Unknown Gunmen Kill Three Soldiers in Arsal

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Three soldiers were killed overnight Monday in an attack on their checkpoint in the town of Wadi Hmeid in the eastern border town of Arsal.

“A group of gunmen in a black jeep assaulted an army checkpoint and clashed with the soldiers at 3:30 a.m.,” said a communique issued by the army command.

The statement pointed out that the army is carrying out a wide search operation in the area to detain the armed men who fled to the nearby outskirts.

Security sources told Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) earlier that the gunmen fled into the Syrian territories after the attack.

Arsal municipal chief Ali al-Hujairi denied in comments to VDL (100.5) that the residents of Arsal are not involved in the attack.

“The incident took place on the outskirts of Arsal and some residents pursued the Hummer that opened fire at the army checkpoint before it entered Syria,” he pointed out.

He described the relations between the army and the residents of Arsal as “very good.”

Army units in the area were on high alert swiftly after the incident.

Schools and shops were closed in the area to condemn the attack, LBCI said.

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr tasked the army intelligence and the military police with carrying out the initial investigation into the shooting.

Two Lebanese soldiers were killed in February when members of an armed group ambushed their patrol that was in the area of Arsal to pursue a suspect wanted on terrorism charges.

The ambush raised tensions between the residents and the army after they accused it of approaching the town in civilian vehicles.

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Missing ArabDemocrat.com 28 May 2013, 07:41

Time to disarm everyone. We cannot live in a society where we have people and militias that are armed to the neck and think they have the right to use these arms.

Thumb justice 28 May 2013, 10:02

what a hideous criminal act.... RIP

Thumb Dimyl452 28 May 2013, 08:16

Instead of pointing fingers at religious sects you should ask yourself who would own a hummer? The FSA that barely has guns or the Syrian army loyal to Bashar or an independent group payed to lure people to point fingers at eachother....???

Instead we should stand united, condem these attacks no matter who it was and send our condolences to the three men and their families!

Thumb Dimyl452 28 May 2013, 09:04

I guess you are poor in English! My statement is clear! You or me or whoever cannot point any finger because it can simply be anyone! instead send condolences to the families of the deceased! Here i wrote it in a simpler way for you to understand. Clear for you now? Do you see me pointing any finger at anyone?

Thumb primesuspect 28 May 2013, 15:28

Iranian thugs in beirut's suburbs and Hermel drive America SUV... And who's crossing in Syrian territory everyday to kill innocent civilians? Yes, the same people that killed our three soldiers. Three genuine martyrs doing their job legally.

Thumb hakwaji 28 May 2013, 08:38

If you want an insight oh how the Cult of HA thinks, read this Nahar article.

These heretics believe in AL jafr book which calls for killing Sunnis until blood flows rivers, and once they are triumphant their "awaited" Mahdi will come. Quiet unreal really!

Default-user-icon Stibendo Eglattore (Guest) 28 May 2013, 08:39

Thank you March 14 and Lebanon First Some Twenty-Two Damn Years Late and Still for bringing onto us the twenty-first century version of the Pales-Syrian problem. 7orriyeh, siyedeh, etse2lel... wel 7abl 3al jerrar ya khawana

Missing dddd 28 May 2013, 09:02

killing the army as if they were some kind of birds to be hunted or something like that ...

Missing dddd 28 May 2013, 09:02

killing the army as if they were some kind of birds to be hunted or something like that ...

Missing -karim_m2 28 May 2013, 10:16

This is outrageous. Where is the justice for our army? The FSA-Al Qaeda terrorists keep killing our soldiers and we just stay silent? Lebanon MUST declare war on these rebel terrorists as they have declared war on Lebanon and its army.

God bless the Lebanese army for protecting Lebanon from these barbarian savage terrorists.

Missing maroun 28 May 2013, 11:09

docile idiot..

Missing -karim_m2 28 May 2013, 14:05

Just dont blow yourself up terrorist.

Thumb Chupachups 28 May 2013, 11:58

Filthy pieces of KRap

Rip lebanese army

Thumb geha 28 May 2013, 12:31

whoever is responsible for this cheap murder should be brought to justice.

Missing thejackel1 28 May 2013, 13:14

The army should bomb Arsal. This has nothing to do with Assad ,its them flithy bearded scum.God bless our army ..

Default-user-icon omar (Guest) 28 May 2013, 13:35

if the only filthy bearded involved in this is probably Nasrallat

Default-user-icon Mona (Guest) 28 May 2013, 14:56

Most likely the assir

Default-user-icon Mona (Guest) 28 May 2013, 15:10

banima3roof@ wallah you are an idiot. Your a close minded fool. I'm sure what are trying to say is...your terrorist friends that want to control the border so they can sneak in more weapons. ( thinking that using reverse psychology will work on us). Tfeh.... Some how in your sick demented way you justify the killing of the soldiers/ civilians and blame other sect. I blame 20% on you and the rest on your parents for raising a cold, heartless person. Btw I don't belong to any group, I hate war, but most of all I hate stupid, ignorant people who at least try to cause more sect. Strife. Word of advice...go sit it a cold, dark corner and hope that someone will miss you.

Missing peace 28 May 2013, 17:46

another hezbi provocation to take lebanon into war and throw the blame on M14.....

Missing peace 28 May 2013, 17:59

yes sure....

Missing peace 28 May 2013, 18:02

don t you know that is called the arsonist/fireman technique for which syria is an expert... they are used to kill some of their own camp to throw the blame on the others to ignite fire and pretend they are here to rescue the fire THEY have set....

who benefits from a conflict in lebanon to justify its dirty deeds in syria?... your hezbi friends.

and can you tell us who did it? i bet you know better....

Default-user-icon Mazen (Guest) 28 May 2013, 23:02

May our beloved soldiers restin peace. All of lebanon support our armed forces
Unconditionally. The murderers will be brought to justice.

Default-user-icon abounidal (Guest) 29 May 2013, 19:11

les sionistes ont perdu tout y copris les territoires colonisés. bientot le moyen orient sera débarrassé des sionistes et des wahabites,