Report: Hizbullah to Suspend Syria Operations after Taking Zabadani

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah will suspend its military operations in Syria after securing the Damascus suburb of Zabadani “from which rockets are being fired on Shiite villages in Baalbek and Hermel,” the Central News Agency reported on Saturday.

“After the operations officially ended in Qusayr, Hizbullah is about to finish the Zabadani battle, from which rockets are still being fired on Baalbek and Sarein,” the agency quoted prominent high-ranking sources close to Hizbullah as saying.

Zabadani is a city in the Damascus governorate, close to the border with Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

“The party's leadership has informed the allies and friends that the mission of protecting the Lebanese in Syria and towns inside Lebanon from any attack is almost accomplished,” the sources said.

“It is not in the party's interest to engage in a war in Syria's heart (against rebels) as the Syrian army is capable of winning it,” the sources added.

Around 10 rockets and mortar rounds from Syria slammed into the northeastern city of Baalbek on Wednesday night, injuring a Lebanese man and causing material damage.

Last week, around 18 rockets targeted the Baalbek region. Over the past weeks, Syrian rebels have also fired dozens of rockets on the northeastern region of Hermel, across the border from Qusayr.

Syrian regime forces backed by elite Hizbullah fighters on Wednesday managed to recapture the strategic town of Qusayr near Lebanon's border from rebel hands following a fierce assault.

And on Saturday the Eastern Bweida village, the last rebel bastion in the area, was seized by Syrian forces, bringing the entire Qusayr region near the border with Lebanon back under regime control.

Only 10 kilometers from Lebanon, Qusayr is strategic for the regime and Hizbullah because of its proximity to the border and because it lies on a route linking Damascus to the the regime's bastion on the Syrian coast.

For the rebels, it was an important conduit from Lebanon for men and weapons.

The sources close to Hizbullah also downplayed remarks by the rebel Free Syrian Army and the jihadist al-Nusra Front, who had threatened to retaliate against the party in its strongholds in Dahiyeh and southern Lebanon, describing them as “mere media soap bubbles aimed at raising morale.”

The sources advised the rebels to “focus on the battles in the Syrian interior, where regions have started falling one after another.”

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had previously justified the group's involvement in Syria by saying they were defending Lebanese-inhabited border villages inside Syria and Shiite holy sites in the Damascus province.

But during a May 25 speech marking the 13th anniversary of Israel's military withdrawal from Lebanon, Nasrallah said the hardline Takfiris are the “most prevailing group in the Syrian opposition,” warning against a defeat against them in the ongoing war in Syria.

He said: “If Syria falls in the hands of the Takfiris and the United States, the resistance will become under a siege and Israel will enter Lebanon. If Syria falls, the Palestinian cause will be lost.”

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Thumb lebanon_first 08 June 2013, 20:15

Iran gave instructions to its hezb to regroup and leave while it was still "gloriously winning". They know full well that too much involvment would create a hezbollah vietnam, and are withdrawing at the right time.
But this is good for us.

Missing lebcan 09 June 2013, 09:46

He says he will suspend operations but ... he is a liar!!! ...
The Shia sect is NOT proper islam they are the Zionist's long long term agenda tool and their right hand in secret...and most Shia (and many Muslims and non muslims) are ignorant of that fact, the Shia sect (not the Shia people in General but the faith itself) is a perverted form if islamic practice and is an attempt to erase and brain wash real muslims of what Islam truly Is. (please don't reply to me with ignorance and the acts of terrorist but the true practice of the faith)... The Islamic Khalifa conquered the same land area as the roman empire but did it in 80 years instead of the roman's 900 years of conquest ... not because they broke down doors but hearts...

Is in it funny that after israel attached several weeks ago the advance of the ASSad and Hizbshitan forces took a turn around... WHO did the Zionist really helped ???

Missing kiserouen 08 June 2013, 20:35

Yeah right. Just like they werent involved in the first place until they had to admit they were! Taqiyya going on.

Thumb Dr.I.Mughniyeh_theheadless 08 June 2013, 20:45

You silly lebanon_first, this is the same mission Hezbollah's mercs had when they helped the Americans and Takfiris kill the Christian Serb armed bands in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was to secure to secure Lebanese who live in villages inside Bosnia and Herzegovina and to create a buffer zone. There they did it and its over. Why else would they go fight and die in the Balkans right, it's not like the Ayatollah ordered them to do so. Humm, I wonder what president Bashar Assad meant when he said on al Manure a few days ago that the Hezbollah's mercs are of no added value, what are a couple of thousands in a fight between hundreds of thousands he said.

Thumb primesuspect 08 June 2013, 20:52

Lies, more lies..... Death to Israel, death to Assad, death to Hizballa.

Thumb primesuspect 08 June 2013, 20:53

Playing with people's fears, typical aounista.... You're fooling nobody.

Thumb Chupachups 09 June 2013, 04:10

primesuspect, i am by no means a m8 supporter, but please open ur eyes..these "freedom" fighters u support are savages..and this has nothing to do with being a aounista...i think ur just blinded by the hate of m8 that u will even support the devil against them.

Missing realist 08 June 2013, 21:23

Hezb the hebel can decide when to start but can't decide when to stop , only an idiot would think that this will stop anytime soon, hezb is now an occupation army that will face resistance, it is simple mathematics , their plan is to attack, get some gains to strengthen the regime negotiations , the later is very important factor in the gamble. There will be no negotiations, hezb lost over 200 killed and 500 wounded fighting a town 30 min from baalbak with superior firepower what would be the figures after months of fighting in Syria? Eventually the hezb, like the regime before him, will get tired , maybe then they'd get fighters from Zambia as new blood

Missing neil419 08 June 2013, 22:26

Lol keep on listenning to CNN ya professor in 'simple mathematics'! U seem so smart u dumbass! Glory Glory to Assad and its allies! Its simple mathematics.. Ur african and takfiris fighters from all over the world stand no chance !

Thumb superhabib 08 June 2013, 21:30

Lol: “mere media soap bubbles aimed at raising morale.”

Missing cedars 08 June 2013, 21:44
Let's see what happens at night time in Qusayr..

Thumb primesuspect 08 June 2013, 22:08

Wat a looooong link. Gona open it up.

Thumb primesuspect 08 June 2013, 22:21

The filth is colonizing Qusayr after the ethnic cleansing.... They're behaving like the Jews then they're going to claim that America is behind it. Wat a load of crape. The Shias are the sectarian pigs and a lesson must be taught to them. There's no room for such people in the world.... They better learn swimming because in the sea they belong.

Thumb shab 09 June 2013, 01:08

Filthy Militia. Why cover their faces? Hiding like their filthy leader?

Thumb lebanon_first 08 June 2013, 21:50

Hailie. Their initial plan was to protect lebanese villages in the border area. HASSOUN SAID SO. NOT ME. Then they got new instructions from the iran mollahs and that is to help on the ground "WE CANT AFFORD TO LET ASSAD FALL" Then They got yet other instructions from the iran smelly beards, to withdraw before they get stuck vietnam style.
It is not my ideas, it is the news. As to your strategy "your ennemy first then your country", this is pure HA thinking... keep conflicts going all over the place to justify holding weapons. You obviously dont value a strong lebanon state with clear borders under the rule of law. You like fights, statelessness, and empty resistance... Maybe you got bullied as a child...Allah yse3edak.
go live in ethiopia...

Thumb general_puppet 08 June 2013, 23:14

Just another rummer, when Nasrallah gets new orders to stop fighting for Assad, he will make another speech and tell us that the divine victory in Syria is complete. Once their rear end is well protected the Axis of Resistance will regroup and go back to their main job of resisting the Lebanese Republic.

Thumb primesuspect 08 June 2013, 23:20

Beautiful avatar. Excellent work, I'm loving it!

Thumb saturn 08 June 2013, 23:45

Which puppet is your puppet?

Thumb general_puppet 09 June 2013, 00:38

Mr Saturn, there is only one General Puppet also known as General Flip-Flop and the Pajama General.

Gracias señor Prime.

Thumb benzona 09 June 2013, 00:44

Bravo, your avatar is almost as nice as mine ;-)
Congratulations as well der general.

Thumb general_puppet 09 June 2013, 01:18

I am going to put silk pajamas on it on the anniversary of the heroic run to Paris :-)

Missing peace 08 June 2013, 23:26

“It is not in the party's interest to engage in a war in Syria's heart (against rebels) as the Syrian army is capable of winning it,” the sources added."

LOL...they already said that ;... why wasn't the syrian army able to win qousayr then? LOL hypocrit militia....

Thumb saturn 08 June 2013, 23:48

If the Syrian Army was capable of handling the crap, they wouldn't have called Hezbollah for help.

Missing peace 08 June 2013, 23:28

yes go and see tyr's ruin, sursock,and all the ancient ruins in lebanon and see how it has become a dump yard or disfigured... no need of rebels to let lebanese cultural heritage down, lebanese do it soooo well themselves....

Thumb benzona 09 June 2013, 00:26

Saida's al3a is well preserved, but my God.... The jabal of zbèlé is terrible... A shame for everyone proud to be lebanese. Thank God Audi purchased new wooden doors and restored the old souks. Such people are much needed although little appreciate.

Missing peace 09 June 2013, 01:18

lol again against facts FT answers back with stupidity... coz he knows he cannot deny it so out of anger he insults...
weak nerves he has...soooo ridiculous once more

Thumb saturn 08 June 2013, 23:50

Yeah right, they will halt it all after taking this Zabadani.According to current orders.

Missing alpha 09 June 2013, 00:11

It sounds that HA are on top of the situation !

Thumb benzona 09 June 2013, 00:24

Mon dieu, tant d'extrémisme ici..... Aie aie aie.

Missing peace 09 June 2013, 01:23

so comic thomas... like a 4 year old child...

Thumb terminator 09 June 2013, 03:15


Default-user-icon Mack Makian (Guest) 09 June 2013, 08:19

The so-called Syrian opposition is nothing more than the West, Israeli and Saudi reactionary ally. During two years of conflict, the whole world has seen how the Syrian terrorist groups acted. From around the world with Western green light and money from Saudi and Qatar, the terrorists have moved to Syria to terrorize the Syrian people and to protect Israel's interests. Nothey have been beaten by the Syrian army. While Western governments support these terrorists, among ordinary people in the West, they are considered animals.

Missing helicopter 09 June 2013, 08:24

we (M8) all are benefiting & showing our enemies ( KSA ,GCC ) that they cannot & will not push us Lebanese like a soccer ball ...............
Only Iran is allowed to push us like a soccer ball.

Thumb lebanon_first 09 June 2013, 10:26

no chopper. Iran does not push us like a soccer ball. They move us like a chess pawn.

Thumb lebanon_first 09 June 2013, 10:26

no chopper. Iran does not push us like a soccer ball. They move us like a chess pawn.

Default-user-icon Let the Good Times Begin (Guest) 09 June 2013, 10:08

Akkk ya Arab, when will we learn that the only way the west has ever been able to sustain its occupation is through the art of divide and conquer: Sunni vs shia, Arab vs kurd, druze vs bedouin, Secular vs a believer, and Maronite between orthodox. When will we see that the goals of our enemies is to divide and conquer. For the muslims that are fighting whether shia or sunni are muslim you both have disgraced gods simple request. Not to split. The way this sad story is going to play out is that we are all going to be under the control of Israel and the west from Turkey to Oman from Lebanon to China. All of us because this sad story is going to end with a lot of arabs dying. As a Palestinian all i can say is good riddance to all the arab sects, tribes, regions. We are all garbage and deserve what is happening. I look forward to seeing this spread from one shit hole arab country to another. Let you all face the same horrors we have dealt with for 65 years.

Missing lebanese_uae 09 June 2013, 14:45

who forced them to do that ?
they didn't do anything before your master got involved..
"el jamal ma biyshouf 7irdabto"

Default-user-icon Pophigor Zimbadij (Guest) 09 June 2013, 17:02

Of course they would after the beating that they got in al-Qusayr as evidenced by the hundreds of them seeking refuge and medical treatment in Arsal and other dumps of theirs. They got the long deserved scare of their lives. Those weren't Hizbullah fighters? Oh, really? Whatever.

Default-user-icon Eileen K. (Guest) 09 June 2013, 20:33

Hariri was killed by an Israeli missile, not a car bomb; the crater surrounding the site was way too wide and too deep for any car bomb.

Israel is the destabilizing force here, backed by the West. The Zionist entity's real goal is a "Greater Israel" that entails huge swathes of territory from the Nile to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers; also, Lebanon; never mind its forced withdrawals in 2000 and 2006.

Default-user-icon just_lebanese (Guest) 11 June 2013, 12:09

Dubai Mall is world's most visited destination in 2011
Qatar had already outlined a plan to spend around $100 billion, being 87% of GDP

tfooo 3a M8 & M14 and all the sheep followers
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