Shooting between Arsal-Labweh Sparks Heavy Army Deployment

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese army made on Thursday a heavy deployment in the areas of al-Labweh and Arsal in the Northeast after residents of the two towns exchanged gunfire.

The deployment came amid high tension caused by sectarian splits in the country, which were exacerbated by the war in Syria.

The National News Agency said the military deployed after armed men from the Sunni town of Arsal opened fire on residents from al-Labweh, drawing retaliatory fire.

Al-Labweh is majority Shiite. There was no report of casualties in the shooting.

On Sunday, four Lebanese men were killed in an ambush in Wadi Rafeq which is not far from the two towns.

The murder of the men – two from the Jaafar clan and another from Amhaz family - hiked the sectarian tensions and concerns over the spillover of the civil war raging in Syria.

Gunmen from the families of the slain men took to the streets and set up roadblocks, accusing Arsal residents of being behind the killings.

But the tension was later contained.

The Jaafar and Amhaz clans are well-known Shiite families in the region of Baalbek and Hermel.

Reports said Thursday that the army intelligence arrested one of the suspects in the Wadi Rafeq attack.

He was identified as Saleh Abdullah. No further details were available.

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Missing trueleb 20 June 2013, 11:33

Gas the scum .Enough is enough .

Missing --karim_m1 20 June 2013, 11:58

Why is it that whenever there's terrorism, Arsal is always involved?

Missing phillipo 20 June 2013, 13:02

As I've said before, let them kill each other then the army can clear up the rubbish.

Missing allouchi 20 June 2013, 14:30

Hizbala is creating a religious/civil war in Lebanon to defend Iran's interests but his Lebanese cronies and supporters refuse to see it...they are blinded by hate...

Missing abraham 20 June 2013, 15:44

Allouchi, if hiz is creating religious civil war, and the sunnis are smart enough they shouldn't get involved.
It always takes 2 to tango

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 20 June 2013, 16:42

the question is :who is smarter?: sunnis or shias?are the lebanese christians still smart?

Missing allouchi 20 June 2013, 20:06

abraham, Sunnis are not just one entity and like any other religions groups you have several factions, so you cannot say Sunnis should do this and that....I am afraid that some Sunni groups will fight Hizb back and that will be the spark that ignites the region...