Nasrallah Meets Khamenei in Iran, to Make Televised Address in May

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A meeting was held recently between Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Central News Agency reported on Saturday.

According to the news agency, Nasrallah held talks with senior Iranian officials during his visit to Tehran, where he met with Khamenei.

It pointed out that the “secret” visit was held two weeks ago.

Sources rejected in comments to the news agency to reveal the nature of the meetings held by Nasrallah or the details of his visit.

The news agency also reported that Nasrallah will have a televised appearance on May 9 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Hizbullah's al-Nour radio station.

Nasrallah's last televised speech was on February 27 to deny rumors that he had been transferred to Iran for treatment after falling ill.

Iran, Syria and their ally Hizullah are considered as the “axis of resistance” in the region.

Media reports said that Iran and Hizbullah have played a role in supporting President Bashar Assad's regime against the rebels since the outbreak of the revolt in March 2011.

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Missing thatisit 20 April 2013, 17:02

great - now we have to wait until may to find out if there is war or not .. lebanon is such a great county in the hands of nousraallah , assad, khamenii and aoun

Thumb banima3roof 20 April 2013, 17:28

The news agency also reported that Nasrallah will have a televised appearance on May 9 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Hizbullah's al-Nour radio station.

lol his last record was falling on the records chart. it is time for a new album and they always find a holy occasion to give a speech. anniversary of al nour radio station is the occasion, are you kidding me? lol

Thumb banima3roof 20 April 2013, 20:27

shiaa passports to heaven!

Missing helicopter 20 April 2013, 21:02

I am sure the salafists are upset because their monopoly on issuing passports to heaven has been broken. I wonder if they share the same heaven or each have their own? The Mind is such a treasure, and those having a sane one are so scarce in our beloved levant.

Thumb Elemental 20 April 2013, 17:12

He went back to his homeland for a vacation.

Default-user-icon johar (Guest) 20 April 2013, 18:21

stay in IRAN you Iranian puppet

Thumb phoenician 20 April 2013, 18:43

Axis of evil, Partition please.

Default-user-icon Bass_ba'a (Guest) 20 April 2013, 19:31

Eeefffffttt... I'm so tired of this

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 20 April 2013, 20:46

some go to iran others go to saudieh and both of them go here and there
at a certain degree all of our so called politicians are agents , muppets where their strings arte attached outside Lebanon

Missing helicopter 20 April 2013, 21:05

I doubt it. It is more to strategize on how to survive and thrive given the changes in Syria. He formed his own state within Lebanon and he is conducting his foreign policy (Summit).

Default-user-icon RegionalMan (Guest) 20 April 2013, 21:23

we wait and see!

Default-user-icon Reginal1112 (Guest) 20 April 2013, 21:27


Missing reginal1112 20 April 2013, 21:29

we shall wait and see!

Missing reginal1112 20 April 2013, 21:35

It is not 3adeh! you are talking "the Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei" what they say, they do... not just anybody else...

Thumb andre.jabbour 20 April 2013, 21:49

FSA should bomb his plane on his way back from Tehran. Fight terrorism with terrorism! Lebanon, Syria, and the world would be after withou him!

Thumb andre.jabbour 20 April 2013, 21:52

LOL!!!! Ironic and funny.

Missing akkar1 20 April 2013, 22:28

Ft the difference is harrir or ksa dont want to make lebanon a sunni only country when on the other hand we know what iran and nasrallahs hiden intentions are

Missing peace 20 April 2013, 23:29

what is fantastic with moron M8ers like FT is that they criticize M14 leaders to go to KSA but never when nassy goes to iran... stupid people they are... never consistent with their opinions but rather adapt them according to what suits them best....

if they were really outrage by hariri going to KSA they should ALSO be outraged by nassy going to iran... but they say "3adeh"...

CONCLUSION: they are NO better than those they criticize despite their lecturing to others which prove their stupidity and hypocrisy....
so FT better SHUT UP.....

Thumb kanaandian 20 April 2013, 22:44

jizzmeini, i call him...

Missing maroun 21 April 2013, 00:38

FT ,Hariri is in KSA or paris due to your M8 and allies want him dead.

Missing maroun 21 April 2013, 01:59

facts are facts FT you are as demented as your general..i can only see M14 leaders been killed prove me otherwise.

Missing peace 21 April 2013, 02:06

don t worry maroun, FT is gonna say that M14 kill M14 to accuse M8... that is how their demented sick minds work....

Missing maroun 21 April 2013, 00:59

he was getting instruction on how to destroy Lebanon.

Missing peace 21 April 2013, 01:00

with the help of aoun and his sheep followers like FT....

Missing VINCENT 21 April 2013, 01:38

Paul: It sure seems that way, but I am not so sure if all the blame lies fairly on the shoulders of the Lebanese people. The wealthy regional countries and their counterpart super powers have a lot to say who gets elected. If the don't succeed, then they assassinate our politicians.

Missing VINCENT 21 April 2013, 04:24

Paul: well said re. "the solution is a all-faiths independent party with fresh faces and honest hard-working people".

Default-user-icon ReaLeb (Guest) 21 April 2013, 04:48

Josh Bustany grew up in the USA most of his life. Unreal!!!

Default-user-icon larry from northridge (Guest) 21 April 2013, 09:51

When I read the lebanese papersall I ever see are comments lamenting hesb influence and behavior. Every picture I see from lebanon shows everybody shooting his ak in the air ( never at anyone though). Why dont you each take your gun and shoot a hesb, instead of just complaining and waiting for Israel to do it for you ? They're not that careful, when they shoot you lebs, so you'd be wise to shoot the hesb yourself.

Thumb barbar 21 April 2013, 16:17

The logic: Just because one Sunni did something awful, automatically all Sunnis are bad. Nice one

Thumb shab 21 April 2013, 21:34

raw7a bala raj3a