March 14 Independent MPs to Submit Candidacies if Electoral Subcommittee Fails to Reach Consensus

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Independent March 14 lawmakers considered on Saturday that the meetings of the electoral subcommittee will lead to vacuum as foes are sharply divided over the new electoral law, pointing out that they may run their candidacies based on the 1960 law if the rivals fail to agree on an vote law.

The MPs hailed the efforts exerted by the rival parties to facilitate holding a parliamentary session to agree on an electoral law, expressing concern over the discussions between the electoral subcommittee members on the extension of the parliament's term.

“Our political system is based on voting and the majority should win any vote on the matter,” a statement issued the independent lawmakers said.

The MPs rejected to link setting a date for a parliamentary session based on a unanimous decision taken by the members of the electoral subcommittee.

The meeting that was held at the residence of MP Butros Harb revealed that if the foes failed to reach common ground over a new electoral law then the March 14 independent MPs will submit their candidacies based on the 1960 electoral law.

The attendees also agreed to exert efforts to achieve best representation, in particular for Christians, which would maintain coexistence.

They warned of any “constitutional vacancy,” which will have a negative impact on the country.

The parliament's electoral subcommittee has been holding consecutive meetings since Wednesday under the auspices of Speaker Nabih Berri in an attempt to reach consensus over the matter.

An amended version of the 1960 law was adopted in the 2009 parliamentary elections, but the majority of the political blocs are refusing to adopt it for this year's polls.

The Orthodox Gathering law has meanwhile been rejected by President Michel Suleiman, caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati, the Mustaqbal bloc, MP Walid Jumblat's National Struggle Front, and independent Christian March 14 MPs.

The Orthodox draft law, which considers Lebanon a single electoral district and allows each sect to vote for its own MPs under a proportional representation system, is strongly backed by Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement.

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Default-user-icon Ziganur Betaksin (Guest) 18 May 2013, 15:41

I didn't know the independent March 14 nobodies are also Le Michels, a label Dr. Antoine Arreet 7akeh Zahra described in his most recent press conference! I thought Le Michels were exclusively the following: Cardinal Le Michel al-Rahi, President Le Michel Gemayel, General Le Michel Aoun and Le Michel Beik Franjiyeh. It's good to know that Dr. Antoine Tonton is another version of the real Dr. Arreet 7akeh and his remaining followers, Drs. Arteena Jadbeh.

Missing abraham 18 May 2013, 16:37

how about a new concept called true Democracy
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Missing peace 18 May 2013, 19:32

lebanese should NOT vote to show those inefficient childish incompetent politicians that the nation is fed up with their comedy! but of course there will be still sheep to follow their leaders and once again getting fooled by them....

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 19:36

"you cashed your saudi checks early"
typical comment of a loser who spits his hatred based on his FPM brainless assumptions and criticize the others of doing the same LOL!!!!!

give us evidence of your BS then you d be credible... seems you are a desperate loser...

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 20:47

the roar: sorry to interrupt your nice conversation with splash but one thing bothers me with you FPMers...

how come aoun and his follwers labeled HA as terrosists for years and all of a sudden the year after he arrived in lebanon you say HA are true patriots? they did not change in a year s time!
seems you all suffer from alzheimer....
so you see why FPM cannot be credible?

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:14

you are talking about the year 2000 ok, the majority of lebanese were with them, i was among the first ones to go to khiam in 2000!

but i am talking about aoun in 2003 (this is only one example) who still said they were terrorists... and after until 2005 when he returned to lebanon...

so your arguments do not answer my question: why just before he returned to lebanon HA were a terrorist militia to be disarmed (aoun asked for it!!!!) and all of a sudden he allied with them and considers them as patriots! they did not!!!!

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:38

the roar you can like and worship whoever you want! it is democracy.... but i will always disagree with you on this :)

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 19:37

well if M8 lose the elections which is certain , they will never abide by the results and will once again block the elected gvt...

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 20:39

the same old christian victimization that s been going on since the independence... nothing new under the sun ....

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 20:51


Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:10

"You are cowards who attack your own people."
talking about HA troops who promised NEVER to use their weapons against lebanese? and then came may.... LOL....

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:18

euhh the roar: aoun even if 80 years old is still the leader of the FPM no?
so if you wish that people not talk about him then he should retire and leave his place to another leader who will also be attacked if he carries the same stupid ideas as is politics no?

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:25

the roar: personally i think that if hezbis are to survive politically in lebanon they have to show restraint: it has nothing to do with patriotism... HA thrives because he plays on that "image" but undercover he pulls all the strings and is the source of the lebanese division.... if the lebanese state was strong he could not be so powerful that is why he and his allies are weakening the state and its institutions so HA can play his role as the military wing of iran in lebanon...
he is in no way a patriot as he defends only his power nothing more nothing less... what is the political platform of hezbollah apart from their fake "resistance"? nothing..... they never come up with an economical plan for lebanon nor anything for the welfare of the people...
only their "resistance" is their only motto... no political proposals whatsoever... how is that for "patriotism"? lol

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:36

that is because aounis try to lecture others and depict aoun as the savior of lebanon...and second, when this man was in france he had honorable ideas but as soon as he came to lebanon he forgot them all and allied with his enemy on which he s been spitting on for years.... he has been doing nothing but to block the governements... if he respects the outcome of the election why didn t he wait for the 1st post syrian gvt to come to the end of its tenure to change it? instead he blocked the parliament, made a sit in, backed the resignation of ministers....
instead of allying with M14 and the antisyrians (of which he was part when in france!!!) he deliberately allied with his enemies (oh! yes you ll say he avoided a civil war!lol).

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:37

he tried to sell the image of hezbollah abroad (which he failed finding only closed doors in the USA and europe when they were wide opened to him before!!)

he has allied with the regime that installed corruption and chaos in lebanon which he fiercly attacked before!

see why this man deserves only sarcasms and despise?

Missing peace 18 May 2013, 21:41

freespirit : does this mean you are ready to go at war again? i guess the civil war did not teach you anything! there were no winners only losers in that civil war... the biggest loser being LEBANON!

if so, then you are no better than hezbis!

Missing peace 19 May 2013, 01:30