7 Dead, At Least 4 Hurt in Ashrafieh Fuel Oil Depot Blast

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Seven people were killed and several others wounded Monday evening in an explosion in a fuel oil depot at a gas station on the outskirts of the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Fiat Bridge, state-run National News Agency reported.

The bodies of five victims were moved to Hotel Dieu Hospital, while two other bodies were moved to Rizk Hospital, according to NNA.

The wounded were rushed to the aforementioned hospitals, which are both located in Ashrafieh.

According to information obtained by LBC television, the owner of the gas station was among those killed by the explosion.

Later Monday, NNA reported that "one of the owners" of the gas station was killed in the blast, identifying him as Joseph Abu Nasr.

NNA had earlier reported that four people were wounded, which indicates that the injured toll is likely to keep rising as reports come in from the scene of the blast.

Meanwhile, Al-Jadeed television reported that the explosion resulted from an electrical failure during a welding operation on a fuel oil tank.

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Default-user-icon ((( (Guest) 06 June 2011, 21:55

is this country ever going to get a break

Default-user-icon simon (Guest) 06 June 2011, 22:40

What a country, no regulations, no control, no nothing... and they ask us to leave the USA and come back.

Default-user-icon rolfen (Guest) 06 June 2011, 23:54

This is what happens in the country while they are "discussing" for the formation of the government.

Default-user-icon Christelle (Guest) 07 June 2011, 01:25

It's silly to use this as a platform for political rhetoric; accidents happen.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 07 June 2011, 01:33

these kind of accidents happens in the west and east on a daily basis,it's a deplorable accident,and that's what it is.
bilad el arz is happy for the return of every lebanese horr,but we are not forcing anyone,anyway it's not easy to return,the places are very limited,aaa kill hall ahla wsahla elbilad bladkoun.

Default-user-icon Aysegul (Guest) 07 June 2011, 01:44

this is another game that the imperialists are playing on Lebanon. Their eyes are on the sources of Lebanon.. People of Lebanon stay together.. My heart and prayers are with you... those who lost their lives may rest in peace.. and wish a fast recovery for those who got injured..
from Istanbul

Default-user-icon Safar Barlek (Guest) 07 June 2011, 03:10

Aysegul, by the imperialists are we talking about the Ottomans?

Missing ado_ 07 June 2011, 06:25

This was bound to happen sooner or later. I wander if the words "workplace health and safety" can be translated into Lebanese vocabulary? I use to laugh when I saw the petrol pump attendant, smoking a cigarette while filling my car. now welding petrol tanks??

Missing lama 07 June 2011, 16:01

eh it might be a true story, but only for 29th of January 2003, in BRAZIL. check your source.