Salafist Cleric al-Rafehi Escapes Apparent Assassination Bid in Tripoli

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Salafist cleric Sheikh Salem al-Rafehi on Monday escaped unharmed from an apparent assassination attempt in the northern city of Tripoli, state-run National News Agency reported.

“An unidentified attacker fired a gunshot towards Sheikh Salem al-Rafehi as he was leaving al-Taqwa Mosque, but the bullet missed him and he is in good health,” LBCI television reported.

NNA said the bullet struck the mosque's door while LBCI said the Internal Security Forces' Intelligence Bureau extracted the gunshot and launched an investigation.

The TV network said a meeting was underway at MP Mohammed Kabbara's residence and that the conferees would call on supporters not to be “dragged into strife.”

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Thumb neons 01 April 2013, 23:34

who would want to get his hand dirty with him?

Thumb benzona 02 April 2013, 01:01

My grandma slipped on a banana. Israel put it there. I fell in the stairs yesterday, Israel made it shiny and slippery....

Thumb rover98 02 April 2013, 01:13

At least the man does not worship his leader.

Missing rudy 02 April 2013, 21:50

yahya maybe you should try it if its that nice.

we need less people who think like you and more people who generally think getting hit that getting hit by a bullet is bad.

Missing maroun 02 April 2013, 03:57

your dirty kind would.

Missing maroun 02 April 2013, 09:55

FT the truth hurts ..go and find a dole and play with it

Missing maroun 02 April 2013, 12:31

doll*..a barbie best for you ..

Thumb sarkis 02 April 2013, 11:28

Hezballah dont like this kaafir sunni , obviously, watch out for a hezb attempt to cause strife in lebanon now that things are not going their way

Missing antibiotic 23 June 2013, 21:18

SHIA who else

Thumb benzona 02 April 2013, 01:11

Didide et impera!

Missing thinkingleb 02 April 2013, 04:10

Finally anonymetxasusa some here actually thinks beyond the obvious and looks beyond what they are led to believe. Everything has to have it opposite Israel needs H.A. They need Israel and everyone needs a place to play. Playground Lebanon. Till the day the Lebanese wake up and realise we can control our own destiny we will remain the toys of Israel Saudi Iran USA and any one else with the need to beat their chest but don't want their house messed up

Default-user-icon Chouchti Mdawayi (Guest) 02 April 2013, 04:54

Those Sunnis are really, really, really LOSING IT, and thereby getting crazier and crazier and crazier. This is in addition to being filthier than the filthiest filth. If they do not attack and kill people of other religions or sects, they do it to other Sunni crazies (and they have all become CRAZY). allouchti, geha, primesuspect, haloummou YA AHL AL SUNNA. The JIHAD is calling you. Sharpen your daggers and 3ALEHOM! allhou BOOM BLAST akbar. By the way, gabby1425 is still stuck in his diatribe of utter... well... umm... duh... stupidities? Poor gabbaguybo. The innumerable demise of the ASSad regime is starting to get to that void ball that is sitting between his shoulders.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 02 April 2013, 18:08

correct me if I'm wrong but on top of the STL presenting evidence of HA's involvement. HA has been caught red handed several times now in Lebanon. how people still deny HA's involvement is beyond me but then I realize we are speaking of Lebanese who have selective memory and are willing to accept any conspiracy theory with absolutely zero evidence all the while calling actual evidence fabricated.

Missing peace 02 April 2013, 18:54

hezbis are indirectly allied with israel as both cannot accept a strong lebanon! they both need a divided lebanon to better rule it... hezbi needs a weak lebanon to keep its arms and do whatever they want without any fear! and israel to thrive economically without a competitor in the region!

so yes hezbis are allied with israel on that matter!!! but blind FPMers don t see that, they only see their little interests....