Bodies of Missing Jaafar Clan Members Found in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Jaafar clan of Hermel on Wednesday announced that the bodies of two of its members who had gone missing in Syria two months ago have been found.

The clan identified the two men as Ahmed Youssef Jaafar and Mohammed Mahdi Jaafar.

According to state-run National News Agency, the two went missing while on a shopping trip to a town in the countryside of Syria's Qusayr.

NNA said the two bodies were transported to al-Batoul Hospital in Hermel.

LBCI television said the two young men, who hail from the northern Bekaa town of Sahlat al-Ma', had entered Qusayr's countryside to buy some goods.

“After their families received information from a member of the Syrian opposition saying that they were killed and buried in a certain location, the two bodies were recovered from Syrian territory and transferred to a hospital in Hermel for DNA tests, which determined that they belong to the two young men,” LBCI added.

The Syrian conflict has aggravated sectarian tensions in Lebanese and Syrian border areas.

In June, the military support of Hizbullah helped Syrian regime forces recapture the strategic town of Qusayr from rebel hands following a fierce assault.

Hizbullah says it intervened in the Qusayr area near the Lebanese border in order to protect towns in the Bekaa region and Lebanese-inhabited towns inside Syria from attacks by Islamist extermists and Syrian rebel groups.

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Thumb cedre 10 July 2013, 19:57

so they were shopping 2 months ago near qusayr...

Thumb liberty 10 July 2013, 20:51

damn you RFT:))))))) I am dying here with tears in my eyes:))))

Thumb benzona 11 July 2013, 00:21

FT, you're such a party-crasher! Have some humour. Btw, your link doesn't work.

Missing zahle_night 10 July 2013, 20:29

Exactly cedre... They went shopping... I never knew that Qusayr had all these shopping malls that are open... Even during the war time... Let me see, is it shopping or spying.. !!!

Missing helicopter 10 July 2013, 23:28

common guys, yes funny but also realize that the word shopping means differently to different people.
To the deprived in the harsh environment of Hermel and surrounding villages, shopping most likely entails necessities of life (food, gasoline, grain, and the like). Spying is another possibility, but shopping is a very unwise possibility also.

Thumb shoo-yaba 10 July 2013, 20:56

Maybe it was gun shopping, what do we know :))

Thumb cedre 10 July 2013, 20:58

all right lads, sorry never been to qusayr, didnt know it was a commmercial hub.

Thumb primesuspect 10 July 2013, 22:27

Let the party and the firework begin!

Missing beirutbastard00 11 July 2013, 02:41

They were shopping for information. Why are these clans given such importance in this country?!... The hash trade must be very lucrative...

Thumb cedre 11 July 2013, 03:25

because of the arsenal they have at their disposition and their degree of infiltration of the state apparatus. They are the mafia shia-way...
The drug business made them rich indeed.

Missing mark 11 July 2013, 09:03

RIP them, am sure they were poor . Am sure they wouldn't go shopping (regardless of the material) if they didn't had to feed their families plus the brain wash executed on them by HA. Please have respect to death.