10 Troops Martyred in Clashes with al-Asir's Gunmen in Abra

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Ten army troops were martyred and 35 others were wounded Sunday in a clash with supporters of Islamist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir in the Sidon suburb of Abra, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The death toll rose on Sunday evening after the Army Command had said earlier in a released statement that two army officers, a sergeant and three soldiers died in the clashes.

It identified them as First Lieutenant Samer Jeryes Tanios, Lieutenant George Elian Bou Saab, Sergeant Ali Adnan al-Masri, First Soldier Rami Ali al-Khabbaz and soldiers Bilal Ali Saleh and Elie Nicola Rahme.

"An armed group loyal to Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir attacked, for no reason, a Lebanese army checkpoint in the village of Abra" on the outskirts of the southern port city of Sidon, it said in an earlier statement.

The fighting erupted when Asir supporters surrounded an army checkpoint in Abra, where a vehicle transporting other supporters of the cleric had been stopped, a security source told Agence France Presse.

"After the armed men attacked (the army) with gunfire" the army fired back, the source added.

LBCI television said the clash in Sidon allegedly erupted over the army's arrest of two individuals linked to the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque.

According to state-run National News Agency, one of Asir's supporters was killed and 15 other partisans were wounded.

The army vowed it "will not tolerate" the latest developments, and that it "will continue to fulfil its mandate to suppress strife."

The military will "strike back with an iron fist anyone who... spills the blood of the army", the statement added.

The army urged political leaders in Sidon to choose sides and to stand either alongside the army, or with "those who promote strife and the killing of troops."

Amjad al-Asir, the cleric's brother, was defiant when reached by telephone by AFP.

"The army is with Hizbullah -- we're being bombarded from all sides," he told AFP as explosions were heard in the background.

"Sheikh Asir will stay on the battlefield along with those who support him. We will resist to the last drop of blood."

OTV said "Asir's gunmen widened their attacks and are firing towards Haret Saida from Abra."

"An RPG landed in the Alman area in Sidon district and a citizen identified as J. D. was wounded," al-Jadeed said.

"Sniper gunfire is targeting every military vehicle that passes in the vicinity of Abra and all roads linking the South to Beirut have been blocked by masked supporters of Ahmed al-Asir," military sources told MTV.

Al-Jadeed said the army came under sniper fire on Sidon's seaside road and "masked gunmen are trying to block roads near the Hariri mosque."

"The army reopened the Sidon-Beirut corniche road and is chasing the gunmen who blocked it," al-Mayadeen television said.

Agence France Presse reported that explosions were heard two kilometers away.

An AFP correspondent saw civilians fleeing the fighting, both by car and on foot.

Businesses in Abra closed for the day in the face of the raging gunfire.

"The shells are raining down on us, and there is intense gunfire," a witness told AFP by telephone.

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Default-user-icon Slay Assir (Guest) 23 June 2013, 15:53

go go Army finish Assir and ppl who like that bastard.. what his natioanlity is he Afghani or Pakistani or shishani to call fire against our Army GOD BLESS LEBANESE ARMY FINISH THESE IDIOTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Missing fares_ 23 June 2013, 16:39


Thumb Lebanon4life 23 June 2013, 16:40

It has begun !!

Default-user-icon Hassan Radwan (Guest) 23 June 2013, 16:55

1- offending Christians and the Christ
2- killing army members

It's time this thug meets his creator

Default-user-icon Abu Pierre (Guest) 23 June 2013, 16:56

We should get the Lebanese Forces to take up arms to defend all Christians from these barbarians who are at the gate when they finish with each other our turn is next let's not be asleep at the wheel. We are not Syria or Iraq or Egypt this will be the land that all the extremist will be buried in wait and see

Missing mohammad_ca 23 June 2013, 17:07

This is what happens when you treat hizbollaat supporters in a different manner than you treat the rest of the citizens. Remove all weapons from everyone except the government security forces such as the army and the police.

Thumb _citizen_ 23 June 2013, 17:24

Now, who is firing mortars on Abra? The army.... I doubt it.

Default-user-icon omar (Guest) 23 June 2013, 17:38

@ phoenix :
1-pour ta gouverne, alaseer is not salafi, doesnt call himself one and lebanese salafis do not recognize him as one.
2- always same allegations that ksa, qatar or turkey is funding them, but any proof ? or usual propaganda ?

Thumb Lebanon4life 23 June 2013, 17:43

inshallah they will get him and kill him immediately !!!

Missing samiam 23 June 2013, 17:46

The army has to not only take down this fool, but ALL others who even remotely threaten the army. In addition, steps should be taken to depoliticize the army so they can do their jobs without being hindered by idiotic political figures.

Missing shibas 23 June 2013, 17:50

This guy should definitly be arested along with his suporters. He is a sectarian divisive and not lebanese but then is the only one? How can the army arrest him and not look biased?

Thumb benzona 23 June 2013, 17:57

I agree with Haile, they should be dealt with because they attacked our only legitimate military force. Hezbollah should be dealt with equally and EVERYBODY else with firearms.

Khalas, c'est fini, time to end this joke. NATO, we need you here... there's work for you.

Thumb benzona 23 June 2013, 18:01

Hezbollah is the action, Assir is the reaction......

Anyone supporting any of them is NOT a patriot.

Default-user-icon leb (Guest) 24 June 2013, 14:19

Pff, Hezbollah has its own problems. They caused the 2006 war that did a load of damage to Lebanon. They had part in killing our ex-PM Hariri. They circumvent the army and police and held Lebanon hostage in 2008. They turn the country against itself, and it is under the control of Iran and Syria first. Hezbollah isn't a Lebanese party, it is controlled by its sheikhs and by Iran not by Lebanese citizens. The only good thing it did was that it fought the Israelis in 1982 to 2000, but that is the past. Why didn't they resist against the Syrian occupation to the North and East? Why didn't they protest when Syrian forces harassed and hurt Lebanese in Lebanon? Its hypocritical, and they're beyond the control of Lebanon. They aren't much better.

Thumb benzona 23 June 2013, 18:02

Samer Hanna.....

ISF in Dahye.... many times.

Default-user-icon Lebanese and hurting (Guest) 23 June 2013, 18:08

I'm a Lebanese living in australia. I am disgusted at the way the government has allowed this maniac who has given himself a title of sheikh to be free from prosecution after all he has done Lebanon . I'm sure he has funding from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Wherever you see division and instability in the Arab world you can be sure that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the financial backers.
Where are the moderate Sunni clerics to condemn this lunatic and his followers. Where are the politicians that are quick to speak out against hezbollah . Where is Saeed Harriri , where is Fuoad Siniora , where is Walid Jumblaat, where are the Lebanese that are always demonstrating against Hezbollah and it's arms........... It's so sad to see that the People of Lebanon will allow their soldiers blood to be spilt for the sake of the MIGHTY EVIL $$$$

Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 18:10

Al asir is scum.
the army is a tool in the hands of hizbushaitan.
so both sides are just creating sectarian strife: it is 1975 all over again.

Thumb benzona 23 June 2013, 18:28

I hope you're wrong about 75 all over again. but you're right about the army being controlled by HA.... a shame.

Missing abraham 23 June 2013, 18:47

your are one naïve person
If you are a true patriotic person,without any hesitation would have said shoot and ask later.
when a soldier of your country is murdered cold blood by these tugs, there is no me or you, shoot. shoot. shoot until they learn there lesson

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 18:53

Geha has abrain... Apparently u don't.

Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 19:13

unfortunately Abraham you seem too young....
what the army has shown us lately in a clear manner is that they let hizbushaitan kill a person in cold blood in front of them, and they did not let the red cross to take him to a hospital before it was too late.
once again in the presence of this army.
that makes me skeptic to the least about the role the army is playing in all this.
just like in 1975 all over again, and the result was the disintegration of the army and the state in favor of militias.
hope you understand now....

Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 20:18

d not even go there ft :)
asir should have been stopped long ago: all he was doing is create sectarian strife.
but the army showed us a very bad image of itself in front of the Iranian embassy, and that is not acceptable as it shows they are a tool to cover up for hizbushaitan doing.
so please do not try to twist my comment.

Thumb Senescence 23 June 2013, 18:10

antibiotic, your retort is quite weak indeed. No matter what it is anybody wants, even the least intelligent of people would know killing army officials will NOT achieve any need or demand -- these people go beyond this level of idiocy.

Maybe I should kill a couple of soldiers too because some guy honked at me or some-such reason?

I wish some Sunni groups and parties would condemn asir's actions and fatwas etc. and wise up. If it's a Sunni side that says asir's doings are counter-production then people will listen more carefully rather than blatantly reject it (cause everyone who has an opinion and belongs to a different religion is automatically wrong and working against you).

Also, the President issued a statement granting a card-blanche for the Army to shoot at will. Hopefully the Army will lay to rest many a great number of poor struggling souls incapable of anything good on this planet.

Thumb benzona 23 June 2013, 18:24

Ayatollah's fatwas shouldn't be condemned by the Shiites? why is that?
you're just scared because the (sunni) palestinians in lebanon can take over the country thanks to your Hezbollah friends who gradually weakened and marginalized the army.

hezbollah can kill colonel Hassan, Hariri and many other martyrs.... it doesn't matter. the army won't go arrest Nasrallah.
Guess what, yom al hissab has come sooner than expected. I'm not happy about it, but this ongoing humiliation of unarmed Lebanese citizens will no longer go unpunished.

Thumb Senescence 23 June 2013, 18:18

"Long may the wise live."

Indeed. Quite good of them to become vocal regarding the matter (e.g. the non-representation of Sunnis asir is, and the moderateness of many Sunnis).

Thumb benzona 23 June 2013, 18:28

Marouf Saad was assassinated.... in Saida : the Civil war started

Assir Assassinated tomorrow.... what will follow?

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 18:42

the1phonix, I am shocked by your reaction. I understand, how emotional you are and I totally agree with you. However, let's not add to the fire..The army will take care of them..
Keep your objective comments as always.:)

Missing abraham 23 June 2013, 18:44

kudos again my friend
Unless this naïve people open their eyes, they will never be a democratic Lebanon, free from hands of the Extreme left and right.

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 18:45

My God! I usually watch MTV news live from Montreal but they are not even covering this event. Instead, watching al-manar live..:(

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 18:49

Nosrallah fled in ambulances too.... Has been hiding since the war that cost 1200 Lebanese lives, then may 7, still hiding....

We're against double standards Phoenix..... Yet you attack one side that has killed far less people than the other party. Hizballa cost billions to our economy. Asir, cuando?

I hope this will be an electroshock to he Lebanese army so they can apply the law on the 10452 km and on everyone. They can start by arresting the Shia thugs wanted at the Hague since the establishment of the STL.

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 19:35

Who's 'we'? u and ur clones?

Anyone filming Nosrallah gets killed by his shabi7a. Unlike al Asir.....

Missing abraham 23 June 2013, 18:51

Phoenix, you just found out about Bahia, she and her family was behind Nahr Bared extremist and they and their followers are behind those so called freedom fighter in Syria.
Why do you think that whole episode has been put under the rug

Missing helicopter 23 June 2013, 18:53

If we look back at history, we notice the army never arrested Hezb members no matter the offense (and they did commit all sort of offenses against the army itself, against civilians, and against the Sovereignty of Lebanon).... still at times they did attack the army and shot down a Helicopter killing its pilot.
Still the Army must deal with Asir and others like him in a decisive manner. I will stand behind my army because it is still the best option we have. But long term, the army must be strengthened enough to deal with the big fish as well (like HA) and be able to stand up to Israeli and/or Syrian aggression.
I love to see Sunni extremists deported to their country of choice, Shi3a extremists to their country of choice, and all armed groups dealt with and disarmed. Spare Lebanon and its moderates of all sects so they may live peacefully and prosper.

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 18:55

Imams, ayatollahs, popes... They all hijack God for their personal gains.

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 21:22

Zadig, I'm beleive in God but don't trust a single cleric... They're men. Vicious men.

Missing helicopter 23 June 2013, 18:56

Your only concern is Asir and Sunnis. My concern is Asir, Nasrallah, you and Assad. Lebanon is suffering because of the groups mentioned above. HA gave birth to Asir and the likes of Asir.

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 18:59

Please! today we do not wanna blame anyone but the ASSIR.

No M14 and no M8

Let's be objective in our comments without insults to anyone.

I just pray to god that the Palestinians don't get involved.

Missing shibas 23 June 2013, 18:59

We all agree this guy should be arrested deported whatever he is dangerous and crazy... but didnt the hezb teach us that he who has the guns has the last word? If we want to live in this kind of country then it is normal to see such crazy ver well armed fanatics...

Missing lebanon4ever 23 June 2013, 19:52

Samer Hanna ring a bell the_roar? I am neither m8 nor m14 but let's be objective.

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 20:52

-FT: Where is the hizbi killer today?

Wat does the law say when you commit murder? wat's the typical sentence?

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 20:55

Lebanon4ever..That was an incident like any friendly fire. This was known to be a military zone. I am not trying to excuse HA. It was post 2006, tensions high...HA admitted, apologized and handed the person in that incident.

Remember few years ago, the chiah-Mar mikhail incident when the army shot a HA-Amal protestors? Did HA react by attacking the army due to this incident?

Anyway, u can't compare oranges to apples...very much different.

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 19:00

Josh, tonto, that's why ever since Shia took the control of Iraq, 90% of Iraqi Christians fled the country? That's very contradictory.

Missing helicopter 23 June 2013, 19:01

Too bad you are not included in the definition of Real Lebanese.
Real Lebanese is one that says thumbs down to HA also (not just Asir). I bet if the army fought HA you will side with HA

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 19:01

I'm with u helicopter. I agree completely.

Missing helicopter 23 June 2013, 19:06

Whose Law? Lebanese or HA Law?
There is lots of evidence to suggest the amry is controlled by HA:
Standing by watching the take over of Beirut in May 2008
Standing by and watching the killing of a protester and the beating of 11 others.
Not reacting to the shooting down of an army helicopter and the killing of its pilot.
Watching arms and fighters transported in and out of Lebanon through official border crossings.
The list is too long
What evidence do you have to the contrary..... other than bad mouthing M14 in an abstract fashion.
Still despite all my disappointments with the LAF, I am behind them 100% and want them to deal with al Asir and his clones and then when finished I want them to deal with HA as well.,

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 19:18

Generals and presidents of Lebanon are usually appointed by Damascus.... Hizballa is using the army to do its dirty bidding.

Finally, I'm enclined to beleive that the army provoked the sheikh, not the other way around.

Wat was the army doing when 40k rockets were crossing the checkpoints? Wat is the army and government doing at rafik Hariri airport to stop the flow of Iraqi Shia terrorists shabi7a apprentice on their way to Syria?

Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 19:18

the phoenix
your true colors appeared suddenly for all to see....
you seem to prefer that the 1975 era to come back again.
at this rate I give the army max 1 week before it disintegrates: is that what you are looking for?
you are seriously a disappointment

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 19:25


Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 20:03

first off I did not issue any threat, rather these are just things I expect after all this. second, who are you to talk about men? :)

Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 20:08

the roar
I did not notice you covered me :)
asir is scum (repeat) but still I cannot forget what the army did when hizbushaitan killed that man in front of the Iranian embassy.
however you post a lot more than I do, thus you are the junkie.
stating my opinion seems to hurt some small minds, however I suggest you go back and read your history, and note that what is going on is the same as in 1975.
the end result is going to be a dreaded civil war that hizbushaitan is dragging us into.
if this is not the case, let hizbushaitan allow for the new cabinet to be formed :) No they want void.

Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 20:46

again trying to twist my words?
where do I say we should let asir kill or do anything else?
I said clearly that assir should have been stopped long ago...
guys you are just trying to blind yourselves?
I have seen 1975 and lived through all its ugliness: this looks like a repeat. that is all I am saying.

Thumb geha 23 June 2013, 21:55

ft? gloat?
you must be sick in your mind....
I am apprehensive for what is coming....

Default-user-icon Hamza (Guest) 24 June 2013, 00:53

Phoenix. I've been reading your commentary for a while now bro, and I have come to admire you despite our sectarian differences and political disagreements. Thank you for the clear prose, the historical insight, empathy for strangers, and the sense of fair play that you bring to these intense discussions. That's what we used to call nobility, and for Shias like me, it counts for a lot more than the transience of politics.

I am also gratified to see that you and others are all realizing that these salafists will not leave any of us alone, whether Shia, Christian, or secular Sunni. Unfortunately, some Sunni think (like the wahabbis of nejd and the Gulf, and the rapidly disintegrating Pakistani state) that these reptiles can be tamed.

Sadly, these guys are primitivist totalitarians who are wholly unsatisfied with just enforcing their cruel primitivism in their own homes-- they insist on forcing us all to live in darkness.

Thumb geha 24 June 2013, 06:43

I di not insult you!!! all I noted is that you are in favor of a new civil war!
and that is not something good for someone who lived through one, and knows that the upcoming one will be deadlier.
it is disappointing to see that the lessons of the past civil war did not teach you anything....
that is what disappoints me about your comments of today.
if you cannot take criticism.....

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 19:32

The are talking about a cease fire..I say not cause cease fires are never respected..it is like taking pain killer...

Either finish it or the army should leave the area and hand control to the assir group.

Why should the people of sidon have to go through this every two weeks like Tripoli. No cease fire...give the army the green light.Sidon is not Tripoli!

Missing lebanon4ever 23 June 2013, 19:53

Did anyone else notice all the martyred soldiers are Christians?

Missing fares_ 23 June 2013, 20:13

I did. Were they wearing crosses or something to identify them or did someone in the army give out information to the wahhabis? It seems very unlikely that it was a coincidence.

Missing lebanon4ever 23 June 2013, 19:53

Did anyone else notice all the martyred soldiers are Christians?

Missing lebanon4ever 24 June 2013, 01:53

When the article was first posted they mentioned the 3 Christian soldiers. I believe it is 10 now. God bless our army. God bless lebanon.

Missing spritelemonn 23 June 2013, 19:57

the1phoenix, calm down. Why do you want to tze2 el filisitiniyi in this? This is a fight between the army and the salafis. Assir is the stooge of a greater game. The salafist groups in ain el helweh are not palestinian. Jund el shem is a lebanese group, and fath el islem is a multi-national salafist group. Both of them constantly shoot at the official Palestinian groups in the camps constantly in order to spark up a fight. Cant you see whats going on? There is a clear attempt to create major problems and the official palestinian groups are doing everything they can to stop it. The Palestinians and the lebanese army are the targets of someone using salafi militants to cause a civil war in lebanon. You usually sound balanced but right now you sound like a thug and i dont mean this in a insulting way, just a request for you to chose your words more carefully because i know you arent a thug.

Missing lebanon4ever 23 June 2013, 20:04

Spritelemonn for anyone that lived the civil war this is all too familiar. It looks sounds and feels eerily similar. I understand where the Phoenix is coming from.

Thumb Senescence 23 June 2013, 22:41

the1phoenix, such a notion of unity mentioned by you of such different political faction gave me goosebumps.

Yes, we WILL defend Lebanon against strife and all indiscriminate cretins challenging our goal of compassionate life.

Thumb nodelet 23 June 2013, 20:17

so terrorists! what you have to say?

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 20:20

Fares and Lebanon4ever..Due to the sensitivity and the sectarian strife, the army commanded army officers other than Shiite to be in-charge in Sidon, Arsal and Tripoli. This is the best strategy cause sectarian emotion may impact the officers behavior and decisions.

Missing lebanon4ever 23 June 2013, 22:04

So there were no Sunni or druze soldiers in abra or at the checkpoint?

Missing MikeA 24 June 2013, 00:05

I am sure there are from all religion but not at the commanding level.

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 20:23

I recall that event. The army commando tracked them all the way to the mountains of Akkar. Ooops, also back then in 1999, it was HA behind that event:)

Missing MikeA 23 June 2013, 20:57

bigjohn! I was being sarcastic about blaming HA for the denye/Minya.

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 23 June 2013, 20:23

from now on, the lebanese army must act equally with the farsis and the wahhabies...no need to explain

Default-user-icon Gad8505 (Guest) 23 June 2013, 20:32

Well well another asshole from al Harris family no need to mention the name that have been protecting the asshole al Asia who is an army killer. When will the army command will say enough is enough to kill every politician who protect these assholes..... Nah aren't I dear to publish. Or are you're texting al Asia and his political cover...... It is time for the people of Lebanon if they have a fucking brain to wake up before we go into another civil war

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 21:43

I feel really bad for our soldiers. Six death is a lot. If I were from there, I'd take flowers and give them to evey soldier there.

Naharnet, please change the terminology. Martyred? Really? We're in 2013..... Not 1013.

Thumb primesuspect 23 June 2013, 21:53

Thanks. That's what I was saying.

Missing abraham 23 June 2013, 22:43

Prime suspect
I thought you had some brain, I guess you have the same bird brain as geha has
As for Geha if you think you know Lebanese history, you are so wrong, I'm not young, but birdbrains like you that is taking a beautiful country like Lebanon down the drain.
I seen Lebanon in the 60's when you weren't even born.
That the sad part of this whole equation is.

Missing thomas... 23 June 2013, 22:46

the1phoenix. if you read my comments here from the naher albared era,i use to call these army killers.(JUND EL SIT BAHIA).and indeed they are.god bless you man and all the shurafaa in lebanon.

Thumb Senescence 23 June 2013, 23:09

Sorry to disappoint, but Assir is much like a fly that need brushing off Lebanon's shoulder. He is quite impotent in regards to being able to do overthrow the government or confront the Army and the PEOPLE who support it.

Thumb loveandpeace 23 June 2013, 23:22

Funny sometime what you can find in the Bible, some things don't seem to change in our region: Quote:
Isaiah 7
They will all come and settle in the steep ravines and in the crevices in the rocks, on all the thornbushes and at all the water holes.
In that day the Lord will use a razor hired from beyond the River--the king of Assyria--to shave your head and the hair of your legs, and to take off your beards also.

Thumb loveandpeace 23 June 2013, 23:23

Wish they would shave the hair of Assir's chinny chi-chin

Thumb loveandpeace 23 June 2013, 23:30

Funny sometime what you can find in the Bible, some things don't seem to ecer change in our region: Quote:
Isaiah 7
They will all come and settle in the steep ravines and in the crevices in the rocks, on all the thornbushes and at all the water holes.
In that day the Lord will use a razor hired from beyond the River--the king of Assyria--to shave your head and the hair of your legs, and to take off your beards also.

Missing MikeA 24 June 2013, 00:01

Over 6 casualties! The ASSIR gang are well prepared. This kind of operation has been planned for a while.

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 24 June 2013, 00:07

Al Assir should have been silenced the day he appeared.
Al Assir should be court martialed and hung without question.
It is funny that Al Assir in all his speeches verbally attacked HA and instead physically attacked our Army. The sign of a coward.
On the other hand for those claiming that HA never attacked the army,
please let me refresh you memory.
-The Army is not allowed to enter Diheya unless permitted by HA.
-The Army was never allowed to enter the South until recently.
-The Army clashed with HA in Beirut on several occasions.
I am dumbfounded by the fact that HA took out anybody opposing it, yet allowed Al Assir to arm and voice criticism against them undeterred. Makes you wonder.
All armed factions have to be disarmed. That is our only solution.

Default-user-icon Friedman (Guest) 24 June 2013, 00:09

I'm starting to like the1phoenix guy. I have someone in my entourage that fought the war that has exactly your discourse.
I'm an ex aouni, ex marxist, neo liberal, i'd vote for you if u could go public ;)
partition is a fact. Anyone denying it is either a nationalist colelctivist daydreamer or playing for a bigger agenda. In a era where goverment is going local at the smallest level possible, this is the only hope for the idea of lebanon. Lebanon as a country does not exist anymore. IT is being portrayed in academic lectures as the ultimate proof of the failure of mulmticultural integration.
Salafism is cancer, from sidi bouzid passing by cairo and damascus, sida and trobléss.
Salafists are today's commies.

Missing thomas... 24 June 2013, 00:17

finish him now and drag him out of the mosque by his beard wrahouna minno once and for all.go army.......god bless the LAF.

Default-user-icon Hammer head (Guest) 24 June 2013, 00:40

Ever since our armies personnel were directed to Syria for their military training, the following facts have become reality.
-Our Highest ranking Army generals are appointed by the Syrians.
-Our President is appointed from the ranks of the Army (Trained in Syria)
Our Army has on many occasions stood idly by and took on the role of a spectator as HA slowly took control of our nation and dictated their brand of terror. This could be viewed as a form of complicity or inability to confront on the part of the Army.

Default-user-icon Hammer head (Guest) 24 June 2013, 00:42

Ever since that manic General used the army to disarm the Christians and follow his glories adventures in fighting the Syrians. Our true and former army has become nothing but a skeleton of its former self.
It will take on what suits Syria and recoil from any conflict that doesn't. Any personnel or commanders that do not adhere to this equation will be phased out, straight and simply. (F. Hajj and Hassan)
Our Army has to break away from the Syrian influence, full stop.
Although Assirs actions cannot be justified in any form or manner, I do believe his perception of our Army being one sided is justified.

Missing thomas... 24 June 2013, 00:45

the1phoenix. we need another raymond edde now to deal with that mosque.

Thumb nodelet 24 June 2013, 01:48

all religions were written with blood....anyways aseer and his cult are not moslims

Default-user-icon Wadad (Guest) 24 June 2013, 03:09

This is clear proof that we cant have Muslims in Lebanon. Sunni or Shia, they cant behave themselves.

Missing darwr101 24 June 2013, 04:35

Assir is a thug and must be arrested along with his armed lunatics and tried for their actions. The army must deal with this without any hesitation and get rid of this pest once and for all.

Missing plantmorecedar 24 June 2013, 07:15

Allah yir7amon. I wish the military was better trained for this, the first casualties are usually from some commando unit and it really discourages me when this happens. Commando units, as trained in Lebanon are expected to be the high impact and low casualty force which is = breach, flash, clear force. What's even more worrying is that there were more deaths among officer ranks than NCO's, which doesn't make sense in a fire fight...The military is too poorly trained for this, they need to expand our urban warfare capabilities, take what the Brazilians have been able to apply in hostile and unknown environments such as in the favellas.

Missing plantmorecedar 24 June 2013, 07:21

It seems that this could be an issue with the high command within the planning divisions. Unfortunately, the military checkpoints were also unnaturally set up, as opposed to being equally distant from both hizbullah and Assir areas to maintain an ideal tactical advantage in order to defend and welcome reinforcements without falling in range of fire, they were unbelievably close to the latter. This decision was undoubtedly political, and the dam military commanders, whether they support one side or another should have put the interest of their service men before any of these assholes and should have set up the checkpoint in fair distance, regardless of political interest. In this particular scenario, I hold hizbullah responsible for putting the lives of these soldiers at unnatural risk.

Thumb LebCynic 24 June 2013, 07:35

Assir and his extremist al-qeida filth must be eradicated. They are tikfiri's creating the strife in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Leb (Guest) 24 June 2013, 13:01

And anyone who isn't one of them is an enemy.

Thumb LebCynic 24 June 2013, 08:17

Nok nok Mr Assir,,, the army is on the mosque's door, your lifes end is drawing closer. The fires of hell awaits your puetred soul.

Default-user-icon 0101 (Guest) 24 June 2013, 13:52

Maybe the 72 virgins he will meet are the other jihadists? I hope they enjoy each others' company in the next life as much as they did in the first one.

Missing alpha1 24 June 2013, 10:58

As part of the inner circle of HA , we have officially declared war on the " Sunni Fanatics " that have attacked our LAF.

Default-user-icon abu bakar (Guest) 24 June 2013, 11:27

how can these bandit stockpile their arm,army only see before, what they want only bad intention to ruins the country,cowardly,,

Default-user-icon Great lebanon (Guest) 25 June 2013, 17:43

Amazing Lebanon ! Good luck for the mafia god fathers

Default-user-icon ALFA (Guest) 25 June 2013, 17:45

Amazing Lebanon ! Good Luck for the mafia god fathers !