Miqati Calls on Liberation Day for 'Unity' against 'Plots'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati hoped on Saturday that the 13th anniversary of the liberation of the south would unify the Lebanese and consolidate the authority of the state.

In a statement issued by his press office, Miqati said Liberation Day should “become an incentive for consolidating national unity because it is the only measure to strengthen the authority of the state.”

Such a unity is necessary “to thwart plots against Lebanon's security and stability,” he said.

He urged the Lebanese to take precautions and not allow Israel to create instability in Lebanon.

He stressed the importance of the people's “awareness to confront the enemy's continued attempts to target the unity, sovereignty and independence” of Lebanon.

Lebanon marks today the anniversary of Israel's May 2000 withdrawal from southern Lebanon.

This year's anniversary comes at a time when Hizbullah is facing growing criticism in Lebanon for its involvement in the war in Syria.

Miqati said “the Lebanese should unify around the principles that safeguard the nation because the ongoing fragmentation serves only Lebanon's enemies.”

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Missing pitythenation 25 May 2013, 11:22

It is a day to treasure in Lebanese history, however, many believe, in fact, everyone does beside Hezbollah and its staunch supporters, that all military weapons should be passed over to the army. Train them. They are the Lebanese army.

Thumb jcamerican 25 May 2013, 12:32

Well said. Eventually, the weapons will go to the state.

Default-user-icon Isbir (Guest) 25 May 2013, 15:31

What Liberation ? We are still prisoners of a `repeated situation´that goes and comes since 1957... Fortunately in 1957/58 the weapons were very harmless in comparison with what was used between 1975 and 1992 where the Players had different ID labels.. Yet we have not learned and we let ourselves being engulfed in another explosive situation...