Two Killed, Four Wounded in Tripoli Clashes

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two people were killed on Saturday and six others were wounded in clashes in the northern city of Tripoli after clashes erupted between al-Baqqar neighborhood and Jabal Mohsen.

One person was killed by an explosive device he was handling, a security source told Agence France Presse.

The dead man, Abdullah al-Shmaytiyeh, died when the home-made bomb detonated prematurely, the source said adding that two other people were wounded in the blast in the west Tripoli neighborhood of al-Baqqar.

Following the incident, gun battles broke out between Baqqar, a Sunni Muslim neighborhood, and Jabal Mohsen, an Alawite district, wounding four residents.

Another person was killed, identified as Khaled al-Trabulsi, in the sniper activity that took place between the two neighborhoods.

The state-run National News Agency reporter earlier that the clash initially started as a dispute with the army, but escalated into an armed clash when gunmen intervened to resolve it.

was killed and an unidentified woman wounded in the ensuing shootout in Tripoli's al-Baqqar neighborhood.

Soon after the incident, youths blocked the main road in al-Baqqar.

Violence has regularly broken out in Tripoli, a majority Sunni city, between Sunni residents and the minority Alawites -- an offshoot of Shiite Islam -- of Jabal Mohsen.

The clashes have become more frequent and deadly since the beginning of the Syrian uprising, which pits the Sunni-led opposition against the regime of President Bashar Assad, who is Alawite.

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Missing rafidahhh11 29 June 2013, 17:36

FSA just captured Lebanese army troops in syria

What were they doing there?

Thumb lebanon_first 29 June 2013, 21:43

rafiahhh. They dont need to chant "Jesus Akbar" because one love's for Jesus is private inside his heart, he doesn't need to shout it at every occasion.

Missing rafidahhh11 29 June 2013, 21:55

ahahaha yeah, know the outcome, the lebanese army is a joke, pea hearts who are to afraid to confront their an internal militia, shut up your fool

Missing ulpianus 30 June 2013, 17:11

lebanon_first: The love fore jesus has been shouted out high many times before and hv been the reason for the mass killings and slaves in Africa and South America for example.
Extremists are everywhere...

Thumb benzona 29 June 2013, 15:18

Our glorious army needs better than these rusty M60s and their M113 APCs than any RPG rocket can pierce. That's why there were many casualities in Abra.

Missing cedars 29 June 2013, 15:38

We saw what happened when the army was being trained in Syria which is Iran's ally. Those klashinkoff were jamming and how do you foresee the ammunition for those weapons to enter Lebanon with the war in Syria as they cannot use the air or sea due to the blockade on them by the United Nations.

Thumb lebanon_first 29 June 2013, 21:45

Resistance. If we accept Iran's offer that they should arm us, we would become iran's satellite. I prefer to be a european satellite.
I know I know, this is the point where I will be accused to be proisraeli.

Thumb terminator 30 June 2013, 01:35

lol.....sofisticated weapons.
opium and smelly socks.

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Haile, get real, iranian military is just propaganda...
Use wikipedia mate and stop embarassing urself.

Thumb LebCynic 29 June 2013, 17:58

Careful there haile.selassie, these truths don't suite the likes of benzona and geha. Their idea of sophisticated weaponry is a bloke strapping c4 & tnt to himself and screaming TAKBIRRRR....

Thumb terminator 30 June 2013, 01:37

lol at your "comrads"

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Send the Army to Tripoli, Shot anyone who does not comply with the rules, Period..................