Human Rights Watch Urges Probe into Alleged Death of Detainee under Torture

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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A rights watchdog on Friday demanded a probe into alleged abuse of detainees after the deadly battle in the Sidon suburb of Abra between the army and supporters of Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir.

Human Rights Watch said there must be an independent investigation into claims the army is committing abuses against people suspected of links to the weekend clashes in which 18 soldiers died.

The fighting in Abra was among the worst in Lebanon since the outbreak of conflict in neighboring Syria 27 months ago deepened sectarian tensions.

It highlighted widespread Sunni resentment against the army, accused of siding with Hizbullah and being selective in its crackdown on armed groups.

Thousands of worshipers on Friday heard Sidon's top Sunni cleric accuse the army of making arrests "without due process."

"People are being taken to prison because they are religious or because they wear a beard or a full-face veil," Sheikh Salim Sousan said during Friday prayers in the southern city.

"They are being beaten badly, and maybe even dying," he charged.

A security source said dozens of people have been arrested since the army seized Asir's Abra headquarters on Monday.

Sidon residents claim the bodies of those killed have not been given to their families.

"It is Sidon's right to know how many people were killed, and to know their names. It is Sidon's right to know how many wounded there are, and their whereabouts," said Sousan.

He called for an "independent, objective, transparent... investigation" into abuse claims.

Human Rights Watch called for an independent judicial investigation into alleged abuses.

On Thursday, the army handed over to the military police soldiers suspected of humiliating and beating a man suspected of ties to Asir.

"It's not enough to have the military investigating itself," HRW Beirut office director Nadim Houry told Agence France Presse.

The army was not immediately reachable, but on Thursday a military source told AFP: "We do not accept this kind of behavior."

Sunni clerics, meanwhile, distributed images via Facebook of a body bearing marks of a severe beating.

The body was identified as Nader al-Bayoumy, whom the Association of Muslim Scholars said had "handed himself in" after the Abra clash.

Houry said his family insisted Bayoumy was alive after the fighting, but they later received a call to say his body was at the military hospital in Beirut.

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Thumb geha 28 June 2013, 20:08

is this the doing of our army?

Missing realist 28 June 2013, 20:20

This man was not even in the fight, surrendered himself cause he was on their list, got beaten and tortured to death in wezaret defa3 and returned to his family, it is in the annahar. Our "army" has become like the shabi7a thugs in Syria and their so called "bayan" that they were attacked by asir followers in "cold blood and without any provocation" is only swallowed by idiots or racists since it does not make one bit of sense. The second "bayan" about the "fabrication of videos" sounds a lot like Syrian regime media: everyone in Sidon knows who did this.

Missing rafidahhh11 28 June 2013, 22:30

The sunnis in lebanon must arm up & arm up good, they art not treated like an endangered species like the christian "maronites", the druze are tough & armed, no ones touches them, the shia run the country & rape & torture sunnis like exactly like they do in Iraq & syria to sunnis, enough is enough, wake up, I promise you, we already have.

Default-user-icon Leb (Guest) 29 June 2013, 07:35

You hatefully excuse for a man you are you Saudi

Missing rafidahhh11 28 June 2013, 22:33

You all thought Assir was crying wolf, this is the truth, open for all to see now, he was right, i promise you, it took his death for people to finally see. There is going to be 50000 Assirs now, & this time people are going to support them.

Thumb benzona 28 June 2013, 20:23

Ladies and gentlement, we have a winner!

Yes, we have Chabiha in the army..... Or at the very least collaborating with it.

I urge president soleilman and general Qahwaji to do everything in their power to bring whoever did this to a court.

Thumb _citizen_ 28 June 2013, 20:42

"....Good luck and hope the army will keep torturing those people ...."
You are a sorry excuse for a human being. Go back to your jungle

Missing neil419 28 June 2013, 22:53

yes they deserve heavy beating and torturing. if you are not happy with it then go hang yourself you crap! Our army deserves more respect! what do you do about the families of the 18 soldiers on duty??

Thumb justice 28 June 2013, 20:48


Thumb benzona 28 June 2013, 21:04

Ho ho ho ho.

Thumb benzona 28 June 2013, 22:21

My little finger is telling me it's going to be an odd one that will entertain all of us ;-)

Missing formerlebaniz 28 June 2013, 22:26

Call me Nostradamus I have predicted this. Next when the arrested are returned home a still body and the anger of the family overwhelms them and mistakes happen.

Thumb lebanon_first 28 June 2013, 23:00

shame on naharnet for publishing this kind of pictures. journalistic sensationalism. You are going down and becoming like OTV, al jadeed, or MTV selling cheap sensationalism for journalism.

Missing realist 29 June 2013, 03:22

what cheap?? we are from sidon and the story is absolutely correct, wipe your racist eyes.

Missing trueleb 28 June 2013, 23:54

Good work by the army if it is true .

Thumb cedre 29 June 2013, 01:41

Civil war is on the way...

Missing cedars 29 June 2013, 06:58

Let us not forget how we ended up here...Hizbollah rented Apartments in Saida and got this guy Assir out of Nowhere to arm up and face them on TV day in and day out...When Assir's followers were singled out and arrested yet the armed Apartment tenants played the game of freedom of living anywhere and innocents, Assir's follower defended themselves and attacked the wrong side. Once the 18 Leb. soldiers were dead then the Apartments were vacated.(i.e. 2006 deja vu)

Thumb benzona 29 June 2013, 14:55