Adib al-Alam Gets 15 Years Hard Labor, Wife Gets 4 over Spying for Israel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Military Court on Wednesday sentenced retired army Brigadier General Adib al-Alam to 15 years hard labor on charges of collaboration with the Israeli enemy.

His wife Hayat Saloumi was sentenced to four years hard labor.

The trial of Alam, who was detained in 2010, had been postponed several times due to failure to form the court's bench.

The retired general had gathered information on an alleged Syrian nuclear reactor site in Deir al-Zour that Israel bombed in September 2007, a security source told al-Liwaa newspaper.

The daily quoted sources as saying that Alam passed on the info to Israel without specifying the nature of the data.

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Thumb lebanon_first 19 June 2013, 21:44

Thank god that he gave information to israel to stop a nuclear syria! Are you crazy to arrest him?
Arrest these gunmen roaming tripoli and saida streets instead.

Missing nike 19 June 2013, 22:31

What about them dogs spying for them zoroastrian pagon iranians

Missing beirutbastard00 20 June 2013, 00:18

Arrest him... And arrest anyone with a title. Any government title, and any beik w Amir etc.

Missing cedars 20 June 2013, 04:58

None of these people should be jailed in the presence of a biased Iranian influence reflected by HA followers on the judiciary system.
Why would we jail a Lebanese citizen for Syria? Have they jailed Buthayna Cha3ban co-Michel Samaha for her deeds in Lebanon?

Missing phillipo 20 June 2013, 08:16

Lebanon may think of Israel as its' enemy, but I'm sure that Israel doesn't think of Lebanon as its' enemy. The only enemy Israel has on Lebanese territory is Hizballah, who are also an enemy of a unified
peaceful Republic of Lebanon.

Thumb loveandpeace 20 June 2013, 10:54

What kind of info could a retired Lebanese army officer and his bobonne have on a nuclear facility in Syria? Shouldn't he be rewarded for selling Israel information he never had?