Saniora Urges Hizbullah to Withdraw its 'Militia' from Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal bloc leader Fouad Saniora has called on Hizbullah to withdraw its “militia” form Syria and urged the deployment of the Lebanese army along Lebanon's border.

During a speech at a graduation ceremony held in the southern city of Sidon on Thursday night, Saniora said: “Hizbullah should pull out its militia from Syria and return the young men of the Bekaa and the South to their homes, villages, businesses and families.”

The former premier rejected turning Hizbullah's fighters into the fuel of what he called the “Islamic strife.”

Hizbullah has been instrumental in helping Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces to seize the town of Qusayr that lies around 10 kilometers form Lebanon’s northeastern border.

Hizbullah has controlled Qusayr and is preparing for other attacks in Syria, Saniora said. “This reveals the intensity of its involvement” in the more than two-year-old conflict.

“The meddling by an armed Lebanese organization has become part of the Iranian military axis in the region and a tool in the hand of a regime that is killing its people and destroying its country,” he added.

Saniora called for the deployment of the army on the northern and eastern borders with Syria and prevent the smuggling of arms and infiltration of gunmen from both sides of the boundary.

He said that the assistance of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon should be sought in that regard.

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Thumb mckinl 07 June 2013, 12:34

Indeed you are correct the1phoenix. And we also see Saad and King of the KSA call for the cessation of violence in Tripoli while it is the direct result of their own surrogates in service to Al Nusra in Syria.

Thumb saturn 07 June 2013, 12:38

By the way it smells, the alternative to Assad regime would be far worse than it though. But to have an armed, stronger-than-the-state militia initiating wars across borders is total nonsense, even if its goals are honorable (in theory).

Thumb LebCynic 07 June 2013, 12:42

I wonder if Saniora urges his al-mustagbal bloc to withdraw funding from terrorist organizations such as al-nusra and al-qeida in Syria??

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 07 June 2013, 13:59

Wyle E. Saniora! Super Thief!

Missing peace 07 June 2013, 15:30

sue him!

Default-user-icon FlameCatcher (Guest) 07 June 2013, 14:06

Better to cry a river then mourn the thousands of deaths Hezbollah will cause in Lebanon with the war they are inviting with open arms.

It's so easy to make fun or insult politicians of other parties when you're unable to come up with an argument to defend your point of view. I'm pretty sure you do not have a point of view other than blindly siding with your leaders and repeating their nonsense arguments all day long !

I can make fun of Nasrallah and Aoun all day long but I can also demonstrate to you logically and simply that they are manipulating you and your mindset like a pupet.

You should change your name to BSThrower

Default-user-icon Flamethrower (Guest) 07 June 2013, 15:31

Exactly the stupid "reactionnary" comment I was mentionning. You have nothing intelligent to say so you insult :)

Reactionnary is what Hezbollah is doing in Syria... What Aoun is barking all day long ... this is reactionnary.

Bending over is what Aounies and Hezbollahies do ... they hide their heads in the ground and take in BS all day long ...

I'm not giving you advice ... i'm just exposing your completely useless trolling of Naharnet by showing others that you have nothing intelligent to say except insult and curse.

I don't care what you think or about convincing you to change ... you're broken way beyond repair !

Default-user-icon dateam (Guest) 07 June 2013, 14:09

I understand exactly what your saying..the problem in the north is when they are getting their way they want noone involved now that they dont they want the armies support..the other day in arsal they attacked an army checkpoint not for the first time...from the start they did not allow the army to do its job...had they allowed the army to do its job we would not be in this situation.

Default-user-icon Thompa Aghadjio (Guest) 07 June 2013, 14:16

How about Abou al-Fouad al-Mouta3arri reciting one of his epic poems while sobbing like a fake and a fraud pretending to care?

Missing phillipo 07 June 2013, 14:21

I think that they should stay in Syria, only coming back in body-bags.
Most Lebanese would prefer that.

Thumb benzona 07 June 2013, 14:56

You're wrong, I don't want dirty body bags in Lebanon.... Let Syria keep them in their Baathist gardens. Bees will enjoy them.

Missing spritelemon 07 June 2013, 15:12

Phillipo, you are clearly here with an evil agenda and you are trying to take advantage of the fact that many lebanese are against hezballah interference in syria. To the morons, such comments are great but for us who understand your intention behind it, we can see right thrue it!

I advice lebanese to not fall for this person posting under phillipo. Even if you have intense hatred for hezballah, dont be blinded by it because there are wolfs waiting to eat our flesh setting up traps here and there.

Missing phillipo 07 June 2013, 17:34

I certainly don't have an evil agenda. I wish the people of Lebanon and for all that matter the whole of the Middle East peace and prosperity. It is only when fighters call them 'patriots, terrorists or whatever', it makes no difference going over the border of their country to fight in another country is wrong, no matter how you look at it.

Missing peace 07 June 2013, 14:37

wise man....

Default-user-icon Phorrazio Kombiale (Guest) 07 June 2013, 14:38

Translation: My (meaning Fofou) lunatic brothers that we (meaning Foufou and cheikh Sa3asi3o) have been sending to Syria for over two years now and who were doing OK until recently, are being pummeled like dirt into garbage dumps. If Hizbullah does not withdraw from Syria, the "ASSad" regime will turn the tables much sooner than we ever MISCALCULATED. Afterwards, "ASSad" shall pray the "Hail Mary" for us (meaning al-Mustaqbal al-Ta3ees and theirmagistrate tsstgst al-Qaida - Tripoli, Akkar and Sidon Brigades) and our coming days and weeks shall definitely not be full of grace, amen.

Thumb benzona 07 June 2013, 14:54

Inta gentil Sanioura.. Hezbollah's «militia» is no militia. They're Chabiha.... Assassins, murderers, thugs....

Thumb benzona 07 June 2013, 14:54


Missing spritelemon 07 June 2013, 14:55

Men of God? Don't be silly. Just because someone names themselves hezballah doesnt actually mean they are Allah's hezb. Anyone who knows whats good for lebanon would want hezballah to return back, because the alternative is bringing the war to lebanon.

Missing spritelemon 07 June 2013, 15:00

That is a fair request. Its a tragedy that the file has not officially been opened.

Default-user-icon JC Williams (Guest) 07 June 2013, 16:27

Will he pick up the cab fare?

Missing 07 June 2013, 17:21

Keep lying if it makes you feel better. Not every Sunni is an al-mustaqbal member and many in the sunni community accuse the party of failing to supporT the syrian uprising and standing up to the Hizb takeover of lebanon. That is why we see migration of support to some of the salafist movements.

Thumb geha 07 June 2013, 20:45

whatever anyone thinks, but we are going into the worst situation ever.
hizbushaitan, through their participation in the war in Syria have awakened the old sunni/shia feelings.
personally, I am wary about sectarian hatred as no one can determine where they will lead.
such hatred means more than 50 to 60 years of wars across the region.
anyone ready for that? make no mistake: this war will engulf everyone.

Thumb dandoun 10 June 2013, 08:43

am so surprised this guy can still move his mouth ..abu alwa2