. We can do it on our own! Your scums won't (can't) surrender their arms to the know why? Hint: It's not because they are needed to protect us from's because when or should Iran give the command to attack Israel...they will not be able to do so when they are under the command of a legitimate LAF. Only Lebanese can make that decision to one else should! Hablee!

Thumb andre.jabbour 01 February 2013, 22:08

Mowaten. Either HA cooperates fully with the State or they should be disarmed. In. Any case they shouldn't be able to carry any sort of weapon. They don't need them.... Nobody feels secure when you see a black SUV on the highway with tainted windows almost shooting at you because you're obstructing THEIR highway... They endanger EVERYBODY's life. And all of this because they're in a hurry to buy a manooshi or the meet with friends.

They should cooperate with qahwaji and train the regular soldiers should they feel they're poorly trained compared to them. Not compete with them... They've had their chances but never did it. This means Lebanon is jut a pawn... An agenda for Iran and Syria by extension.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 01 February 2013, 18:00

They risk their life to protect yours and mine. They deserve our utmost respect! Everyone guilty of murder deserves to be encarcerated but anyone attacking our army gets an elevated penalty. Death penalty!

Thumb bigsami 01 February 2013, 18:18

Motormouth writes >>>> i believe we need HA to defend Lebanon against israel, and the history of the past decades clearly proved it.

At one point....yes, I will agree with you & I commend them for fighting for their beloved Lebanon. Back then we never had a unified armed force. It was a mess. That was then & this is now. BUT since then, HA sold their sold to the devil (Iran/Assad) starting will strings of assassinations and turning their Iranian weapons on Lebanese. They are NOT to be trusted and one last point....get it out of your empty skull...we don't need HA to protect from Israel anymore. Israel will not mess with us if it was not for HA always antagonizing them! HA is not made in is made in IRAN now!

Thumb Bandoul 01 February 2013, 21:49

@mowaten Irani stop accusing others of having multiple accounts when you are the leader of the pack. I only have one account and hardly the time to comment as often as I like, yet you and your other screen names are on here night and day debating yourself. Get a job, find a wife, make a family and stop your loneliness driven dribble on Naharnet.

Thumb bigsami 02 February 2013, 00:12

You have him pegged bandoul like we all do. Pathetic Farsi who clearly prefers a dictatorship like Iran to steer him in life. He fears freedom and democracy because they are all insecure prehistoric religious fanatics. We don't need their kind in Lebanon nor does anyone for that matter in the world.

Default-user-icon HMD (Guest) 01 February 2013, 23:16

Very well said, I second that. May their soul rest in peace, nothing will bring them back, but punishing these cruel killers would at least prevent this tragedy from happening to other families. And for the Lebanese Army haters, you hate your country and betray it, so no wonder why " you don't excuse the attack on the army", what a shame

Missing peace 02 February 2013, 00:58

killed doing their duty. may they rest in peace,

long live the lebanese army!

Default-user-icon Elva (Guest) 02 February 2013, 02:18

So this is my opinion ... Syria , Iran , Israel and whoever else wants a piece of Lebanon should get the hell out and leave the country to those who care ... All these little petty armed forces should join the army andvunitevas one nation .. Showvthecrest of the Middle East how strong and patriotic we are ...

Missing 02 February 2013, 04:57

To claim that m14 is responsible is pathetic. How about this government who refuses to secure the border? How about the hizb fighters who are involved in fighting in syria? M14 has been demanding from day 1 that the border be secured. M8 is the one opposed to this and they are the government. However, as long as the hizb will materially support the syrian regime, you will not be able to prevent some sunnis from supporting the FSA. In this situation the unfortunate lebanese army can try and muddle through a terrible situation.

Thumb kanaandian 02 February 2013, 05:56

these bad guys need to be put of