Saniora: Nasrallah Has Steered Lebanon towards Conflict in the Region

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The head of the Mustaqbal bloc MP Fouad Saniora slammed on Sunday Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's speech, saying that it has taken Lebanon on a “new and dangerous” track.

He said in a statement: “Nasrallah has steered Lebanon towards the conflict in the region.”

“He is supporting the Syrian regime at Iran's behest because it wants Hizbullah to serve as a base for it in Lebanon and the region,” he remarked.

The MP also slammed Nasrallah's “excuse” that the party is taking part in the fighting in Syria in order to protect Lebanese people residing in Syrian villages and religious shrines in the neighboring country.

“His actions are jeopardizing, not protecting, them,” Saniora noted.

“We seek the best ties with Iran, but based on mutual respect,” he added.

“This should relationship should not be based on implementing Iranian orders and achieving its interests because that will jeopardize Lebanon's civil peace,” he warned.

Moreover, he questioned “the Syrian regime's sudden interest to liberate the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights after over 40 years of calm in the area.”

“We have long said that we are proud to confront Israeli assaults, but on condition that such decisions be taken by the Lebanese state and not Nasrallah's actions that are allowing arms to flow freely in Lebanon,” Saniora added.

In addition, he predicted that the Hizbullah leader's stances will impact Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam's efforts to form a new government.

In his speech on Thursday, Nasrallah vowed to back “the Syrian popular resistance” in the Golan Heights.

“Just as Syria stood by Lebanon, we in the resistance declare that we will stand by the Syrian popular resistance that is aimed at liberating the Syrian Golan,” he said.

He also announced that the party is “ready to receive any game-changing weapons and we're competent to possess and protect such type of weapons and we will use them to defend our people.”

Nasrallah said the shipments of new types of weapons would serve as the Syrian reaction to Israel's airstrikes in the neighboring country last week. Syria has long been a conduit for Iranian weapons bound for Hizbullah.

Israeli officials say the Lebanese group has tens of thousands of rockets, but that most of them are unguided. Israeli officials said the shipments targeted in Syria twice last week included precision-guided missiles.

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Thumb geha 12 May 2013, 11:45

latest news: several hizbushaitan elite fighters have been and injured.

Thumb geha 12 May 2013, 12:43

your name defines you :)
you are free to believe or not :) but that remains the truth, thanks to hizbushaitan sending Lebanese young men to die in Syria.

Missing peace 12 May 2013, 14:05

"Hasn't that been your(mustahabal) goal all along?
Importing, harboring,arming & financing the terrorists from Lebanon."

stupid comments , just assumptions as usual....

you forgot what aoun used to say about islmaist groups sent by syria to lebanon to create chaos... it does not surprise me as all aounists have become amnesic.....

Thumb primesuspect 12 May 2013, 16:05

He's no Mexican, he's no Chihuahua or Chiapas.

Missing peace 12 May 2013, 16:24

"no relationship whatsoever to that article, or to what sanioura said"

as for that part it is normal that i refer to your aoun saying that syrians imported terrorism in lebanon, as the roar was writing only sinioura did... of course it does not please you so you write your BS as usual... poor thing

Missing peace 13 May 2013, 00:50

you are pathetic in your desperate and ridiculous attempts to defend orangina... funny that he said hezbollah was a terrorist militia just before he came to lebanon then one year later he allied with them forgetting everything miraculously.....curious only a few months before his arrival he asked for the disarmement of ALL armed parties and now defend their arms! LOL

so i guess hezbis changed in a few months , from a terrorist party to a resistant one! how convenient for your propaganda!

just reread the BS you are writing, it only proves that you are illogic... lobotomized i guess when aoun arrived in lebanon....
pathetic you are and pathetic you ll remain....

Default-user-icon JC Williams (Guest) 12 May 2013, 17:07

The United States,Qatar,Turkey and Saudi Arabia are not to blame? And if Israel attacks like they have before, it is Hezbollah's fault for being attacked? What does Saniora think about Israeli violations of Lebanese and Strian airspace whenever they want? How about murdering dozens of Syrian soldiers and injuring over a hundred, Is that Nasrallah's fault? This clown, this collaborating puppet should have his mouth washed out with soap, he should be spanked like a child for pretending to be a man, a lebanese man. He should wear a dress. You really need new leaders!

Missing peace 12 May 2013, 21:45

i would say not only those you mention but all the lebanese politicians are just making sure lebanese are kept poor and subservient so they can fill their pockets at ease......

Thumb LebDinosaur 12 May 2013, 23:12

"Nasrallah has steered Lebanon towards the conflict in the region.”

He has been doing this for the past 10 years, if not longer. Why is it taking so long to call a spade a spade. The international community laughs at us that we can't stand-up to Hezb. They are the enemy and they are among us.

Missing phillipo 13 May 2013, 14:56

How true

Default-user-icon Maxx (Guest) 13 May 2013, 20:45

"To defend our people". Yeah. Right. May 2008 style. Scum.