Sweets Distributed in Dahiyeh in Celebration of 'Qusayr's Fall'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Social networking websites were buzzing on Wednesday with pictures of young men distributing sweets in Beirut's southern suburbs in celebration of the “fall” of the Syrian town of Qusayr in the hands of Syrian regime forces and Hizbullah fighters.

Banners reading “Qusayr has fallen” and Hizbullah's yellow flags were erected on trees planted in a road median, next to which supporters of the party were distributing sweets to the passengers of the passing cars.

Meanwhile, activists on social networking websites circulated a picture of Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah with the slogan “Qusayr welcomes you … the Sayyed always fulfills his promises” on it.

The Syrian army vowed on Wednesday to trounce rebel fighters across Syria hours after recapturing Qusayr with the help of Hizbullah following a more than two-week assault on the strategic town on the border with Lebanon.

Both sides in the conflict value Qusayr, which lies along a land corridor linking two Assad strongholds, the capital of Damascus and an area along the Mediterranean coast that is the heartland of his minority Alawite sect.

For their part, Syria's rebels conceded they had lost the battle for the strategic town but vowed to fight “thousands of Lebanese mercenaries.”

Earlier, Syria state television said the army "totally controls" Qusayr, with the Britain-based Observatory, which relies on a network of activists and medics on the ground, also confirming that Qusayr had fallen.

Syria's main opposition group said that the armed uprising against the regime of Assad will carry on despite Qusayr's fall.

Later on Wednesday, Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem said “Qusayr's achievement dealt a severe blow to the American-Israeli-Takfiri scheme.”

Hizbullah chief Nasrallah had previously justified the group's involvement in Syria by saying they were defending Lebanese-inhabited border villages inside Syria and Shiite holy sites.

But during a May 25 speech marking the 13th anniversary of Israel's military withdrawal from Lebanon, Nasrallah said the Takfiris are the “most prevailing group in the Syrian opposition,” warning against a defeat against them in the ongoing war in Syria.

He said: “If Syria falls in the hands of the Takfiris and the United States, the resistance will become under a siege and Israel will enter Lebanon. If Syria falls, the Palestinian cause will be lost.”

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Thumb geha 05 June 2013, 17:55

they think it is the end?
this is going to be the beginning of a long war and this time round: at home.
those feasting today in dahieh, will be the ones mourning tomorrow.
stupid sheep...... they do not know what they brought on to themselves....

Thumb hakawati 05 June 2013, 19:21

Geha = Geriatric Hallucinations

Has any of your countless end times prophecies been fulfilled?

The answer is: No!

Thumb primesuspect 05 June 2013, 21:12

You're the cheap sheep.

Missing maroun 06 June 2013, 12:27

that avatar suits you..i couldn't describe you any better.

Missing kiserouen 05 June 2013, 17:57

Shiites are only making people hate them more. Imagine the FSA occupying a shiite town in lebanon like this. Shiites will end up losing in the long run.

Missing neil419 05 June 2013, 20:01

Hehehe get a life dude! HA is just too good .. Live with it! You ll always be a looser!

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 05 June 2013, 18:00

We will offer sweets all around when Dahyié is turned to rubble with all its renegades and criminals under !

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 05 June 2013, 18:10

why? Those 'rebels"in Qussayr have NOTHING to do with ISLAM. They are human flesh eating criminals, rapists, and thugs hiding behind Islam. They cry Alahu Akbar before they slit the throats of helpless prisoners. Is this Islam? Is this Sunni Islam, or Shia? NO thank you. I don't eat sweets; however I'll pop open a bottle of champagne. Cheers everyone, and alf mabrouk.
Next stop is Aleppo.

Missing Cyanide 05 June 2013, 18:57

What victory man. Go liberate golan or Jerusalem. That's a disgrace to the militia that once upon a time was a resistance.

Missing neil419 05 June 2013, 20:01

Well said

Thumb primesuspect 05 June 2013, 21:11

OMG it's shocking and disgusting. We'll have to cheer when Israel eventually takes down their ally Nusralla. Because, we M14ers don't have blood on our hands.... Hizballa's natural ally today will betray them tomorrow.

Thumb primesuspect 05 June 2013, 21:12

Psycho sicko.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 21:35

LOL just like they did the day hariri died.....

Thumb benzona 05 June 2013, 22:35

He didn't die, he was assassinated,

Missing ya_kord 05 June 2013, 22:02

celebrating the "fall" of the town... didn't they say they were liberating it?!?

Thumb superhabib 06 June 2013, 14:38

That is how the media puts it, not the Syrians. Don't fall for your own propaganda.

Thumb jcamerican 05 June 2013, 23:24

Nobody thought HA will be able to pull this one. It is not their turf. I can see why they are celebrating. Plus offering sweets is less provocative than shooting their guns up in the air.

Missing peace 05 June 2013, 23:47

they shot too don't worry!!!!

Thumb terminator 06 June 2013, 11:05

you must have missed it then

Thumb Senescence 06 June 2013, 01:51

I'm completely and utterly baffled as to why you think everything has to do with inciting sectarian strife. Enno shou khas ?

I don't see it at all. The Syrian Arab Army is a Sunni majority, I'm given to understand, fighting along the Shia against mercenaries having been funneled dirty oil money. If anything, it's a show of unity ( albeit, in the wrong circumstances, definitely ).

Like OUR glorious Army, people of many different religions and sects, believing in their country, in their flag, in their anthem, are fighting along each other with no differences between them but appearances.

If the salafis are Sunnis then so be it, it wouldn't have been any different if it was Shia or Christian or Druze or Buddhists or Pantheists or whatever. It's their action that is being battled against, not their religion. Ma khas.

Thumb terminator 06 June 2013, 11:01

i hope you choke on your farsi sweets

Missing idris_gray 06 June 2013, 05:23

In 2006, syrians in qusayr and other border villages welcomed the displaced lebanese from the war with israel and treated them like family. Today they repay them by celebrating their deaths....

Missing idris_gray 06 June 2013, 15:45

the FSA is made of syrians dumbass, but you know thta, you are just spreading lies like the rest of your baathist/hezbollah/iranian goons

Thumb thepatriot 06 June 2013, 16:06

Here you go...Ape!


Default-user-icon Al-Ghaliboun (Guest) 06 June 2013, 11:02

Glory to the resistance. Glory to Sayyed Hasan.

Missing maroun 06 June 2013, 12:29

it isn't glory ..it will bring them more death's.

Thumb superhabib 06 June 2013, 14:37

900 Salafists were killed in Qusayr, by the army and Hezbollah combined. What are you talking about?