Pilgrims' Families Threaten to Rally near Embassies Backing Syria Opposition

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The families of the nine Lebanese pilgrims held in Syria's Aazaz region held a sit-in on Thursday in front of the French Embassy in Beirut to pressure France to exert efforts to release the captives.

They said in a statement: “We will escalate our actions and stage sit-ins in front of the embassies of all countries that support the Syrian opposition.”

They explained that they shifted their sit-in from in front of the Turkish Airlines offices in downtown Beirut to the French Embassy out of respect of the funeral of late caricaturist Pierre Sadek.

The funeral is expected to be held at St. Georges Church that is located in downtown Beirut near the Turkish Airlines offices.

The statement added: “France is among the countries that support the Syrian opposition and it boasts about respecting human and animal rights, which is what we are seeking to remind the French ambassador of.”

“The French government's actions do not reflect its respect for human rights and France, as well as Turkey, is responsible for the ongoing abduction of the pilgrims through its support to the opposition,” it said.

They added that they will stage a sit-in and erect tents in front of the Turkish Embassy, but did not disclose a date for their action.

On Wednesday, caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour had held talks with Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon Inan Ozyildiz to discuss the abduction, reported the Central News Agency.

The minister said after the meeting: “We do not hold Turkey responsible for the kidnapping, but we know that it plays a major role in backing the armed Syrian opposition.”

Lebanon is keen on its “solid” ties with Turkey and it does not want them to deteriorate over the failure to release the pilgrims, he told the ambassador.

Earlier this month, the relatives of the nine men vowed to target Turkish interests in Lebanon, calling on the citizens to boycott all Turkish products.

They threatened to protest near Beirut's Rafik Hariri International Airport and to halt inbound and outbound flights.

Eleven pilgrims were kidnapped in May 2012 in northern Syria's Aleppo province as they returned by land from a pilgrimage in Iran. Two of them were released in August and September.

They were later taken to the Aleppo town of Aazaz.

The kidnapping was claimed by a man who identified himself as Abu Ibrahim and says he is a member of the rebel Free Syrian Army, but the opposition group denies any involvement in the abductions.

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Missing karim_m3 25 April 2013, 12:47

May I suggest the Saudi Arabian embassy, Lebanon's main hub of terrorism, and responsible for the import of Fatah al Islam, Al Qaeda, Shaker Al Absi, the February 14 Saudi-Wahabi coalition, and various other assortments of terrorists.

Thumb banima3roof 25 April 2013, 15:21

wow these illiterate people are so brainwashed that they are being used for political purposes! for the millions of millions of times go ask nasrallah to apologize, he can swallow his pride and do it and that might assist in their release. ask nasrallah to withdraw his hizib el laat from syria and that might also help your cause. otherwise, yalla 3al zreebi

Missing mohammad_ca 25 April 2013, 15:47

how about you stop your fallacies and ask Nasrocrap to apologize for supporting ASSad and pull out his men from Syria.

Default-user-icon Ziad (Guest) 25 April 2013, 13:43

Let me start by saying that i don't envy the situation of these poor families who are victims of circumstances. But can someone pls shed some light as to why these families are putting pressure on everyone but the only people who are meant to protect the Lebanese people (in case you are wondering i am referring to the Lebanese govt). What do the Turcks or the French have to do with this? why don't the families go after Hizbullah who's sending fighters to Syria or the Assir & Co who are passing on fatwas calling for jihad! i call for a fatwa and jihad against Assir & Co and Hizbullah who are dragging our country to the abbys....

Missing mohammad_ca 25 April 2013, 15:48

or they can protest nasrocrap to pull out his men from Syria.

Default-user-icon gingha (Guest) 25 April 2013, 15:56

But why the f... do you travel through a country of war in the first place?????

Thumb shab 25 April 2013, 17:35

The ZakZaks are out on a picnic. They will have to hurry, as the whole world supports FSA