Rebels Say they Lost Battle for Qusayr but Vow to Fight 'Lebanese Mercenaries'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's rebels conceded on Tuesday they had lost the battle for the strategic town of Qusayr but vowed to fight “thousands of Lebanese mercenaries” after the army seized total control of it and the surrounding region.

The main opposition National Coalition shrugged off the defeat, declaring the "revolution will continue".

At the same time, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said fighters from Hizbullah, who had spearheaded the regime's assault, were in control of the town.

Control of Qusayr was vital for the rebels as it was their principal transit point for weapons and fighters from Lebanon.

It is also strategic for the regime because it is located on the road linking Damascus with the coast, its rear base.

"Yes our brothers, this a round that we have lost," the General Commission of the Syrian Revolution said on its Facebook page, but rebels seeking to oust President Bashar Assad "will continue to fight the thousands of Lebanese mercenaries."

That was a reference to Hizbullah, a close ally of Assad's regime.

Earlier, Syria state television said the army "totally controls" the strategic region of Qusayr after an offensive against rebel fighters that lasted almost three weeks.

The Britain-based Observatory, which relies on a network of activists and medics on the ground, also confirmed that Qusayr had fallen.

"The army and Hizbullah have succeeded in taking Qusayr after an intense bombardment of the town overnight," it said. "The rebels have withdrawn to other areas because they were short of ammunition."

Official news agency Sana said the army had "reestablished total security in the town of Qusayr," while Hizbullah's al-Manar television, which has a correspondent on the ground, said the rebels had fled north toward the nearby villages of Dabaa and Buweida al-Sharqiya.

The Observatory said fighting continued in Dabaa and in Buweida al-Sharqiya, the last village under rebel control in the area.

Later, Syria's main opposition group said that the armed uprising against the regime of Assad will carry on despite the fall Wednesday of the strategic town of Qusayr.

"The blessed revolution will continue. Victory is on the side of the righteous, who resisted in the face of oppression and injustice," the National Coalition said in a statement.

The Coalition called on "the United Nations and the great powers to fulfill their responsibility and intervene urgently to protect the civilians".

It also said the world must also "put a stop to the Assad regime's vengeful practices".

Assad forces and Hizbullah fighters launched an offensive on May 19 to retake the Qusayr region, which abuts Lebanon's northeastern border.

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Missing un520 05 June 2013, 10:51

From now on, the syrian rebels will consider Hezbollah as their main enemy, even above the much-hated Assad. The implications are that Hizbollah will be targeted both inside and outside of Syria more ferociously than ever before. To our beloved shiah mothers in Dahieh, Bekaa and the south I say dont expect to see your sons back in a while..

Missing Cyanide 05 June 2013, 18:53

Bravo ya shahm int. defend Assad.

Default-user-icon lifelover (Guest) 05 June 2013, 10:55

What a waste of life. While most countries spend effort, time and resources on building a great future for the coming generations, we still fight each others like animals and have nothing to give to our children but hatred towards each others. Pity.

Thumb Dimyl452 05 June 2013, 11:23

100% lifelover! very well said, but we are sheep to our politicians and that's all we will ever be...

Default-user-icon lifelover (Guest) 05 June 2013, 11:38

@Flamethrower I never implied nor do I actually support any side. let alone Qaeda or Nusra or hizballah for that matter. I am sorry your brainwashed head led you to believe I supported any side. I am sincerely trying to find a reason that would make you happy because one side wins or the other. what do you get? do you get better life? better jobs? better education for your kids? or even simple things like 24 hour electricity and water or proper roads or a proper environment where you can raise your kids to enjoy life instead of having them worry about the neighbor being of a different religion/belief and that they were raised to hate? keep going with your stupid comments about how this or that leader won over the other while those leaders fill their pockets by utilizing idiots like you

Default-user-icon fady atallah (Guest) 05 June 2013, 14:19

you are correct 100%. We as arabs abroad are embarrassed to hold our head high. we are so primitive in our heart and mind. What are we doing for our people to better them and there generations. Shame on us. All the beloved prophets will be crying now to know what we did with this holly region. Lestin, I am an Arab Lebanese, Maronite and love Jews, Shia and Sunni alike. I love my Arab culture and all its ethics amd morals for family life. I do not respect the fact that our blood is so cheap as arabs. God bless all who died and especially the little angels. Love and Respect. Represent Arabs all over the world.

Default-user-icon Ezzo (Guest) 05 June 2013, 20:29

Only way forward is to do away with all religions.

Thumb Senescence 05 June 2013, 10:55

Well I just hope the Red Cross can finally reach the city as fast as possible to heal any and every injured individual.

Default-user-icon Feuzion Bwadij (Guest) 05 June 2013, 11:06

Oh, how about giving those mercenaries another 24-hour ultimatum a la Abou Jreij Sabra, aka Dr. Arreet 7akeh of Syria, whose 24-hour ultimatum... well... umm... duh... expired 6 days ago and the weather keeps getting better and better and better?

Default-user-icon Neil419 (Guest) 05 June 2013, 11:08

Well done to the Syrian Regime and its Lebanese allies!

Thumb scorpyonn 05 June 2013, 17:46

You ignorant uneducated fool! You like people who abuse your country?

Thumb Dimyl452 05 June 2013, 11:21

i don't understand why the Lebanese are either in despair about this news or celebrating! What have you gained or what have you lost? at the end of the day your life is still the same, full of hatred and anger...yes go and convince yourself that our watan will be better if this side or that side "wins" just because your honest leaders say so and as you cheer or cry for either side you forget the dead and the suffering of innocent men, women and kids...pathetic!!

Missing theobserver 05 June 2013, 12:11

U cannot deny that whose side will win will have an impact on Lebanon.
For me, it's not trying to figure out which will be better for Lebanon's actually which will be less worse ! coz whatever sides win, whether it's Assad (the butcher) or the AlQuaeda affiliates (the terrorists), it will have bad impact on Lebanon.

Thumb Dimyl452 05 June 2013, 12:35

i understand what you mean theobserver, if we were any other country i would agree with you 100% but since we are Lebanese NOTHING will change in Lebanon, maybe a war or two and then we will go back to the same lying and racist politicians that we have had for decades...

Thumb Senescence 06 June 2013, 01:17


sadly I think you are correct. Sad not because of you're correct, but because the future, the hope of the people, the dream of betterment, of ambition, of potential, of peace and beauty, lies in the hands of murderers, thugs, hustlers, white-collar criminals, and traitors; BOTH SIDES, JUST AS MUCH! The only hope is for the new generation to engage in politics, and in doing so, replace the pantheon of mafia-kings corrupt to the soul.

Missing -karim_m2 05 June 2013, 11:34

Down with the FSA-Al Qaeda terrorists!

Thumb dasphinx 05 June 2013, 11:38

Al Qusair fighters have nothing to be ashamed of. They fought bravely despite the constant bombardments and the cutting-off of water supply to the city. They finally ran out of ammunition.

The Assad regime and his Hezbollah allies put all their power to seize a small town at the border of Lebanon and it took them 3 weeks to do so. Not too impressive.

Missing freeleb22 05 June 2013, 11:47

very well said dasphinx it took the"mighty"hizballa 3 weeks and they wouldnt have won if the regime didn't bombard the whole town killing hundreds of innocent people in their homes shame on them their hands will be polluted by the blood of the people slaughtered by the regime forever what a pitty we used to support them

Missing theobserver 05 June 2013, 12:04

What I find impressive, regardless if u r pro Hizb or not, is that Hizbullah appears to be stronger than the syrian army on the ground. It's Hizbullah intervention that allowed the Syrian army to win.

Thumb Dimyl452 05 June 2013, 11:39

Learn how to spell first Thomas! and what about the innocent dead men, women and children? they don't deserve any condolences? oh wait they are the losers too...

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 11:54

wahahaha! 3 weeks with tanks helicopters missiles heavy weapons and hezbis to get rid of a bunch of rebels? LOL... and they brag about their divine victory? wahaha! they should rather have a low profile!

happy to see also some brave little FPMers who claim they support "freedom" while they allied with a dictatorship and a terrorist militia as they had said for decades!!! wahaha!

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 12:15

they win they lose, personnally i do not care!
but i care when a bunch of shia extremists go and fight there DESPITE the baabda declaration which they should follow as members of the gvt and are about to drag the conflict in lebanon and are proud of it!!

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 12:54

so what smarta...? reading news is bad now? LOL poor intellectually challenged sissy boy....

Default-user-icon lifelover (Guest) 05 June 2013, 11:58

I congratulate all Lebanese who feel happy on THEIR "victory". I also present my sincere condolences to the other Lebanese on THEIR "loss" of the battle. now wake up and smell the coffee.

Thumb habib 05 June 2013, 12:03

L7areb bi nazarat hayni wel 7areb makhelset byerba7o ma3raki byekhsaro ma3raki mabihom lmohem men byerba7 belekher bashar lmejrem kan msaytar 3albalad kolla momeshekli ye7tal lqosayer lmohem mayerja3 yo7kom lbalad bi ejramo wmano mbayan la7yerja3

Thumb LebCynic 05 June 2013, 12:22

Just as FSA lost Qusayr they will lose any future war arena. Good time to concede and retreat back to your holes and caves.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 05 June 2013, 12:24

We will applaud and cheer when the Syrian free army takes power in Syria, and crush mercilessly those basij mercenaries called Hizbollah !

Thumb mckinl 05 June 2013, 13:01

Qusayr may be Assad's victory and next will be Aleppo but the US-NATO-GCC cabal would rather there be endless war than a peace that they do not control for their colonial neoliberalism. America's "War on Terrorism" is set to last for decades ... according to the Americans whose terrorists are anybody that stands in their way.

Default-user-icon lol (Guest) 05 June 2013, 13:09

hahahahahaa akalo banana

Missing h.mousawy 05 June 2013, 13:11

For all those who claimed that hezbollah will be crushed in Al-Qusayr, here's a great victory once again!!

Missing freeleb22 05 June 2013, 13:24

a victory against who?against israel?well the israeli's channels seem to be very happy that alassad forces occupied alqaseer.or is it against the 2000 civilians killed in alqaseer by the bombing of your asad allies (and this btw was the main reason you had any chance of winning)so you did win a battle just a small battle in a non-ending war that you dragged labanon to so if i were you i would reconsider the victory term you used

Thumb scorpyonn 05 June 2013, 17:51

You mean the Iranian lapdogs and servants? You should be tried for treason you traitor...

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 13:45

if FPMers were sooooo concerned with freedom and democracy they would help the FSA in their battle against bashar and the islamists knowing that the islamists have a continuous flow of money and weapons from abroad and FSA is getting poorly armed...
but as they know, bashar has released and welcomed those islamists from inside and outside syria to divide the opposition betting on the fact that western countries won't help them and thus by asking hezbi help he would be free to do whatever he wants...

but FPM rather help bashar and hezbis for their own power concern in lebanon knowing perfectly what kind of regime the baath is and how they perfectly handle the arsonist and fireman technique... they pretend to fall for the islamist threat using it to back bashar knowing perfectly that bashar has been playing on that since the beginning...

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 13:47

FPM should rather support FSA in their fight against this regime that killed hundreds of lebanese and in their fight against the islamists kidnapping the revolution for their own interests.... but FPM prefers to side with the ones that can bring them power rather than on the side of justice and freedom....

if western countries were part of the plot then bashar would have gone long ago!... but they prefer to believe they defeated israel when israel is happy to have bashar as a leader meaning their golan front will be quiet since the absence of "resistance" there!!!!!

Missing gcb1 05 June 2013, 17:47

FT, Assad's crimes on Syrian people are far, far more numerous than al-Nusra. We both know that jihadists were virtually non-existent when the uprising began, and it was only when Assad unleashed his brutality did jihadists increasingly begin to enter Syria.

You want to see Assad win? Because somehow Assad is less of a criminal than some elements of the FSA? You continue believe al-Manar propaganda that ALL of the FSA are composed of takfiri-salafi-Wahabbi-Israeli sponsored jihadists, despite almost all neutral observers within Syria claiming these radical elements constitute a small number of the opposition.

Missing gcb1 05 June 2013, 17:47


Meanwhile Assad has indisputably committed war crimes at a scale matched by no other party in Syria.

As for the Hezb propaganda of twisting their battle in Syria as a battle against Zionists, this is absolutely ludicrous. Listen to Israeli media and politics and see how wary they are of the radical elements in Syria, and considering that Hamas is supporting those elements, I don't see how Israel - which Hezb uses to justify their intervention - is openly funding these radical groups.

Quite disappointed in you. Before Syria you had rational viewpoints, but it all disappeared when you swallowed the BS that was fed by al-Manar and state media.

Missing gcb1 05 June 2013, 17:51


This time, if you are up for a challenge, provide me with legitimate viewpoints that specifically contest my arguments. You seem to love to answer other people on this site who have - in my opinion - very weak arguments. This time, carefully construct your arguments in a manner where the inherent contradictions of your viewpoints aren't too exposed.

Missing gcb1 05 June 2013, 17:52

And by those people with weak arguments, I'm talking those M14 supporters, primarily Geha, who loves to throw random stats with no sources.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 13:58

a proof of M8s hypocrisy? they long supported and praised the "heroic" hamas for defending palestinians rights and fighting israel... now? since they said that FSA is doing good by asking its right to freedom and democracy they are spitting on them saying qatar is supporting them and so on...
hamas was elected by the palestinians and now? nasrallah believes he is better placed to defend palestinians rights more than the party elected by palestinians themselves!

it shows that the support of bashar has nothing to do with defending palestinians or fight agaisnt israel but rather defending hezbis arsenal and iranian agenda and for FPM defending their power and craving for the presidency.....

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 15:06

LOL! yes sure little hypocrit 3aw3aw! but you have supported hamas for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and suddenly? LOL! what a lame idiotic excuse....

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 15:08

oh! and hezbis you forgot have put huge billboards in dahiye to thank qatar in 2006... forgot that? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 15:05

i hope M8ers are happy to know that israel applaudes the victory of hezbis !!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and they say they are against israel? more collaborators than anything else! hahahaha!

Default-user-icon wtf (Guest) 05 June 2013, 15:05

@awireless you are not justifying but at the same time you kind of are. They were cornered and had no choice blabla. If I only knew (2006) ... and I guess we are going to hear another "If I only knew" in the coming years. Words with no value while leading the beloved lebanon to its doom.
What about all their weapons and what about the defenseless lebanese who don't have weapons and also have no choice but to bear the consequences of the actions that these "cornered" idiots are taken

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 05 June 2013, 15:06

"winning" qusair was costly for the.... but keeping it will be costlier, POPCORN PLSE.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 15:10

"nobody prosecuted him nor pinned a conviction on him. " sure like he never pinned a conviction on his political "enemies" as he boasted he would!!!!
they all agree on shutting up on these issues but you are tooooooo blind or stupid to see it!!!!

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 15:11

"president"? LOL.....

Thumb geha 05 June 2013, 15:31

the end result:
- The FSA lost Qusayr.
- Jabal Mohsen will pay the price first.
- from now on every shia in Lebanon and the region will be a target.
this is what hizbushaitan brought on people.

Thumb superhabib 06 June 2013, 08:31

Lol, bring them on. That'll surely be the end of them. They can't even dominate the tiny Jabal Mohsen enclave, how the heck are they going to face Hezbollah?

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 15:48

questions to schizophrenic FPMers...:

1/ you criticize and stand up violently against saudi arabia which you accuse of meddling into lebanese affairs: then how can you support a lebanese party meddling into syrian affairs???? wouldn't you set an example by denouncing wht you pretend to defend?? LOL.

2/ you pretend to want to strenghten the lebanese state: then why do you support a governmental party that goes against what the lebanese gvt has declared in terms of disassociation? LOL!.

3/ you say you are against sectarianism then why don't you follow the constitution saying that the basic goal of lebanon is to enforce political seculariasm ( taef too but M8 is against it but not against the constitution i guess...) instead of wanting a law specific for christians?

4/ you pretend to want the lebanese sovereignty then why don't you denounce as the president the violations of the lebanese territory by the syrian army?

Thumb geha 05 June 2013, 17:01

this shows you that they are drones and blind followers.
they just repeat what they are taught stupidly.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 21:54

"aoun's laicity project" what a joke... that s why he quickly presented the orthodox law and quickly forgot secularism written in the constitution that he pretends to defend when it suits him! ...

"hezb entered effectively the war, AFTER M14 ditched dissociation by helping FSA via oqab saqr" LOL.... what a childish excuse as usual... of course it is the only one you ve got to justify the official presence of a "lebanese" party...

seems hypocrisy is your trademark! but whatever... keep on making a fool of yourself here, you are funny like all simpleminded people...

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 22:01

1/ FPM criticizes saudi arabia meddling into lebanese affairs but you support hezbis meddling in syria, which you shouldn t as meddling goes for everyone no? LOL... -> 1st hypocrisy!...

2/ as a party that PRETENDS to want a strong gvt you support a party that goes (moreover part of the gvt!)against the governmental declaration rather than opposing it... -> 2nd hypocrisy!

3/ you denounce bombing when FSA shells lebanon but are quiet as puppies when the syrian army does the same-> 3rd hypocrisy...

FPM actions speak agaisnt them whatever they do to twist the facts or pretend the contrary....

Default-user-icon nahar net bans me! (Guest) 05 June 2013, 15:52

why does nahar net bans me?

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 05 June 2013, 15:57

qusair is the first chapter of the new religious sykes picot?

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 05 June 2013, 15:59

Everyone knows all the civilian casualties were all terrorist children in secret and foreigners too!

Thumb bigsami 05 June 2013, 16:07

No army would join a murderer other than one that praises evil and blood. HA will have their turn....and very soon.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 17:36

"The Coalition called on "the United Nations and the great powers to fulfil their responsibility and intervene urgently to protect the civilians"."

LOL the western nations will do nothing! they prefer assad to stay in power so that he continues to protect the golan... if they wanted the fall of assad he would have been gone long ago!
assad is the best insurance against any attacks in the golan... when did he ever try to liberate it? NEVER ... LOL!

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 18:53

"Jordan, saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, etc. What did they ever do to Israel? "

they have no occupied territories by israel... syria has done NOTHING to liberate its own territories and they want to teach others "resistance" ? LOL!!!!!

Default-user-icon Al-Ghaliboun (Guest) 05 June 2013, 18:14

The reconquista of Syria has begun. Next stop: Aleppo.

A message to all the jihadist filth that somehow managed to survive the Qusayr onslaught: please converge on Aleppo and be prepared to meet your miserable fate there. We'll be waiting for you there.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 18:55

russia was an ally of kaddhafi....

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 18:57


Thumb primesuspect 05 June 2013, 21:36

The losers are Lebanon. Condolences accepted. Thanks for burrying the country.

Missing VINCENT 05 June 2013, 23:12

Both sides are tainted. The righteous rebellion has already been hijacked by Al-Qaeda and Muslim Bros types, and neither the West nor Obama has the stomach to repeat Bush, and what he accused him of, in the 2nd Gulf War.

Default-user-icon Al-Ghaliboun (Guest) 06 June 2013, 00:14

Glory to our Sayyed and to our Bashar. Glory to our resistance.

Default-user-icon Al-Ghaliboun (Guest) 06 June 2013, 06:49

The FSA rats can now go home to Turkey and demand the resignation of Erdogan’s government