Germany Would Back Hizbullah Terror Listing

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle supports an initiative for the EU to list the military wing of Hizbullah as a terrorist group, a spokesman said in Berlin Wednesday.

Britain has filed a request to blacklist Hizbullah, which is to be discussed early next month. The United States has labelled Hizbullah a terrorist group for decades.

A German diplomatic source said that "the German position is based on facts that are increasingly crystallizing and on progress made by Cypriot authorities in the investigation of terrorist activities."

Bulgaria has blamed the party for an attack against a tourist bus at the airport of the Black Sea city of Burgas in which five Israeli citizens and the Bulgarian bus driver were killed in July last year.

German foreign ministry spokesman Andreas Peschke told a regular government briefing on Wednesday that "all this has meant that Minister Westerwelle believes that a (terror) listing of at least the military wing of Hizbullah should be supported".

The European Union set up a list of international terrorist organizations after the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

The bloc freezes the assets of groups and individuals that have committed or are known to be planning terrorist acts such as attacks or taking hostages, and bans financial support for them.

On Tuesday, an EU diplomat close to the matter said the bloc hoped to clinch an agreement on putting Hizbullah on the list "by the end of June."

The United States said on Tuesday it does not differentiate between Hizbullah's armed and political wings as it again urged Europe to blacklist the group.

Currently, Britain and the Netherlands are the only EU nations to have placed Hizbullah on their own lists of terrorist groups.

Some EU members including France have been reluctant to take action against Hizbullah, arguing that this could destabilize Lebanon, and fearing reprisals against U.N. forces in southern Lebanon.

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Missing maroun1 22 May 2013, 18:43

Dont just talk, go ahead and put them on the list. You should have done it a long time ago.

Missing maroun1 22 May 2013, 19:14

And we can thank the shites for that. Polls show that 95 % of shites in lebanon are with bashar el assad and of course with hezballah. So when someone says, dont blame all shites, i tell them fine, i wont, i will only blame 9,5 out of every 10.

Missing peace 22 May 2013, 18:52

good thing!

Missing pitythenation 22 May 2013, 18:59

Hello everyone. A few points must be made. First, I am neither pro-March 8 or pro-March 14. All a bunch of clowns. Second, what does the word terrorist mean? Does it even have a definition? When the Kataeb party massacred 1700 Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila, the Americans and Israelis, of course, never once mentioned the word terrorist or terrorism. A famous quote says that one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. It seems anything anti-west is terrorist nowadays. However, having said all this, it does not mean that I believe Hizbullah should not be terror listed. It is not my decision, and my opinion hardly matters. Thank you. Peace Lebanon.

Thumb barbar 22 May 2013, 20:16

Unfortunately, Hizbullah is no longer a resistance movement, but a mafia/militia entity (not gonna use the word terrorist). They have gone from defending our country to bringing it down. Hopefully the Europeans will show a better understanding of our region than the idiot Americans and make a wise decision on the matter. Allah ysa3ed el sha3ab el libneniyyeh w allah ysa3ed el shar2 el awsat.

Default-user-icon Rainbow (Guest) 22 May 2013, 19:29

the issue here is not the word "terrorism" because its used in different inepretations according to different agendas.Lebanon needs a full civilian law to establish its state otherwise,what there is now has never been one.and unless everybody I mean everybody stops blaming this or that and following this and that,there is never ever going to be any state.

Missing allouchi 22 May 2013, 19:47

Do it now and add Berri and Aoun to the list...

Thumb benzona 23 May 2013, 01:26


Default-user-icon WBM1963 (Guest) 22 May 2013, 19:56

Hizbullah must not be treated as a terrorist group. On the other hand, they must give up their weapons and be treated as a normal Political Party as all others. Hence, the Lebanese army must cater our frontiers and security issues, while the Lebanese Government must take full responsability of foreign affairs, etc...Anything else is a hell waste of time, money, health and IQ!!!

Default-user-icon WBM1963 (Guest) 22 May 2013, 19:57

Hizbullah must not be treated as a terrorist group. On the other hand, they must give up their weapons and be treated as a normal Political Party as all others. Hence, the Lebanese army must cater our frontiers and security issues, while the Lebanese Government must take full responsability of foreign affairs, etc...Anything else is a hell waste of time, money, health and IQ!!!

Thumb shab 22 May 2013, 20:28

Filthy militia

Thumb primesuspect 22 May 2013, 23:47


Default-user-icon Zigunar Ventibio (Guest) 23 May 2013, 01:29

Now that the last bastion to have shielded Hizbullah from being called a terrorist organization by fellow Europeans has given in, we can expect the very dire consequence, namely the complete halt to tourism! If nothing before that hurt, this one surely will! Ouch.

Thumb thepatriot 23 May 2013, 16:27

-Hezbollah kidnapped and tortured to death U.S. Army colonel William R. Higgins and the CIA Station Chief in Beirut, William Buckley, and kidnapped around 30 other Westerners between 1982 and 1992.

-Hezbollah was responsible for the suicide truck bombings of the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in October 1983, in which 241 American servicemen were killed. (220 Marines, 18 Navy personnel and 3 Army soldiers) and the U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut in September 1984.

-Hezbollah, hijackined in 1985 TWA Flight 847 during which a U.S. Navy diver was murdered.

-In 1992 and 1994, Hezbollah is claimed to have carried out theIsraeli Embassy Bombing and the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Thumb thepatriot 23 May 2013, 16:28

-Eight days after the AMIA Bombing the Israeli Embassy in London was car bombed by two Palestinians linked to Hezbollah.

-On June 16, 2004, two Palestinian girls aged 14 and 15 were arrested by the IDF for plotting a suicide bombing. According to IDF statement, the two minors were guided by Hezbollah.

-In February 2005, the Palestinian Authority accused Hezbollah of attempting to derail the truce signed with Israel. Palestinian officials and former militants described how Hezbollah promised an increase in funding for any cell able to carry out a terrorist attack
-July 2007, a Hezbollah commander had been caught in Iraq and had admitted to training and directing anti-American Iraqi militias in coordination with Iran’s hard-line Revolutionary Guard.

Thumb thepatriot 23 May 2013, 16:29

-April 2010, Egypt sentences 26 for plotting Hezbollah terrorist campaign.

-In January 2012, one Hezbollah suspect was arrested and another managed to avoid capture, in Thailand's capital city, Bangkok, where security services believe they were working in a cell planning to attack areas commonly frequented by Israeli tourists.

-On February 5 2013, approximately seven months after the terrorist attack in Burgas, Bulgaria issued a report of the results of its investigation of the event. According to the Bulgarian authorities, the investigation clearly indicated that Hezbollah's so-called military wing was involved in planning and carrying out the attack.

Thumb thepatriot 23 May 2013, 16:35

"In December 2011, the US authorities released an indictment filed against Lebanese drug lord Ayman Juma, which exposed Hezbollah's involvement with the Los Zetas drug cartel. According to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Los Zetas is the most technologically advanced and most dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.

Juma was indicted in absentia for smuggling 85 tons of cocaine into the US and for laundering $850 million for Los Zetas. He was also accused of serving as a go-between for the Mexican crime syndicate and the Shiite terror group. "