Sidon Ulemas Accuse Hizbullah of Taking Part in City's Clashes alongside Army

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Ulemas of Sidon accused on Wednesday Hizbullah fighters of taking part in the clashes that took place in the southern city on Sunday and Monday.

They questioned during a press conference “the role the fighters were playing alongside the army in the Abra clashes.”

They added: “The violation of the people's rights by Hizbullah undermines the authority of the army.”

They voiced their support for the army, while condemning any assault against it.

The Sidon clashes broke out when supporters of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir attacked the army.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Mufti of Sidon Sheikh Salim Sousan rejected on Wednesday the assault that target the army in the southern city, calling on the state to treat people equally.

“The army is the sole guarantee for the country's unity and stability,” Sousan, who read the statement, said.

The statement denounced the attack against the army, urging officials to impose the law on all citizens as the country is passing through a critical stage.

Sousan announced the formation of a committee tasked with following up the situation in the city.

“We will hold open-ended meetings,” Sousan added.

Eighteen soldiers were killed and 50 were wounded in the unrest.

More than 20 of al-Asir's supporters were killed, according to a security official.

Dozens of them were also arrested, but there was no sign of the cleric.

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Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 26 June 2013, 15:28

Karim, Mowaten : treating people equally means addressing all issues with the same extent.

Samer Hanna's killer should be jailed for Life and not released after a couple of months. Was he not an army soldier killed by Hezbollah ?

Salman, a civilian (the army's role is to protect civilian) was killed in plain site. Did the army lift a finger ?

The army killed 2 Cheikhs in Akkar, where is the investigation there ?

2 Soldiers were killed in Arsal, where is the investigation there ?

Over 20 Hezbollah suspects are required for questioning by the lebanese justice. Did they ever comply ? Is the lebanese state capable of getting their hands on them ? No. But when it's a Non-Hezbollah suspect, the state has no problem putting their hands on them.

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 26 June 2013, 16:36

So you believe murderers and criminals should walk free ?

Bravo ya Mowaten ... this shows exactly where you stand.

I don't need to be a judge to believe murderers should be removed from society.

I also don't believe judge's decision in a country where judges are threatened and murdered by some M8 factions.

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 26 June 2013, 17:31

Mowaten, whenever I think you could not get any dumber than that, you prove me wrong.

Murder and accidents are the same thing to you ? In legal jargon, accidents are called involuntary manslaughter.

According to you, Salman and Samer Hanna's murders were "accidents" ? This is why they let their "accidental killers" run free ? "Bassita", the gun fired on it's own ????????? By the will of GOD or by Israeli remote control ??? Or maybe both of them committed suicide like Ghazi Kanaan with several bullets to his head?

Think before you type your stupid irrelevant arguments.

And yes, Geagea should go back to jail, along with Hassan Nassrallah, Aoun, Hariri and Jumblat ... stop thinking that attacking HA means defending the other crooks and criminals.

You should also be put in jail for promoting hatred and calling for violence, defamation, libel and for being plain stupid !

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 26 June 2013, 18:06

Mowaten, if you believe in justice and that Samer Hanna's killer was justly acquitted. Then there should be no problem in supplying the tens of other Hezbollah suspects to the judicial system because they will be justly acquitted because they are innocent.

Aoun himself doesn't believe in our justice system so i'm surprised you do...

And to clarify the meaning of "friendly fire", this happens in time of war when a bullet or bomb mistakenly hits a friendly target. There were not ENEMY targets in the air or on the ground that day. The shooting was deliberate and there is no way in hell a Hezbollah trained member can mistake a Lebanese Helicopter for an Israeli one.

I'm not a judge but I'm equipped with common sense, something you definitely lack. I know our laws and I know Hezbollah has broken every single law in the book !

Try and find excuses out of your nonsense ... keep trying, I will always expose your lies or stupid logic.

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 26 June 2013, 18:36

Mowaten, Samer Hanna was killed when the helicopter was on the ground. It was noon. The sun was high in the sky just like you are. The murderer could not have been blinded by sunlight and knew what he was doing.

He wasn't shooting at a flying helicopter and even so would have enough time to realize that it was a Lebanese army helicopter by the time it landed and Samer Hanna shot ...

Again ... you try and make up stupid excuses to cover up and protect HA.

Grow up, wake up ... and admit you cannot indefinitely defend them with this line of stupid reasoning.

The only reason the murderer is free today is because of a deal between HA and the Army and dropped charges.

If you hit someone with your car right now, i'm pretty sure you will spend much longer time in jail than that. But it's normal for the killer to walk free and magically find an "Excuse" that doesn't stand!

Thumb bigsami 26 June 2013, 19:08

Motormouth give it a break dude. The more you post the more ignorant you come across. Stop while your way behind. I think your trash would get more attention/acceptance on some other Persian blog!

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 26 June 2013, 19:33

The helicopter was flying ? God they can make you believe anything they want !

So HA shoots at helicopters with bullets ? Not missiles ?

A lethally wounded helicopter pilot can land a helicopter safely without crashing it at the exact spot the shooter was instead of fleeing away ?

HOW STUPID ARE YOU ? Where do you get your "facts" ? From the lies of Aoun and Nassrallah ?

This case is not closed until it is given the proper justice it deserves.

And no not Khallas. Khallas is what HA / Aoun want ! They want you to forget their crimes and move on.

We will not forgive and not forget! Each crime will be addressed and true justice will prevail !

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 26 June 2013, 19:39

Mowaten : fateh el islam was mainly armed by Syria.

Throwing or repeating a blunt unfounded statement like "bahia" funded fateh el islam does not make it true.

The Hariris are bankrupt and cannot even fund themselves ... where do you get this ???

The hariris most certainly help channel funding for some armed groups and I do bitch about it everyday but the SUM of all Sunni armed groups do not amount to half the threat that is Hezbollah and their interference and blockade of all state institutions and judicial process.

Thumb benzona 26 June 2013, 22:05

@ Bigsami : motormouth needs a lube job. LOL

Missing thomas... 27 June 2013, 08:39

equilibrium (geust).
samer hanna he may rest in peace, was flying a donated aue ghazelle helicopter still has the desert camo colors on it the same colors the israeli helicopters painted with and israel uses the same french made helicopter, he flew over a hizb sensetive position and the hizb boy paniced and fired . it is called an accident.
the army killed to armed and hostile cheiks on their road block.nothing to investigate here.
two soldiers died in 3arsal? wrong more then 5 in cold blood just like saidon.who did it?
over 20 hezbollah suspect wrong again mr. you and your friend consider all hezbollah members are wanted.
wlek khalessna baa.

Default-user-icon equilibrium (Guest) 27 June 2013, 11:38

Thomas, there is nothing like the "Hezb boy" panicked. As Hassan said it himself, no action conducted by any Hezbollah member happens without the full knowledge and control of the organisation. No single bullet can be shot without prior approval.

Stop finding stupid excuses.

And I never blamed HA for Arsal ... I blame the army for not using the same extent of force to pursue the murderers.

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 27 June 2013, 18:04

Mowaten : whether the helicopter was in the air or on the ground, it doesn't change the fact that he was VOLUNTARILY SHOT and killed as a consequence. You choose to shoot, you pay the price. That's it ! stop arguing and stop finding excuses for criminals.

I'm pretty sure that in your mind, Hezbollah is involuntarily murdering syrians everyday right ?

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 27 June 2013, 10:16

FT there is nothing INVOLUNTARY about deliberately SHOOTING at someone.

There is also no way in hell to be "Blinded" by the sun, incapable of distinguishing a old Lebanese helicopter from an Israeli one and being capable of hitting the pilot at the same time.

You say mich "asdo" because the shooter said so ???

There is also nothing true when the only "source" is the killer's words who wants to defend himself. And the story doesn't stand up in the face of common sense.

This case was shut down politically. It has as many "holes" as your brain and reasoning...

Stop finding excuses to defend them because this makes you complicit to murder.

You cannot grasp or accept the truth so you come up with or defend the most ridiculous excuses on earth.

Also, nothing is FACT that you cannot demonstrate or prove. Definitely not you "saying so".

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 27 June 2013, 11:22

Mowaten & FT : just because the lebanese army decides to make a joint statement on an agreed excuse in order to avoid futher tensions does not make their statement true.

It does not excuse the fact that HEZBOLLAH does not have the right to shoot at will on anything in Lebanon. Their "Resistance" status is illegitimate and they are not allowed to strike first. There is no possible excuse that can justify this act no more than any excuse can justify what Assir's men did...

Shut up and stop defending them ...

Equal Justice for ALL!

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 27 June 2013, 12:18

I don't have a "version" ... and your "version" isn't any more true.

FACT: HA member shot a Army soldier. HA should pay for it. Final point. Stop arguing because each comments makes you appear all the more stupid.

HA got what they wanted, a "closed" case. You should be happy with that and shut up.

I find it completely horrifying that they get away with it and have never ever tried to excuse Assir which is no better than Hassan Nassrallah and his thugs.

What don't you understand in equal treatment ?

HA has no right to fire at anyone may it be aliens invading Lebanon.

Their stupid unsanctioned decisions have led to the 2006 war. No one asked Hezbollah to defend lebanon. No one asked for war.

Only the Lebanese government has the right to decide the peace or war path.

Default-user-icon freecitizen (Guest) 26 June 2013, 17:20

lets be realistic the army is not capable of confronting a very well equipped and organized militia, HA will never surrender their weapons as long as they are stronger and more confident than others but what will weaken them is corruption, these rich thugs who talk resistance shit all the time are no better than Hariri or jumblat, they are the same shit in a different toilet.

Thumb dasphinx 26 June 2013, 17:27

I'm proud of what the army accomplished against Assir, but they do have a lot of PR work to prove that they are there to protect ALL Lebanese to erase the memory of May 7 when they just stood there and watched fanatics from Hezbollah & Co. reek havoc in Beirut.

Thumb zahle1 26 June 2013, 18:02

I agree 100%. I think the army is afraid that they will lose in a showdown with HA and it will split into religious factions.

Default-user-icon Ferfouch Hikaltaj (Guest) 26 June 2013, 17:45

The main point remains this: once again, ahl al Sanni got a deserved beating. I am not sure how many beatings it might take to get these retards to realize that lunacy is their curse. Personally, I am sure it will have to take some creative genetic engineering to fix the genetic mutation that all Sannis have, namely Sannis Lunaticus Berserki, which exhibits itself with a BANG, after which the Sannis get another beating. takbir

Missing rafidahhh11 26 June 2013, 18:05

This is shia justice, get used to it, if you have not yet researched how shias come to power secretly then what they do, you should go find out

Thumb benzona 26 June 2013, 21:37

I was the first one reporting to you that hezbi were fighting alongside the army.... Not naharnet.

When I Skyped with my cuz,he reported to me he had seen them with his own eyes....

Missing rafidahhh11 26 June 2013, 18:05

This is shia justice, get used to it, if you have not yet researched how shias come to power secretly then what they do, you should go find out

Thumb benzona 26 June 2013, 22:03

Are your three men more important than 100.000?
Aujourd'hui, les fait sont là, 99% des victimes sont sunnites en syrie. Arrêtez vos manipulations.... Typique technique aouniste. Effrayer les doesn't work. Today, the only people fearing for their lives are the Sunni in Syria and since the attack on al Assir, in Lebanon. Yes, because it's now proven that the hezbi chabihas doing the exactions in Syria are silencing al Assir that the Sunni didn't support. But this is taken as a serious warning by the community.


Missing rafidahhh11 26 June 2013, 18:05

This is shia justice, get used to it, if you have not yet researched how shias come to power secretly then what they do, you should go find out

Thumb ado.australia 26 June 2013, 19:39

Just another example of how these people undermine the Lebanese "watan" army and their sacrifices! Imagine how the families of the soldiers that were killed by these pigs feel by these undermining, baseless comments! Congratulations to the "Ulemas" for contributing to the justification of the murder of the Lebanese army! Traitors without any respect!

Thumb benzona 26 June 2013, 21:47

Actionman, le plus grand de tous les héros, the Shiites never were threatened by anyone. If criminals are hiding among them, they need to take them to the nearest police station.

My neighbours in Beirut are mostly Shia, yet my neighbourhood was orthodox Christian when my folks bought the house, I've never had a single problem with them. Them, I mean dozens of homes. They even came to protect us when Hezbollah Shiites were trying to abduct us in the 80s. Literally at my door, I was a kid back then.... But being half foreigner was enough for them.

The people are good, the problem is the man hiding in the sewers creating a strife.

Thumb benzona 26 June 2013, 21:47

La vérité fait mal, monseigneur.

Missing thomas... 27 June 2013, 08:49

phoenix. flame. today i read about the russians leaving tartouss and i got the creeps, somthing big about to happen, allah yestor.may god save lebanon and syria and the whole neighborhood.

Missing tripoliananswers 27 June 2013, 10:12

Its not a secret HA was involved , not a secret HA stands by the army when it pleases and kills lieutenant hanna execution style as the forensic report showed.
Bottom line HA does what it please Iran to , there is no counter balance no protection
Every clan and sect to fend themselves or leave the country

Default-user-icon Tarek (Guest) 27 June 2013, 10:48

Yes Hezbollah was fighting in Saida and they were so stupid that they came with yellow ruban on their shoulders and some had a t-shirt were you can read I am from Hezbollah so everybody can know !!!! First the Army can beat this rats without Hezbollah and even if Hezbollah was fighting this dogs it's honorable. Why don't you focus and attack those who were arming financing and protecting this pigs !!!

Default-user-icon Equilibrium (Guest) 27 June 2013, 11:27

Mowaten : you parrot are repeating Aoun's or Nassrallah's stupid excuses day in and day out ... does that make it true ?

I'm sure they are both trustworthy ... they change positions even more than Jumblat and manipulate you like the sheep that you are into believing elephants can fly.

The only thing flying is you smoking the good all weed supplied by the Hezb ... keep flying, dreaming but be careful, they might take you for an israeli helicopter and shoot you too...

For me, the case is closed, HA killed Samer Hanna and the killer shoot remain in prison. There was nothing involuntary about shooting at someone. BASTA! Keep living in your own fabricated reality but be careful, it will crumble soon ...