One Killed, Three Wounded in Fire in Akkar

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A child was killed and three people were wounded in a fire that broke out in a warehouse storing fuel in the town of al-Haysa in the northern region of Akkar, reported the National News Agency Friday.

It said that Ali Hussein al-Rashid was killed in the blaze that erupted in the warehouse of Hussein Mohammed al-Rashid, who was injured in the incident.

The two other wounded have been identified as Ahmed al-Dennaoui and Suleiman Qaddour.

They have since been transported to hospital for treatment.

Head of the Civil Defense in the area Michel Estefan was injured in the incident.

His wounds were treated at hospital and he has since been discharged.

The blaze was caused by an explosion in the warehouse, with the Civil Defense urging citizens against storing fuel and other flammable material in residential areas.

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