Fabius Says 'All Options on the Table' after Confirming Sarin Gas Used in Syria, U.S. Says More Evidence Needed

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Tuesday that Paris had solid proof that President Bashar Assad's regime was using sarin gas in the Syrian conflict, adding "all options" are on the table.

"We have no doubt that the gas is being used..the laboratory tests are clear," he said on television after French laboratory tests on blood and hair samples from Syria pointed to the use of sarin gas.

"There is no doubt that the regime and its accomplices" are using them, he added.

"A line has been indisputably breached. We will hold talks with our partners on what we must do and all options are on the table," to decide "whether to react, including in an armed manner," Fabius said.

"But we are not there yet," Fabius said, referring to armed intervention.

"We must react but at the same time we must not block an eventual peace conference," he said, referring to U.S.- and Russia-backed efforts to get the rebels to join peace talks in Geneva.

Fabius did not give any details of where or by whom the sarin had been used but said it had taken place "several times in a localized manner".

Diplomats said the unidentified samples tested by the French laboratory had come from two locations: a suburb of Damascus and Saraqeb in the northwest of the country.

The samples from near Damascus were brought back to France by two Le Monde journalists who reported the use of chemical weapons in the area in mid-April.

Fabius said he had transferred his results to the United Nations, which is seeking to establish whether chemical weapons have been used in Syria.

Meanwhile, the White House said Tuesday it needed more evidence before declaring formally that sarin gas has been used in Syria.

"We need to expand the evidence we have ... before we make any decision," spokesman Jay Carney said, alluding to President Barack Obama's stated position that use of the deadly nerve agent would be a "game-changer" for Washington.

U.N. investigators said earlier they had "reasonable grounds" to believe both sides in Syria used chemical weapons.

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Thumb primesuspect 04 June 2013, 21:48

Looking for a ban!? You'll return with a dash next to your name you masochist and racist propagandist filth

Thumb Senescence 04 June 2013, 21:55

This is ridiculous quite honestly.

They get all jumpy when they believe they've found reasonable evidence that the government used sarin gas while no one even MENTIONS Al-Nusra operatives had been captured a couple of days ago with 2Kg of the weapon in Turkey and the repeated substantiation of its use by rebels for weeks on end. Unbelievable.

Thumb barbar 04 June 2013, 23:16

could you provide your source for this? thank you

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 12:03

yes they have... they say both sides used gas sporadically :) syrian forces to try them and see the reaction of the west and their limits

oh and read the article :"U.N. investigators said earlier they had "reasonable grounds" to believe both sides in Syria used chemical weapons."

so be objective will you?

Thumb Senescence 04 June 2013, 21:57

Also, anyone mind telling me how they can put blame on anyone ? I mean, how does the process work ?

Missing greatpierro 04 June 2013, 21:58

What a rude racist commentary. Traditionally the French lack Real Politics and are rather emotional about events. The USA have enough proof about the use if chemical weapons but hey are temporizing as they do not want to intervene in the conflict.

Missing VINCENT 05 June 2013, 03:20

Correct. Obama is not going to make the same mistake and take the same road as he accused Bush doing in Iraq. Whether right or wrong, whether they find ample proof or not, Obama, the guy who accepted a Noel peace prize, will not. Bush should have left Saddam alone and allow him to use more of the biological weapons he used against the Iranians (Iranians used them too) and then against his own people after the 1st Gulf war. Though the Syrian uprising started with good intention and was necessary, it has now been hijacked by the filthy Muslim Bros/Al-Qaeda types and will most likely taken over by them same as Egypt. So, let them kill each other. Why should the West lift a finger. Whether the U.S. intervenes or not, they will be blamed for something form either side. Just round of the Palestinians from Lebanon, put them in a nice gift basket and donate them to Saudi Arabia or Jordan.

Missing ghzayel 04 June 2013, 22:00

"u.s. says evidence needed on chemical weapon use in syria"
explanation: the only tangible proof acceptable by obama before starting to help the syrian rebels is to smell sarin gaz in the white house!!!

Thumb benzona 04 June 2013, 22:09

Citroën ya خفيف

Thumb mouallek 04 June 2013, 22:32

You look very stupid indeed.

Thumb benzona 05 June 2013, 00:23

C'est un tdc.

Missing themadman 04 June 2013, 22:39

pour ceux qui veulent des preuves tangibles, qui sont intéressés par de bons articles sur le sujet voici et un lien que je trouve intéressant:


sorry for those who don't understand french :(

Missing mansour 04 June 2013, 22:40

how about the FSA who were caught last month in turkey with the sarin gas....hmmmm
Also travel warnings have been issued from Syria regarding traveling to Turkey...lol
Long Live The Syrian Civil War!

Missing -karim_m2 04 June 2013, 23:16

What about the UN report on the use of chemical weapons by FSA-Al Qaeda terrorists?

Missing -karim_m2 04 June 2013, 23:18

Fabius is getting jumpy after his FSA-Al Qaeda terrorist brethren are getting torn to pieces in Qusayr.

Thumb benzona 05 June 2013, 02:22

Call actionman!!!!!

Default-user-icon Maxx (Guest) 05 June 2013, 02:40

C'était arrivé en Mali.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 12:19

HONNI soit qui MALI PENSE hahahaha!!!

Missing canadianadam 05 June 2013, 05:54

We ll see who is jumpy Karim after Assad and his illegitimate team are the target of air strikes and the Syrian majority is given true representation. Then you and your sewer rat of a leader will be jumping on direct flights to Iran you Farsi traitor.