Zahra: FPM Seeking to Achieve Political Gains, Not Electoral Law

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Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra slammed on Friday the Free Patriotic Movement's campaign against the party, saying that it is seeking to reach an agreement over a parliamentary electoral law that enjoys the consensus of all sides.

He said during a press conference in response to the FPM campaign: “The Movement is seeking to achieve political gains, not an agreement over an electoral law.”

“The LF is keen on Christians and the whole of Lebanon in that it seeks to fortify the entire country” and not just achieve personal interests, he explained.

It is therefore working on reaching an agreement over an electoral law that enjoys the consensus of all sides, added the MP.

Zahra accused the FPM of misleading the public, saying: “They promise the people with paradise and then hold others responsible for failing to reach it.”

He stated that the FPM is attempting to tarnish the image of the LF in order to make political gains for the elections, which will be held according to the 1960 law that has been rejected by all powers.

In addition, he lauded Speaker Nabih Berri on behalf of LF leader Samir Geagea for “his keenness to reach an electoral law that enjoys consensus.”

On the Orthodox Gathering electoral law, Zahra said the LF no longer supported it because it became clear to it that it can never be implemented.

“We will vote for the Orthodox Gathering law as a last resort if we fail to reach an agreement over another one,” he revealed.

“We will vote for it even though we know that it cannot be implemented,” he stressed.

The Orthodox draft considers Lebanon a single district and stipulates that each sect elects its own MPs under on a proportional representation system,.

The proposal was backed by the FPM, Marada Movement, Phalange Party, and LF.

It was rejected by President Michel Suleiman, caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati, the Mustaqbal Movement, MP Walid Jumblat's National Struggle Front, and the independent Christian March 14 lawmakers.

A parliament session that was scheduled for Wednesday to vote on the law was suspended due to a lack of quorum after those opposing the proposal announced that they will boycott the meeting.

FPM members have since slammed the move, accusing the LF of squandering the rights of Christians.

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Thumb cedar 17 May 2013, 14:35

Sorry but how is Aoun misleading?
MP basil quoted the numbers out loud... The numbers indicated that when the m14 alliance was in charge the Christian positions in government body's dropped . The time the FPM and its m8 allies the Christian positions increased... So how are they manipulating the facts? The facts are black and white on paper that when the LF runs the show, Christian rights are sold, and when FPM runs the show they appear according to the official information to improve! So by saying anything other then that is a fallacy .

Missing peace 17 May 2013, 16:39

lol that is why aoun out of kindness gave to shia some positions that were normally held by christians... and FPM talks about christian rights???? LOL waht a farce.....

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 00:07

"but it seems i was right in seeing your sectarian BS hidden under lots of secular hogwash"

poor Ft.... no logic whatsoever only full of BS...
isn t it your orangina who shouts he defends the rights of the christians? YES: it is a fact...

and as a defender of the christians then why did he let some chias take the positions of christians... if not by political calculations and to please his friends...

i am just stating the incoherence of the one you are hopelessly devoted to and not talking sectarianism but your twisted mind cannot grab that, too complex for you....
so move on and see a shrink...

Default-user-icon Eshbikon Mouderyanin (Guest) 17 May 2013, 16:00

Dr. Anoine Arreet 7akeh Zahra blamed Le Michel Aoun for causing the "dragging" of Christians to the original Taef accord. This time, Dr. Antoine Arreet 7akeh Zahra blamed these Le Michels for the causing the dragging of the "remaining real Christians" to the new version called the "Tafa7 al-Kayl accord with Mafia Hariri and Mafia Jumblat": Cardinal Le Michel al-Rahi, President Le Michel Gemayel, Le Michel Beik Franjiyeh and of course Le Michel Aoun, and many identified Le Michels. Dr. Antoine Arreet 7akeh Zahra hearts Jumblat for being a minority that's unjustly represented in Metn and Chouf, not to mention the unjustly-robbed al-Mustaqbal!!! You go, Drs. Arreeteen 7akeh. We, the overly-blessed Christians, love your generosity. Surely the poverty-stricken "ma7roumin wa manhoubin" Jumblat and Hariri appreciate your Karitasiism at the expense of the real Christians even more. We don't have to think, talk or act because we have Drs. Arreetteen 7akeh to do these for us!!!

Missing peace 17 May 2013, 16:40

and it seems you have a fixation on geagea!!!
so please cut your lecturing others while you do the SAME thing... be modest it would be a sign of wisdom but i doubt you understand that word! LOL

Missing peace 17 May 2013, 16:46

and the same old FPM tactics: refering to the civil war when they cannot find any other arguments... tell us if aoun was all white during the civil war? didn t he shell achrafieh randomly killing dozens of civilians? LOL...
and all the M8 allies you have were all white during the civil war? nobody killed anybody or gave orders to do so?

so find other arguments please and stop your stupid propaganda making only present M14 people responsible for the civil war and its massacres as if you wanted a revenge stupid FPMer....

Thumb lebnanfirst 17 May 2013, 18:04

That Aoun maintains his stance regarding the Orthodox Gathering electoral proposal is bewildering. It flies in the face of the reality in Lebanon and the Middle East. Simply put, to seek a sectarian methodology for electing representatives, while on the face of it beneficial to Lebanon’s Christians, when the majority of Lebanon’s citizens are Moslems is a very temporary bandage at best. At the moment the majority of Shiites (Hizballah mainly and Amal however reluctant Berri is) are backing the proposal because they are busy with the execution of Iran’s schemes and need a Christian fig leaf that the FPM is providing. When the dust settles, one can be certain that those same Shiite powers will turn their attention to impugning the 50-50 equation of power sharing and will use the Orthodox Gathering proposal if it ever became law to prove that numerically speaking the political equation must be changed.

Thumb lebnanfirst 17 May 2013, 18:05

When that happens, they will most likely demand a tri-partite equation along the lines of 40-30-30 with the 40% going to the Shiites. That is not to the advantage of the Christians in the long run. It is a fact that Lebanon is a country based on the coexistence of two main religions and several diverse sects. If one considers each different sect as an independent entity but also one that is part of a whole that is the state of Lebanon, then it would make sense to employ something akin to the Orthodox proposal as a means to elect a constituent senate to represent each entity much as each two senators in the US senate represent each state regardless of demographics. In the senate then the Christians can have 50% to the Moslems 50% while the house will reflect the demographics of the state of Lebanon. Such a senate should be established with significant powers to act as the arbiter when the representatives in the house slip into internecine infighting.

Thumb lebnanfirst 17 May 2013, 18:05

The senate will also act as a guarantor that no law gets passed based on any religious basis be that the Shari’a or the Bible or anything else religious. The senate will be what guarantees that Lebanon remains a democratic and diverse country, one that upholds the rights of individuals and equality among all its citizens especially between men and women. It is high time we Lebanese get rid of the undue influence of religious institutions in our daily lives and shed the dependency of wasta and bakhshish to get anything done. From the daily interactions one has with fellow Lebanese friends, neighbors and acquaintances one gets the feeling that the people are ready while our legacy politicians and religious figures are dragging their feet and fighting all the way. The body politics of Lebanon is starting to move and the head better follow else it should be discarded behind us as we move towards our destiny and onto our future.

Missing peace 17 May 2013, 23:50

"it also seems that it's halal for you to return to the past but haram for M8ers to use it in their examples."

return to the past? have they started a civil war i am not aware of? enlighten us...

oh! and as usual you did NOT answer my questions... as usual when you know you are stuck by facts you avoid them carefully and resort to lame and preposterous arguments only based on the sick assumptions of your FPM neuroneless brain...

Missing peace 17 May 2013, 23:53

"i have a fixation on paid propagandists who polish the knob of traitors. nothing wrong with that."

OH propagandist? LOL... so if asking you if all M8ers were clean during the civil war meaning they also all participated in massacres is propaganda then you have the sickest and most disturbed mind on this site....

then answer this "propaganda" of mine: no M8ers were involved in killings during the civil war? only LF people?

poor FT getting more ridiculous by the day...