Christian Leaders Decide to Halt Elections' Nomination, Suspend Talks on Orthodox Proposal

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Christian leaders meeting in Bkirki on Wednesday decided not to submit any nomination for a parliamentary elections based on the 1960's law, announcing the suspension of discussions over the Orthodox Gathering's proposal.

"The leaders consider that the 1960's law further strengthens injustice against Christians,” a released statement after the meeting explained.

Bkirki Spokesperson Walid Ghayyad added that Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel will be asked to stop receiving candidacies for an elections based on this law.

Meanwhile, Free Patriotic Movement MP Alain Aoun said after the meeting that legal means will be looked into to halt the nomination process.

Ghayyad told reporters that discussions over the Orthodox proposal will be suspended until the time limit for submitting nominations is over.

He noted that Christian parties are open to discuss any proposal that assures true representation.

“A technical postponement of the parliamentary elections is accepted to allow time for adopting a new law,” the Bkirki spokesperson announced.

LBCI television added that Charbel has informed the Christian leaders that he will send a note to President Michel Suleiman, Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati and Speaker Nabih Berri announcing that he cannot hold the elections on time.

MP Aoun noted: “We want an election based on a new law and we are open to discussing a consensual proposal”.

“We must give a chance for true representation and for a law that gains Lebanese consensus,” Phalange bloc MP Sami Gemayel expressed.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Forces MP George Adwan stressed that all efforts must be exerted to adopt a new law.

He pointed out: “It has become clear that we are getting closer to agreeing on a hybrid suggestion”.

Al-Rahi will send a delegation of bishops to Baabda Palace to share with Suleiman the conclusions of Wednesday's meeting, LBCI said, remarking also that a phone conversation was held between the head of the Christian church and the president of the republic during Wednesday's meeting.

An Nahar newspaper had said earlier on Wednesday that Suleiman will call for a session for the caretaker cabinet next week that would focus on the preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections based on the 1960 law.

The president rejects renewing the tenure of the current parliament and his visitors quoted him saying that he will not allow to be labeled as “the president that failed to preserve the constitution and laws”.

Sources told the daily that the deadline for candidates to submit their nominations to the parliamentary elections is expected to be extended to April 20.

The rival parties have so far failed to agree on an electoral draft-law as the resignation of Miqati last month complicated the political crisis in Lebanon.

The March 8 coalition is holding on to the so-called Orthodox Gathering draft as the only alternative to the 1960 law, however, the proposal was rejected by Suleiman, Miqati, al-Mustaqbal bloc, the National Struggle Front of MP Walid Jumblat, and the March 14 opposition’s Christian independent MPs.

The polls are likely to be postponed if the parliament gives the green light to the proposal that divides Lebanon into a single district and allows each sect to vote for its own MPs under a proportional representation system.

Suleiman and Miqati have signed a decree that sets the elections on June 9 according to the 1960 law, which is based on winner-takes-all system, over the lack of agreement between the bickering parliamentary blocs, drawing by this the ire of the March 8 majority coalition.

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Thumb liberty 03 April 2013, 21:39

Shouldn't AL Rahi be praying instead of putting his nose in politics? The same goes to all religious figures!!!!!!

Missing rudy 04 April 2013, 08:30

Za2if are you high? When did anyone EVER look at politics and say: what a shame all the priests and sheikhs don't have a say. Let's stop everything and ask them before we do something from now on

Thumb mckinl 03 April 2013, 22:06

"The polls are likely to be postponed if the parliament gives the green light to the proposal that divides Lebanon into a single district and allows each sect to vote for its own MPs under a proportional representation system."

The polls are MORE likely to be postponed if a hybrid electoral law is passed ... The Orthodox Law would be much easier to implement as the only variable would be affiliation parties and not districts.

The only fact on the ground is that only the Jumblat PSP would prefer the 1960 Law. All the other major parties have discredited the 1960 Law. It is Jumblat and the boycott that are holding the country hostage.

Thumb lebanon_first 03 April 2013, 22:14

Jumby represents only 3% of the population. why does he make so much noise? Even Orthodox christians are more numerous than druzes, but yet they stay put and accept what the bigger sects decide for the sake of the country. Why do we give so much air time to Jumby?

Thumb mckinl 03 April 2013, 22:31

Jumby has the swing votes to give either M8 or M14. Jumby is also a favorite of foreign governments that wish to influence social, political or business interests in Lebanon.

Jumby's time in the "catbirds seat" may however be limited. HA and Hariri have initiated talks. Both are tired of Jumby and his non-stop posturing to squeeze concessions for his political machine.

Jumby's recent tirade over the Telecom and Energy portfolios as well as his submission of bankster Kassar as Premier has opened wide Jumby's plans to further his graft machine ...

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 03 April 2013, 22:39

it's not only jumblat. It's also mustaqbal and the independent M14 christians. The 3 combined were able to put a stop to the law. If either of the groups had approved it, Jumblat wouldn't have a say so in the matter. Please don't mistake my comment as support for the law as I don't agree with it.

Thumb mckinl 03 April 2013, 23:28

@ lebanonfirst

The Orthodox Law has not been stopped ... it is still on the agenda of Parliament ...

One need only look at those who support the Orthodox Law to see that it has deep support ...

FPM, Amal, Ha, LF, Kataeb and smaller parties all support the Orthodox Law ... a clear majority ...

It will be up to Future to propose a plan that will represent an acceptable alternative which means they will have to compromise.

Let's be clear ... the Orthodox Plan not only gathers Christians but all other dispersed sects ... Jumblat benefits from this dilution.

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 03 April 2013, 23:46

i wonder why? as for the 3%,i'd like to have a count of each sect in lebanon just to have an idea about each canton.
jumblat is a fox ,no doubt about it,he already knows the geographical borders of his canton,including the syrian druzes,about 600,000,the palestinian druzes ,about 200.000,becose israel dont want any non jews to stay in palestine...its a long story...a lot of etnic cleansing...and assad will remain in power for a loooong time,just to help implementing the kessinger plan...sorry if i hurt the feeling of anybody...i'm repeating myself, its just a reminder.

Thumb lebanon_first 03 April 2013, 22:09

Rahi did the excellent job of grouping christians and tempering Aoun's singleminded pursuit of the orthodox law. Now they are talking hybrid law, and this should be acceptable to sunnites. Maybe we would get an electoral law after all. I agree that religious figures should not interfere in politics, but in this case, Rahi is such a positive person that his interference is indispensable.
I am impressed by how he TEMPERED the christian extrimist position held by Aoun, I wish some sunni cheikhs learn from him and stop inciting hatred and extremism in mosqs.

Default-user-icon The Old Bear (Guest) 04 April 2013, 03:17

Jumblat has given the druze in Lebanon (and himself and his party)much more power than they should have by the numbers which means he has succeeded as a political leader.

Missing rudy 04 April 2013, 08:40


Missing rudy 04 April 2013, 08:42

Yalla now put your aluminium foil hat back on and go play with your imaginary friends while the grown ups talk