Asir Does Not Rule out Military Option if Hizbullah Apartments in Sidon are Not Vacated

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Imam of Sidon's Bilal bin Rabah Mosque Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir accused on Wednesday the army of “defending” alleged apartments owned by Hizbullah gunmen in the southern city.

He demanded during a press conference that these apartments be vacated before Monday, saying: “The military option is one of several available to us should our demand fail to be met.”

He hoped that the residents of the city would follow reason “in order to thwart greater dangers that are looming in the future.”

“I am not issuing threats as we are all bound to coexist in Lebanon,” he stressed.

“Do not support the oppressor against the oppressed,” demanded Asir.

He then recounted how he had demanded that the Hizbullah apartments be vacated seven months ago.

His demand was met with a vow by caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel to fulfill the request within 15 days, but he failed to do so.

On Tuesday's clashes between Asir's supporters and members of the Hizbullah-affiliated Resistance Brigades in the Sidon neighborhood of Abra, he said that the unrest started when Mahmoud al-Sous opened fire at a number of shops and attacked youths in the area.

He accused him of carrying out his actions in collaboration with the army intelligence, rejecting the army statement on the clash and revealing that photographs of Sous and the members of the branch had been taken.

The unrest on Tuesday left at least one person dead and four others wounded.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said the fighting broke out between Asir supporters and “Mahmoud al-Sous' group, which belongs to the Resistance Brigades.”

The Lebanese army deployed in Sidon as the violence comes amid soaring sectarian tensions in Lebanon that have escalated because of the raging war in neighboring Syria.

The army said several people were wounded by the gunfire.

He has alleged several times that the group uses several apartments in Abra to stockpile weapons and house fighters.

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Default-user-icon freind (Guest) 19 June 2013, 17:58

go assir go inchala biyirmouk hitat hitat hala2 balachit bil jayich bass ma3ak hak law fi jayech ken lezzim hitouk bill habiss min zamannnnnne bass akid jeyik yioum inta w ghayrak yali mitlak min koull el fi2at ta younfoune barrat libenen li2anakoum jami3an a3de2 haza el watan !naza3tou el sayfiyi mitil kill sini wa kharbtou bouyout el 3alam el foukara ya wassakh el bald minak w jer hata ekhar wahad fikoun .

Default-user-icon Rachid (Guest) 19 June 2013, 18:12

Heya all! I'm researching the sectarian situation in Lebanon. Please consider taking my survey about inter-sectarian marriages

Thumb _citizen_ 19 June 2013, 18:17

Yeah he is on crack.... imagine he thinks he is an Ethiopian Emperor!

Thumb bigsami 19 June 2013, 21:46

If starts here with Lebanese confronting these scums HA then let it be. I'm sure there are many just waiting for someone to take that first step and hopefully an all out destruction of the Party of Satan aka HA!

Default-user-icon Grams (Guest) 19 June 2013, 18:21

Hezbollah shoud put him away to make an exemple.

This is literraly the rat who wants to bit a lion.

Default-user-icon John Marina (Guest) 19 June 2013, 20:36

Lebanon is full of thugs but this one sits on the top, the government is letting this dog loose, shame on Lebanese government

Missing helicopter 19 June 2013, 22:08

Did the African league prove to be more useful than the Arab League?

Missing helicopter 19 June 2013, 22:10

Why isn't your avatar a girl wearing an Iranian burka? Then it matches your political view more closely. I both Sunni and Shia extremists would leave Lebanon for good.

Missing helicopter 19 June 2013, 23:46

Talking about surprises, would it surprise you to know that I am neither sunni nor extremist? Would it surprise you even more that I might even be a Shi3i? Would it surprise you that the choice you refer to is not much of a choice (it is psuedo choice and moore so in some areas than others.... depends on where you live), and there is no choice at all in some areas such as when it comes to alcohol.

Missing helicopter 20 June 2013, 00:17

Here are examples of how it is a pseudo choice (hope it helps):
1) It is employed as a political tool (same with your avatar): During the 18 months occupation of downtown Beirut, HA paid each girl $35 to demonstrate without wearing hijab because it wanted them to look like Christian girls and hence give the occupation a national face rather than HA face...... smart hah?
2) It is a religious tool: HA has brainwashed young girls into believing that wearing the hijab indicates their devotion and pride in their sect (it has become the symbol of sectarian pride and HA pride).
3) Impressionable young souls: elaborate veiling ceremonies of young girls aged nine or 10 attract hundreds. Girls who are initiated in these ceremonies receive flowers from their families, a certificate with religious poetry and a new Quran. While these ceremonies are not explicitly funded by Hezbollah, footage of these ceremonies is regularly aired on Hezbollah-owned al-Manar TV

Thumb nodelet 20 June 2013, 03:33

stop making things up! paranoia will destroy ya

Default-user-icon disgustedbyidiots (Guest) 20 June 2013, 07:08

your an idiot

Missing peace 19 June 2013, 22:59

"lack basic hygeine training." so they have chemical weapons!

Thumb bashir 19 June 2013, 23:43

Power hungry wolves in religous robes be damned, no matter which stink they spread.

Missing helicopter 20 June 2013, 00:56

Once upon a time weak Europe shied from confronting the ultimate German machine to preserve peace and hence themselves. Then they discovered that their passive behavior was encouraging Hitler to commit more and more aggression until they had no choice but to confront him knowing well that they are no match to him. They got their ass kicked no doubt, but eventually the never ending ambitions of Hitler gained him more enemies that eventually tipped the balance against him and within a year Hitler was defeated and Nazi Germany stopped to exist. Do you see the parallel with HA? HA sympathizers dwarfed its enemies just 7 years ago. But gradually the support is eroding and the opposition increasing that their only salvation now is to resort to their arms. But doing so will cost them even more sympathizers and eventually their greed will spell their end. The mistake tyrants commit is that they do not treat the others justly.

Missing helicopter 20 June 2013, 01:36

wolf, did you miread my post?
1) I was not comparing Hitler to the Cannibals, I was comparing him to Mr. Nasrallah.
2) Hitler's list included anyone that stood up to him, so does HA
3) True,it is the fire that consumes all (perpetrators, opponents and the helpless neutrals.
4) Again I am comparing Hitler to Nasrallah.
5) I do not know what you mean, but the Cannibals and HA both must go.
6) Called me evil because you ran out of arguments......
7) This one is contradictory to your allies' motto of "Change and Reform". Living under the people we know made Hell of heaven and the lives of the Lebanese hellish (so I disagree).
Unlike you, to me M14 ideas are second to "Lebanon first" ideas. I am willing to forsake all our leaders to have a fresh start.

Missing helicopter 20 June 2013, 01:58

I am enjoying the exchange of posts because they are not personal, just exchanging ideas/opinions/facts.
My post above (numbered 1, 2, 3 list) is factual and not bassed on opinions. The $35 payments are a fact. The Hijab ceremonies and showing them on Al-Manar are facts. I agree with your comments about Shi3a in general are more tolerant than Sunnis in general (I emphasize the general part). However I think the Lebanese Shi3a have moved from center to extreme over the last 30 years while the Lebanese Sunnis moved the other way. HA made the Shi3a more radical and Mustaqbal made the Sunnis less radicals. Also I agree with Muslim women being oppressed (even in some Shi3a communities). Zawaj Mout3a is one form of oppression of women. HA and Shi3a top clerics not agreeing to civil marriage is another form of oppression for women.

Missing helicopter 20 June 2013, 02:00

part 2)
I am all for freedom of women, men and humans in general (that includes consuming Alcohol).
I did not see things in white or black, I saw them in 50 shades of grey.

Missing helicopter 20 June 2013, 02:39

If you read my post carefully (the one mentioning your avatar), you will notice that I never showed any annoyance about the avatar. All I said was "put one with hijab or burka so it matches your political opinion .... ie. HA sympathizer.
And I find it strange you still insist that I am Sunni and Extreme. I told you I am for women freedom and equality with men (in fact I prefer women politicians over men because they have a more merciful heart). My favorite Shi3a Politician is Hussein Al-Husseiny. He is a Lebanese patriot that is neither sold to Iran/Syria nor is a thug..... he has a soft side heart and a wise mind.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 02:44

Lebpatriot, dont you realize how you sound like the stereotype ignorant shia? Im not calling shiites ignorant but this is how they are percieved by many lebanese. The fact that you brand everyone who disagrees with you or hezballah "sunni extremists" is a proof of your ignorance. Most of the people who comment on naharnet are actually maronites who back LF, Phalanges or other m14 parties, there are also maronites who are with FPM here and then there are atheists and orthodox and a few sunnis and a few shiites as well but most are maronites. Your comments only spread hate so kindly tone it down a bit because not everyone who hates hezbzbeleh are sunnis.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 12:50

Mowaten, my stats come from regularly visiting naharnet and thus i have seen the regulars state their religious affiliation. As an example your an atheist who is with michel aoun.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 12:52

Wolf? My bullying tactic? So if a member is a woman that means she isent human and should be allowed to post secterian comments? Hypocrites.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 12:52

Wolf? My bullying tactic? So if a member is a woman that means she isent human and should be allowed to post secterian comments? Hypocrites.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 12:54

Thats cute FT. Very original. All three of you attack me but have no problem with lebpatriots secterian comments. That prooves your hypocrisy. Otherwise you would have stated your disagreement with me while confirming your rejection of her secterianism.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 02:52

Lebpatriot, the women of iran would strongly disagree with you regareing your statements. To them, the shiite ayatollahs and mullahs are the worst opressor that exists. Many iranian women become openly christian or atheist as soon as they manage to escape iran. Even men with western hair cuts or western style of life get harassed by shiite iran. Iran and saudi arabia are two sides of the same coin.

Thumb nodelet 20 June 2013, 03:39

not wonder 73% of irans population participated in teh election

Missing helicopter 20 June 2013, 04:19

I was enjoying the chat with lebpatriot because it had no personal insults (only political jabs depending on our points of view). Then you came along with a personal insult "you are gay". Maybe the fact that I consider it an insult is enough proof that I am not gay ..... but lets get back to the politics part (those with the weakest arguments dish out the most personal insults and speak the loudest).
In my pure Lebanese heart and mind I believe that HA and Takfiris are both bad for Lebanon. Lebanon in its verities is best served by moderation and by the buildup of its secular Government, Judiciary, constitution and its army. Any Politician known to have pledged allegiance or loyalty to a foreign entity must be tried and convicted accordingly. Any politician that declares allegiance or loyalty to a foreign entity should be executed (their declaration is enough proof). Long live Lebanon with all its sects and long live liberty/sovereignty/moderation.

Missing formerlebaniz 20 June 2013, 04:42

NOTHING is funnier than Shia extremists calling Sunni extremists. It cracks me up. Seriously what did you expect? Sunnis to bend over and ask you for more? You killed most of their significant moderate leaders, you literally stripped them from their any rights they had, occupied their lands, killed their people. Now some extremists factions are spawning out to defend them and you are crying bloody murder?

You have a Lebanese saying for this: Atalneh wo baka saba2neh wo ishtaka.

Yes, ALL extremism is evil and bad, but the reason this Sunni extremism is starting to spawn in Lebanon is to counter-balance your Shia extremism. Now wait another few years and you will see Christian extremists as well as Druze extremists and than we have our selves a civil war. Eliminate Hizbullah and there will be no use for these extremist factions.

Default-user-icon Foliando Mikouzy (Guest) 20 June 2013, 07:08

Oh my God! Here come the F16s again! This time they are camouflaged in the shape of flying elephants a-la-libanaise and carrying 2-ton dung bombs! When they carpet bomb Sidon and the surrounding, anyone should be able to tell that it became the land of ahl al Sanni from miles away. najjina men al a3zam

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 13:07

Yes because when you refer to them as sanni, its just spontaneous, and not part of a systematic game that was taken against them. It started with killing rafiq hariri. You poke poke poke, and when they poke back, you call them extremists and terrorists.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 13:02

I would chose neither! Why do you want christians to be slaves under you? This is exactly what i mean by stereotype shia. You keep bringing up cannablism because of what one mentally ill person did in syria. Who here supports that? Not even his own side supported that. As if shiites didnt comit equally disgusting crimes. I cant take you seriously when you want to pin people who disagree with your or your hezb el shaytan as cannablists. Grow up.

Missing fares_ 20 June 2013, 13:04

Wolf hypocrite, your an extremist and a secterian. People like you cause civil wars.

Missing people-power 20 June 2013, 17:11

Well said