Hizbullah Slams German FM, Describes Accusations as 'Void'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah lashed out on Saturday at German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle's accusations that the party killed civilians in Qusayr area of central Syria, near the Lebanese border.

Hizullah described in a statement Westerwelle's accusations as “void, false and baseless.”

“The international customs state that the country's stances and policies should not be based on false and misleading information,” the statement said.

The party considered that the German FM accusations are part of the campaign on Hizbullah to please the United States.

“Hizbullah adopts the highest moral and humanitarian standards in dealing with civilians and military personal, which every international humanitarian institution agrees on,” the statement added.

Westerwelle said in comments published in Saudi Okaz newspaper that Hizbullah's involvement in Qusayr battles is a “dangerous turn of events in Syria,” condemning the targeting of civilians in the area by Hizbullah fighters.

Hizbullah, a staunch ally of the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has become increasingly embroiled in the conflict in neighboring Syria, which is now in its third year.

The group has dispatched fighters to battle alongside regime troops, including most prominently in Qusayr, a former rebel stronghold in central Homs.

Its fighters helped the Syrian army win back control of the town earlier this month, dealing a harsh blow to the opposition.

The regime has said it plans to build on that victory by trying to retake large parts of the northern city of Aleppo and its surrounding province, but it is unclear whether Hizbullah will also join that operation.

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Thumb lebnanfirst 15 June 2013, 18:30

“Hizbullah adopts the highest moral and humanitarian standards in dealing with civilians and military personal, which every international humanitarian institution agrees on,” the statement added.

And as proof refer to the very humanitarian manner in which they treated the opposition Shiites especially Hashem Salman whom Hizballah shot to death in front of the Iranian embassy for no reason other than his peaceful opposition to their policies.

Need any one more proof about Hizballah's civility and adherence to the highest level of humanitarian standards?

Thumb geha 15 June 2013, 19:12

As if there is no youtube videos across the
he world showing to all skeptical what hizbushaitan is really doing.
they are baby killers.

Missing spritelemon 15 June 2013, 19:16

The german FM could care less about the syrian people. All those bastards care about is their interests however the arrogance of hezballah is beyond disgusting. There are actual hezballah loyalists who believe that hezballah could fight the entire world armies and still come out a winner, this is of course a product of hezballah brainwashing. And it effects harmony between lebanese in an extremly negative way. The fact that 1 million lebanese citizens think they can step on everyones head but chose not to do it for now because they are so nice and doing us a favour on the condition that we "behave" is causing hate, anger and danger. And i blame hezballah as well as amal for this arrogance that they have installed in the heads of their followers. Many used to think that hezballah was the civilized version of amal but in the past years and with their interference in syria, those same people now view hezballah and amal as the same savages and thugs with little diffirence between them.

Missing samiam 15 June 2013, 19:16

more zionist conspiracies

ever hear of the boy who cried wolf.....

Thumb general_puppet 15 June 2013, 19:34

“void, false and baseless.”... deny, deny, deny, what ells is new. Hizbullah adopted the high moral and humanitarian standards from their Axis partners the Assad's.

Thumb chrisrushlau 15 June 2013, 20:21

Germany is a reminder of how hard it is to get racism out of your system once you put it in there by democratic action. It's a blood disease of the law. And how does Germany explain its support for Israel? "Historical obligation". Not "obligation to justice", see? "Historical obligation" could mean anything, but in practice it means corruption--the Lebanese way, you might say. I suppose Hezbullah doesn't take over in Lebanon because it doesn't want to nursemaid so many feeble people: the entire political establishment.

Thumb lebnanfirst 15 June 2013, 21:40

With all due respect @the_roar, you give Hizballah too much unwarranted credit. No one can disagree with your claim that they are disciplined but that they are defending Lebanon? That is way off the mark and absolutely not true unless one believes in the same Lebanon that they believe in Which is making Lebanon a mirror image of ولاية الفقيه and ruling it. What they are doing is Iran's bidding and self preservation pure and simple. Lately i hear all my FPM friends complaining about HA's adventurism as well as the puppet minister Mansour's refusal to execute our presidents directives. Behold the true face of HA insulance coupled with arrogance on a scale never before experienced in Lebanon.

Missing samiam 15 June 2013, 21:47

so, you are congratulating mercenaries who are more powerful than the central government. why don't you look through your history books and find out how nations have succeeded without having their forces being the most powerful in the country?