Two Held in Lebanon for Smuggling Relics from Syria Cemeteries, Churches

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The General Directorate of General Security on Thursday announced that it has busted a network that has been smuggling antiquities from Syria into Lebanon.

“After the GDGS received a tip-off and after reporting to the Public Prosecution, a unit from the directorate's information affairs bureau raided a hideout containing a quantity of stolen relics,” it said in a statement.

“After assigning an expert from the Ministry of Culture, at the state prosecutor's request, it turned out that these relics date to the Byzantine, Roman and Aramaic eras,” the statement added.

During the raid, General Security agents managed to arrest two members of the smuggling network, “who confessed that the antiquities were stolen from cemeteries in Palmyra and churches in Homs.”

The General Security is pursuing the rest of the network's members in order to arrest them and refer them to the relevant judicial authorities, the statement added.

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Thumb benzona 16 May 2013, 21:44

If it were in Lebanon, minister Gaby Layoun would be very forgiving....

Allah yi semih the thieves.... Digging in graveyards is unforgivable.

Thumb benzona 16 May 2013, 22:14

Look at the pics, the artifacts are beautiful.

Default-user-icon DCNZogh (Guest) 17 May 2013, 03:13

In the words of Father Georges Massouh "Forgive them NOT, for they know what they do."