Pakistan Mosque Bombs Kill Eight

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Twin bomb attacks on Friday killed at least eight people outside mosques in northwest Pakistan, where the party of cricket star Imran Khan is forming a coalition government, officials said.

The blasts took place near two mosques in the Baazdara area of northwestern Malakand region, senior local administration official Amjad Ali Khan told Agence France Presse.

"The blasts killed at least eight people and wounded more than 30 others," Khan said. It was not immediately clear whether the bombs were planted or suicide attacks.

He said local officials are having problems reaching the far-flung, mountainous area and there is no mobile phone coverage.

Local police official Riaz Khan confirmed eight people had been killed and more than 30 others wounded in the attacks.

Northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is on the frontline of a nearly seven-year Taliban insurgency and abuts the semi-autonomous tribal belt where Pakistani troops are fighting against homegrown militants.

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Missing youssefhaddad 17 May 2013, 17:07

Question for these zealous Muslims who kill people in Mosques: Isn't this more outrageous and offensive to Islam than burning a Quran?

Missing 17 May 2013, 18:05

It is not only outtrageous and offensive but outright criminal.

Missing komodo 17 May 2013, 21:58

"Islam" suits these people very nicely which has nothing to do with religion in the hands of these people. The religion has been tainted and infected by cancer. Arabs need to form a coalition and think about ways to overhaul Islam and take it away from these worthless pieces of poo poo occupying our space and breathing our air on Earth.

Thumb benzona 17 May 2013, 19:40

Israel did it.... According to mr sewers.

Missing komodo 17 May 2013, 21:49

I agree, and I think Churchill had a finger in it too.

Missing yakoub 17 May 2013, 23:35

Made by the group the christian US created.