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Bodies of Missing Jaafar Clan Members Found in Syria

The Jaafar clan of Hermel on Wednesday announced that the bodies of two of its members who had gone missing in Syria two months ago have been found.

The clan identified the two men as Ahmed Youssef Jaafar and Mohammed Mahdi Jaafar.

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Hizbullah Slams German FM, Describes Accusations as 'Void'

Hizbullah lashed out on Saturday at German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle's accusations that the party killed civilians in Qusayr area of central Syria, near the Lebanese border.

Hizullah described in a statement Westerwelle's accusations as “void, false and baseless.”

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Red Cross Convoy Carrying Qusayr Wounded Interrupted in Bekaa, Changes Route

Members of the Jaafar clan in the Bekaa on Monday blocked the road in front of a Red Cross convoy carrying Syrians wounded in the neighboring country's battles, forcing it to change its route.

"Members of the Jaafar clan, who are also Hizbullah supporters, blocked the road linking Baalbeck to the North to prevent a Red Cross convoy from passing,” radio Voice of Lebanon (100.5) reported.

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Khalil Warns: Number of Syrians Seeking Treatment in Lebanon Exceeds Country's Capacity

Caretaker Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil warned on Monday that the number of wounded Syrians looking for treatment in Lebanese hospitals exceeds the country's potential to care for the injured.

"The number of wounded coming from (the Syrian border town of) al-Qusayr is expected to increase furthermore,” Khalil noted in phone calls with President Michel Suleiman, Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati and Speaker Nabih Berri.

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Hizbullah's Qaouq Assures Entering Galilee 'Still Possible'

Hizbullah announced on Sunday that entering the occupied Galilee region in northern Israel is still possible, despite the current Syrian crisis and the party's involvement in it.

"Despite the Syrian crisis and despite political and media pressures, the resistance today is at the highest levels of readiness,” declared top Hizbullah official Sheikh Nabil Qaouq during an event commemorating the one-week passing of Hizbullah fighter in Syria Hasan Ali Zahreddine in the southern town of Mais al-Jabal.

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Report: Hizbullah to Suspend Syria Operations after Taking Zabadani

Hizbullah will suspend its military operations in Syria after securing the Damascus suburb of Zabadani “from which rockets are being fired on Shiite villages in Baalbek and Hermel,” the Central News Agency reported on Saturday.

“After the operations officially ended in Qusayr, Hizbullah is about to finish the Zabadani battle, from which rockets are still being fired on Baalbek and Sarein,” the agency quoted prominent high-ranking sources close to Hizbullah as saying.

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Syria's Qusayr Devastated in Army Takeover

Scores of homes in central Syria's Qusayr are razed to the ground, its shops are smashed, and the smell of gunpowder still hangs heavy in the air.

After Syrian troops and Hizbullah took control of the symbolic insurgent bastion on Wednesday, Qusayr has become a ghost town, a witness told Agence France Presse.

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Hizbullah: Qusayr's Achievement a Severe Blow to American-Israeli-Takfiri Scheme

Hizbullah stated on Wednesday that the party's “achievement” in the Syrian border town of al-Qusayr dealt a “severe blow to the American-Israeli-Takfiri scheme.”

"The withdrawal of the opposition's fighters from al-Qusayr is a knockdown to the scheme of the United States, Israel and the Takfiris,” the party's deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem expressed after a meeting with Syrian Social National Party Vice President Toufiq Mhanna.

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Sweets Distributed in Dahiyeh in Celebration of 'Qusayr's Fall'

Social networking websites were buzzing on Wednesday with pictures of young men distributing sweets in Beirut's southern suburbs in celebration of the “fall” of the Syrian town of Qusayr in the hands of Syrian regime forces and Hizbullah fighters.

Banners reading “Qusayr has fallen” and Hizbullah's yellow flags were erected on trees planted in a road median, next to which supporters of the party were distributing sweets to the passengers of the passing cars.

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Russia Blocks Draft U.N. Declaration on Qusayr

Russia has blocked a draft United Nations Security Council declaration on the situation in the besieged Syrian town of Qusayr, diplomats said Sunday.

The text, proposed by Britain on Saturday, expressed the council's "grave concern" about the fate of civilians trapped in the strategically important town in central Homs province, where regime forces backed by Hizbullah began an assault two weeks ago.

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